‘Betrayal: The Perfect Husband’ Recap & Ending, Explained: Where Is Jennifer Faison Now?

Building trust takes time and effort, but it can be broken in an instant. Jennifer Faison, a film producer and faithful wife, learned this the hard way when her husband’s true colors were revealed. In the three-part documentary series Betrayal: The Perfect Husband by ABC News, she shares the story of how her marriage fell apart and what she learned from the experience.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Jennifer And Spencer Meet?

When Jen was a junior in college in Georgia, she met Spencer there. Young Jen couldn’t help but fall in love with Spencer, who was a lovely young man who made every attempt to win her over. Spencer appeared to be the perfect guy to date, at least in the eyes of Jennifer and her parents. He was a kind, compassionate, and lovely man who frequently sent letters to Jennifer in a delightful manner that any woman would find irresistible. Spencer and Jennifer, however, were not immediately interested in getting married. Even though Spencer wanted to keep things going, Jennifer had greater ambitions for her career. She was in a stage of life where she was choosing her work over being committed to a man or getting married right away. As they parted ways, Spencer went on to teach and coach video production at Kell High School, where he won the title of “Teacher of the Year.”


Spencer had a strong passion for music and spent many years playing in bands. He got married and had a child, while Jennifer worked her way up to becoming a prominent television producer, working on series like “Judge Judy” and “Extreme Home Makeover.” Jennifer dated guys throughout this period, but she always missed being with Spencer, who was the most loving and comfortable person she had ever met in her life. When they reconnected a few years later, Spencer and his ex-wife parted ways, so Jennifer didn’t think it was inappropriate for them to get back together. For Jennifer, their reunion was soul-satisfying, which fueled her desire to wed Spencer and start a family. They got married to one another in 2012. At this point, Jennifer thought Spencer was her soulmate and the only one she wanted to be with. However, after seven years of blissful marriage, Jennifer was forced to face the truth about her ideal spouse, shattering the illusion she had been living with for all those years.

How Did Jennifer Learn The Horrifying Truth About Her Husband? Who Was Rachel?

After what seemed to be seven years of blissful marriage, during which Spencer was working as a musician in a band, and Jennifer traveled for various productions, a terrible reality suddenly came to light in front of Jennifer. When she got home from a production job, she thought it strange that her husband, who usually exhibited his over-the-top passionate feelings toward his wife, didn’t even come out of the house to meet her. Spencer was sitting on the couch, utterly distraught, when Jennifer entered. She found a piece of paper that was an arrest warrant for Spencer for allegedly sexually assaulting one of his students. Although Jennifer’s life began to fall apart, she at first didn’t think her husband was capable of doing such a thing. She couldn’t stop the police from arresting her husband and taking him to jail, but she prayed the truth would come to light. One day, as she attempted to delete Spencer’s social media accounts in order to shield her husband from all of the public criticism, she encountered a startling disaster. She gained access to Spencer’s email account through his Facebook and discovered his conversations with several women with whom he appeared to be having affairs. She also discovered numerous explicit pictures of women in Spencer’s email account.


Jennifer was plunging into the darkness as she struggled to accept the hard reality because she couldn’t believe Spencer could have done such a thing. Like she couldn’t possibly recognize him anymore. Everyone gradually learned what Jennifer had discovered, from family to friends. Initially, they were all in disbelief, and some of them had a difficult time accepting that Spencer was actually the one who molested the young girl. But finally, they began to realize that Spencer could have been extremely capable of sexually abusing his students, given all the perverted messages and pictures revealed from his account. Jennifer and Spencer’s divorce had been finalized by then. However, not everyone in Spencer and Jennifer’s friend circles truly believed Spencer was the culprit since they frequently sought to understand both sides of the narrative and even criticized the victim. The student Spencer had sexually assaulted for two years was a young girl from Kell High School named Rachel, whose parents had filed a complaint against Spencer.

Jennifer didn’t hesitate to get in touch with these ladies who had had an affair with Spencer in the past, during, or after their marriage. Jennifer launched a podcast called “Betrayal” with podcast presenter Andrea Gunning. Jennifer began detailing her husband’s actions one by one. When she contacted many of these women during the podcast, several of them revealed to Jennifer that they had had intimate time with Spencer at their home while she was away. This revelation completely shattered Jen’s heart. She finally succeeded in bringing Rachel in front of the media and inspiring her to share her story in order for the public to understand Rachel’s experience and not place blame on her for what she had gone through. Even though Rachel was initially apprehensive, She eventually spoke out after realizing the significance of reporting an injustice. Because if she said nothing, people would ultimately blame her, and a monster like Spencer Herron would prey on a number of other young ladies to bring catastrophe into their lives. Rachel stood forward and described how Spencer had improperly exploited her and compelled her to have a sexual relationship with him without even getting her permission. Rachel acknowledged that she was unable to discuss it with others because no one would have trusted her, as Spencer was one of the school’s most valued teachers. She was concerned about her own image and career if she spoke the truth, but the truth finally came to light. As she expressed her concern about having an STD to her mother, her mother asked her to reveal the truth. As she came to know it was Coach Herron who had abused her daughter, she immediately talked to her husband and together filed a police report against Herron.


Herron was sentenced to five years in prison but was granted parole; however, Rachel continuously pleaded with the court to revoke the parole since Spencer wasn’t a changed man, but one who would endanger the lives of the women right after his release. Initially, Rachel’s plea was accepted, and Spencer’s parole was revoked. Meanwhile, Jennifer was hoping to hear Spencer admit responsibility for his actions, but he didn’t. When he spoke with Jennifer over the phone, he blatantly justified his conduct, claiming that what he was doing wasn’t an issue. Even so, he was claiming to stay low and behave under the radar to avoid being detected next time. This proved that Spencer was a narcissistic individual with a lack of empathy and understanding of the severe havoc he had wrecked in others’ lives. Jennifer recognized that a person like Spencer is irredeemable and should be imprisoned indefinitely.

Where Happens To Jennifer Faison & Spencer?

Spencer was ultimately let out of jail in the summer of 2022. He then continued to live with his family. But Jennifer attempted to move on, as did all the other women whose lives had been marred by scandal as a result of Spencer. Although neither Jennifer nor Rachel were pleased with Spencer’s release, they continued living their lives. Spencer’s registration as a Sex Offender showed that he would probably have trouble getting a position at any other school. Jennifer Faison learned a lot about human nature and how it can be harmful after her experience with Spencer Herron. She learned not to ignore red flags and not to be blinded by over-the-top green flags. She also learned that it is important to discreetly check a partner’s background before choosing them.


However, even with this knowledge, it was difficult for Jennifer to know Herron’s true face, as he was a sex addict and manipulator who wore a mask all along. If any woman has been subjected to the same torment as Jennifer, they should know that they can get out of the darkness and survive. Jennifer did it successfully, and she made her parents proud with her healing capability and optimistic approach to life.

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