‘Bloodhounds’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?

Netflix’s Bloodhounds is an excellent example of a show that is fun, simple, and still engaging. The straightforward story is elevated by the presence of two popular actors who have excellent chemistry throughout the series. The bromance is palpable and makes for a refreshing and fun watch amongst the dark subject matter of such shows we’ve been watching recently. So, it is obvious that after finishing the first season, there’s a demand for more of the show, even if it’s just to see this budding bromance and have a hearty laugh. Of course, the streaming giant has made no official announcement of another season, and the webtoon was completed back in 2020, but the popularity of the show might as well lead to exciting outcomes. There are no cliffhangers at the end of the first season, and the show ends on a happy note, but there is always scope for more, so we’re going to try speculating on some ideas for what could come next in Bloodhounds. We don’t know just yet if the show has been renewed or if it’s been tied up with a single season, but seeing the overall popularity of K-dramas and how well this show is doing, we can have some hope for another season!


Spoilers Ahead

Im Jang-Do: The Rise Of A Vengeful Villain

Im Jang-Do was originally Myeong-Gil’s right-hand man, but the second he was tortured by Mr. Choi’s associates, Myeong-Gil spit him out like chewed gum. Jang-Do was an ex-cop, and he was mistreated terribly by Myeong-Gil, even though he did most of his dirty work for him. Jang-Do isn’t necessarily evil like Myeong-Gil, but he does happen to be just as greedy as his boss. It’s possible that Jang-Do became a member of Myeong-Gil’s gang because of this greed, but we never find out the real reasons behind it. Originally, Jang-Do doesn’t betray Myeong-Gil, but because he’s terribly tortured, he has no choice but to tell Mr. Choi’s men how Myeong-Gil was working his way with Smile Capital. He knew every detail of Myeong-Gil’s work, apart from In-Beom, and could possibly operate the business himself if the opportunity presented itself. Additionally, it was Jang-Do who did all the legwork for Myeong-Gil, like taking videos of the rich to blackmail them, so he has the means and connections to do it all for himself too. Now that Myeong-Gil is out of the picture, Jang-Do can come out of hiding because he doesn’t need to be afraid of being killed by Myeong-Gil’s men and can be a supervillain of his own making, leading to the return of Gun-Woo and Woo-Jin.


Myeong-Gil: Return Of The Superbad

Myeong-Gil is a powerful man, and even if he’s been caught by the police on international land, he claims he has contacts in the Vietnamese government too. So, this could easily help him get out of the situation there as well, albeit it may take some more time than usual. Within that time, he can prepare another team within prison again and return to exact revenge on the two boys who stole everything that he had stolen right from his fingertips. Greed is one thing, but vengeful greed is much worse. Maybe this time around, Myeong-Gil will not hide behind other people and will do the work himself along with In-Beom, so there’s no doubt that he can achieve his goals. Apart from that, he still has members of his team, like Jun-Min, who were all spared by Gun-Woo and Woo-Jin because they would never kill anybody. Jun-Min must be especially tired of everything he’s been through; his throat was slit after all, so he might want to return for one last fight!

Hyeon-Joo: Claim To The Throne

Hyeon-Joo was definitely an appealing character whose story was cut short because of actress Kim Sae-Ron’s DUI controversy, but considering her character was the reason this entire mission began, it only makes sense for her to return and take up the ropes after Mr. Choi. She would probably be recast, and we can hope to see a bigger role for her as she comes back stronger from Rome and ready to fight. She could be the new ringleader, calling in favors from her “oppas” to fight fraud in the streets and do good for those in need, just like Mr. Choi.


Hong Min-Beom: A Budding Friendship That Lasts A Lifetime

Even though most of what Choi Si-won had to do was whimper and cry through the series, he was an extremely memorable character and a wonderful addition to the bromance of the overall show. As a successful heir and a rich man, there is always a chance for Hong Min-Beom to face more enemies like Myeong-Gil. Now that he has the two boys along with his cousin to help him out, the next leg of things could be an entirely new enemy and a focus on Hong’s business and the life of an heir in distress. Min-Beom’s trust in the boys could be a chance for them to try their hand in the business world too, and it’s possible that Woo-Jin would be interested in such an idea.

Boxing Champions 

Of course, the best outcome of the entire show would be for Gun-Woo and Woo-Jin to become champions after the pandemic. Gun-Woo already has the opportunity to fight in a championship after becoming the rookie of the year. We could see the two navigate their way between helping the helpless with their fists and simultaneously becoming champions. They could become anonymous vigilantes living double lives after the adrenaline kicked in during the shenanigans of the first season. And we can’t forget a piece of romance in between all of it.


Final Thoughts 

Bloodhounds gets added to a list of Korean mini-series that are excellent stand-alone shows but could go on because of their grip on us as an audience. Seeing as we could possibly never again watch these two actors in the same show, that could be enough reason to have the show come back for a second season. These are just our simple theories on the return of the show, but we’d love to hear more ideas from you too! We sure hope Netflix considers bringing back the show and the Gun-Woo-Woo-Jin duo with some new exciting plot points and the same old energy!

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