How Did Albert’s Story Change Into A Confession In ‘Black Butterflies’? How Is Albert Connected To Adrien?

Every human being has a dark side, and sometimes these characteristics are not predicted, but they unfurl a hidden mystery that might change lives! “Black Butterflies” on Netflix is a 2022 French crime series that highlights the journey of two individuals, Albert and Solange, a beautiful love story that turns into an unnerving nightmare. “Black Butterflies” revolves around the final years of Albert, who is looking for a novelist to spread the word about his love life with Solange. The fact that Albert requested to keep their past hidden was a red flag for Adrien. But it didn’t matter much as Adrien was struggling with his writing job, and it was clear that Albert’s life started and ended with Solange. His tale began with his childhood filled with rage and bullying, and Solange changed everything for Albert since she suffered similar consequences. She had a rough childhood, and for days, Solange didn’t open up to Albert. But this didn’t stop him from trying, and soon, Solange openly accepted him back! Being with her changed everything in his life, and even if it was love, he just wanted to feel it for the rest of his life. Both of them shared a painful history, yet with each step, their love grew stronger!


Years later, Solange and Albert still shared an intriguing bond. But the story takes a different turn when the couple encounters two brothers who bring about a change in their lives. Both of them spent some quality time at a beach, and two brothers decide to join them. But it quickly turned into a nightmare as the eldest one forced himself upon Solange. Out of distress, Solange plunged a corkscrew through his neck, killing him. Upon discovering this, Albert headed towards the youngest brother and drowned him to death. The couple didn’t speak on their way back, and their silence was killing Albert. But they quickly reunited, and together they created a beautiful career. Solange and Albert continued with their salon business, and finally, the couple took their most awaited vacation!

The past never left their side, and unexpectedly, they encountered Steven Powell, a young man who invited them over for lunch. The trio spent the whole day experiencing various things. But Steven had other plans. He was a photographer, and he lured Solange through his words, and again, she had to experience the same trauma. Steven assaulted her, and out of rage, Albert stabbed him with a pair of scissors, and the couple continued to be intimate in his pool of blood. Later, this became a pattern for the couple, and every year, they killed different people and escaped the place without leaving a single trace. Albert and Solange would set a trap for these men. Every time she lured them into intimacy, Solange would stop them from seeing how far they could go! Some men were lucky since her consent mattered to them, and the couple spared their lives. But the ones who disregarded her consent were killed mercilessly!


The couple took another vacation to Languedoc in the year 1978; Solange lured another man, and history repeated itself. They ended up killing him and leaving the trailer with his baby. Solange wanted to have a family, and these killings were limiting her to her dreams. But Albert had other plans. The killings took over his mind, and he just couldn’t tame his thoughts. In this process, he ended up luring a hitchhiker couple and planned on killing them, but the duo managed to escape by stabbing Albert. The couple decided to stay low after the hitchhiker incident, and all this time, Solange wanted to find her father. Albert shared more insights about her childhood and how their story was taking a huge toll on Adrien’s mental health. But he wanted to complete his book, and Solange’s childhood played a very important role in his write-ups. Solange being the daughter of a prostitute, had to face a lot of issues in her childhood, but that didn’t stop her from finding her biological father.

Her mother, Françoise, left a box filled with love notes and messages to the soldier she loved, so tracking the identity of her father was an easy task. Hans Schreiber, a name she longed to hear. Albert and Solange flew to Genoa, Italy, to find more information about their father. Solange was happy to meet Hans. He greeted her and requested Solange to meet near a cafe. Hans’ acceptance was indeed the happiest moment for her until he denied her. Hans is married at the moment, and Solange’s arrival could ruin his marriage life. This broke her heart, but Albert couldn’t control his rage. He followed Hans and stabbed him to death. Days before he shared this incident, Albert introduced Adrien to Nastya. They never disclosed any details about their relationship with Adrien, but Nastya and Albert shared a very close bond with each other. 


And guess what? Nastya was Hans’ daughter. This revelation immediately shocked Adrien to the core since Nastya and Adrien had grown pretty close to each other in the past few days! Albert never revealed his true self. Years went by, and he spotted her name in the newspaper. To this day, Nastya is not aware of Albert’s true identity. He felt bad for the little girl, and that’s the reason he established a familial bond with Nastya. Adrien wanted to know more about Albert’s motives as he chose him to be his writer. But this came with a shocking revelation. All this time, Adrien was listening to the tale of his parents. Detective Carrel approached Albert since he connected the details of Steven Powell’s cold case. Albert attacked him and kept him captive in his basement, and Carrel was the same man they picked up years ago from the trailer.

Who Is The Real Culprit?

Solange wanted to keep him, but Albert abandoned him in a cemetery. Carrel wanted to avenge him, but he was trapped by Albert instead. Albert suffered from a hereditary diabetic disorder with a rare genetic type called Mody 2. Well, this genetic type was found in Adrien’s DNA as well. Albert wanted to meet his son and convey all the details of his past. Moreover, Adrien often released his books under the name Mody. Enraged by this revelation, Adrien strangled him with a pillow and left his house. Solange decided to leave Albert and flee France to live a new life with her son. She didn’t reveal her pregnancy to him as he would coerce her to abort the child. Adrien finally released his book and confronted his mother about the same. But Adrien broke all ties with her mother after learning about this incident.


But her deteriorating health forced Adrien to take back his rage. So he confronted her about her life after the Genoa incident. Albert and Solange came back to France, and Solange wanted to keep the baby, so she hid everything from Albert. To escape him, she set the salon on fire and left France to marry a wealthy man named Wim Winckler. The story took a strange turn when Nastya revealed the truth behind all the killings, especially her father’s death. She strongly denied Albert’s involvement in the killing, and this raised multiple questions in Adrien’s mind. All this time, Albert protected Solange. But it was Solange who stabbed Hans and his wife to death. Meanwhile, Albert was scared of her monstrous personality, but Solange kept him under her fingers, forcing him to commit crimes that he never wanted to.

Adrien earned the right to know the truth about her mother. So he found more information about his father’s death. That’s when his memories took him back to his childhood, where he witnessed his mother mercilessly stab Wim to death. All this time, Albert protected Solange from the crimes that she committed. By this time, Adrien was sure that Solange enjoyed killing men after luring them for intimacy. Well, the series gave a different explanation when Detective Carrel’s body was found in Albert’s basement. His companion, Mathilde, approached Adrien to arrest him for questioning. But Adrien is shocked to know that Nora left their son with Solange, and now she had abducted him and left. Towards the end, we get to know that Albert was planning on sharing all the little details with Adrien, but it was Solange who manipulated him into lying.


Solange decided to stop midway, and Nora got her son back! The “Black Butterflies” discloses the painful lives of Albert and Solange. Even though it has a love story, the series highlights the psychological state of Solange. Even though she changed her identity to Catherine and moved away from France, she couldn’t change her original self. The Solange in her never left her side. She was stuck with her shadows, and killing men who were attracted to her somehow gave her the ultimate satisfaction. Maybe this had to do a lot with her childhood trauma. Solange witnessed her mother’s death, and she was blamed for being a prostitute her whole life. This series explains strange things that will make you question what the real truth is. 

“Black Butterflies” is a mystery thriller series streaming on Netflix.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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