‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Season 2 Theories: What To Expect Next From MGM Series?

Belgravia: The Next Chapter is a period drama about the aristocratic Trenchard family and the kind of dilemmas they face while they maneuver through the elite circles of London. Even though season one was a lukewarm affair, it managed to get the performances right from the actors, who were consistent from the start to the end. There has been no news from the network, and the makers of the show have not announced season two of this historical drama. The article is merely based on speculation and assumptions about what the makers might consider for the next season. 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Season One End?

Season one of the show ended with James and Frederick reconciling over the fact that they might have two different fathers. James claimed to have seen his mother with another man. He wondered if that man was his biological father. The secret died with her, and both were back to being a family. Frederick slowly worked on his trust issues, and allowing James’ back into his life was the first step he took. Clara was back in London, living with her sister and mother. She was not keen on reconciling with Frederick, but she changed her mind. She took a giant leap of faith and stayed by his side in the hope that Frederick would not relapse into his old self. Emily was romantically interested in an army officer close to Frederick and James. Reverend James did not reveal his sexuality, but he was content to watch his family come together. 


What Can We Expect From The Relationship Between Clara And Frederick?

Clara and Frederick, as mentioned at the end of the first season, were planning to travel in the hope of making their marriage work. They would move back to Glanville, a mansion that Frederick and James grew up in. It would be an ideal stay until the point where memories of his childhood might begin to haunt Lord Trenchard once again. A relapse might happen, and Frederick this time around might have a hard time pushing down his memories. 

Frederick and Clara might get pregnant as well, and this would test his skills as a parent. He would try not to be like his father, who traumatized him and never bothered to apologize. Frederick was not very keen on looking for alternative solutions to deal with his trauma, but Dr. Ellery would come in handy. Frederick, just like the Duke of Rochester, would be dismissive of the doctor’s methods, but unlike the elderly gentlemen, Frederick might soon benefit from his out-of-the-box healing procedures. 


Clara also might have a hard time conceiving, and this might cause some minor friction between the couple. This might bring up the tale of his own mother and father, who had a hard time conceiving. Frederick’s insecurities and trust issues might reemerge, only for the couple to have a falling out again. Hopefully, they will find a way to trust each other and make the marriage work. Hopefully, they wouldn’t have to take drastic steps like in season one to understand the importance of their love and marriage. Clara might give birth to a child; this would seal the love both have for one another.

Will James Be Forced To Reveal His Sexuality?

Reverend James will continue serving the parish dutifully, and he will have to push away many marriage proposals that might come his way. Since he found a friend in Emily, he would reveal his sexuality to her, and she might sympathize with the man. She would not fall out of love but would try to understand the kind of false life he has to lead for society. James might fall in love for real in the second season, and the information might be disclosed only to Emily, who would guard the secret with all her might. Emily might also offer to marry him just to keep people at bay and allow him to lead a parallel life with his lover. The woman might end up making the ultimate sacrifice for the love she has for James. 


Emily might not think twice before making this move, and James would be forever indebted to her. James’ secret might get exposed, and as a result, his marriage to Emily would be in jeopardy as well. It will be Emily and Clara who will try to make things right and salvage the situation. Frederick might also have a hard time accepting his brother in the wake of a scandal regarding James’s sexuality. Frederick might eventually accept him, but to add to the drama, James might not survive the next season. The show is set in a regressive era, and people who are attracted to people of the same gender were looked down upon by society and the law and order. James would not risk harming the legacy of his family, and it might force him to take an extreme step. 

Will Emily Get Married?

As mentioned above, if James ends up killing himself, Emily will have to live as the widow of a deceased pastor who was interested in men. Emily might have a hard time fitting into society, but there might be someone who would understand her predicament and help her become a strong, confident woman. Clara might help her come back to society. There could be another gentleman who falls in love with her. Emily would eventually gain solace in someone who wouldn’t hesitate to reciprocate her love, and possibly for the first time she would experience physical touch and intimacy. Emily might end up getting married at a time when widows were expected to sulk over their fate and not consider a second wedding.

Did James And Frederick’s Mother Harbor Any Secrets?

James was under the impression that his biological father was someone else. Frederick had met his biological father and was content to know he wasn’t a mean person but someone who wanted to make sure his son was fed well and taken care of, thanks to Mr. Enright. Frederick received an unexpected closure. James would wonder if his father was someone else as well. He claimed to have seen his mother with another man. James might find proof of his parentage, which would prove his hunch right. The mother who died revealed Frederick’s parentage to James, but she chose to keep his parentage a secret. James would be in turmoil, and Frederick would be the only one who could help him sort out the mess caused by this information in his head. The boys might eventually no longer be mad at their deceased mother, who chose to find a solution for the problem the father who raised them had. Both were aristocrats, and raising heirs was the only way to take the family legacy forward. 

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