‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Episode 6 Recap Summary: Why Did James Tell Frederick The Truth?

Episode five of Belgravia: The Next Chapter was about Frederick and Clara having a showdown over the bold gown she wore at the ball thrown by Marquise D’Étagnac. Frederick accuses her of drawing unwarranted attention from men, and Clara is livid at him for ignoring her. She taunts him for her need to look for attention outside of the house. Emily, on the other hand, could recognize her sister from the painting that was put on display at a gallery. Clara breaks down in Dr. Ellerby’s company, worrying about the state of her marriage.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Dr. Ellerby Interested In Clara?

Dr. Ellerby and Clara have a walk around the park along with Peter, and they discuss the state of her marriage. Though Clara was trying to defend Frederick’s actions, Ellerby showed nothing but concern about his reaction. Dr. Ellerby was quick to point out that Clara should not be the one taking on the burden of his emotional baggage. As a typical wife, Clara can only be seen to be taking the blame for not being patient with Frederick. Clara believes she still must protect and help Frederick heal. Dr. Ellerby, during the conversation, expresses his fondness for her. Clara was taken aback by his confession but not shocked or angry at him for expressing his love for a married woman like her. It could also be an indication that the attraction was mutual. Dr. Ellerby was attracted to her because she was different from the women with elite backgrounds he came across.


Was Emily Not Happy With The Painting?

Emily confronted Clara about the painting. Clara was perturbed by her sister’s reaction and was confident nobody would recognize her from the painting. Emily could only recognize her because she was her sister, and they had been in the same vicinity for years. Emily still did not approve of the painting and wondered if there was anything wrong with her marriage, which made Clara react the way she did. Emily was quick to question Clara about her marriage, and her sister was vague with her answers. Emily had her doubts, and she was keen to know more about the Clara-Frederick situation. Meanwhile, Emily and Clara planned to purchase the painting, but it had already been sold. They learned the person who purchased the painting was a frequent visitor to the gallery, and they wondered if it was someone they knew.

Who Saved Reverend James From The Fight?

Reverend James was being blackmailed for the one night he’d spent in pleasure, and the man kept coming back for more money from James in return for his silence. Reverend James refused to budge from his demands and was beaten black and blue for his refusal. The reverend was brutally injured in the fight, and he was saved by Fletcher, the valet at Frederick’s home. Fletcher himself was gay, and he was surprised to find a bleeding James in an area frequented by gay men. Fletcher saved the man, but James refused to take any treatment or file any complaint with the police because he was afraid he would be forced to divulge his well-kept dark secret. His help at home was shocked to watch him bleed profusely and had no means to seek any help as her employer had refused entry to anyone in his house. Fletcher was quick to inform Lady Davison about James and his sexuality. The woman chose not to further spread this news. Since James was Frederick’s brother, Lady Davison and Fletcher decided not to inform Clara about it as well.


Was The Marquise D’étagnac A Fraud?

Ross, Frederick’s right hand in his business, was concerned about Marquise D’Étagnac’s reaction to the businesses they were working on. Marquise D’Étagnac was not very supportive, and he wanted to find out if the rich heiress came from money or if she was a fraud. He was quick to ask Lady Davison about her family in France and if they could provide any information on a village named D’Étagnac. Ross determined that the woman was a runaway. Ross was having trouble trusting the rich French lady, and he could go to any extent to safeguard Frederick’s businesses. Davison comes back with the information and informs him about a dilapidated chateau in the town of D’Étagnac, which made him wonder if it belonged to the woman. 

Did Emily Take Care Of James?

The maid at Reverend James’ home was helpless and informed Emily about the dire straits her employer was in. Emily was shocked to witness the brutally injured James, who had hardly moved from his home for days because of his state. James was firm about not inviting any doctors, but Emily had to take stern action before James succumbed to his injuries. Emily took charge of the situation and invited a doctor, who let her know the injuries were several days old and his condition had worsened over the period. The doctor also recommended good rest for his wounds to heal. Emily was willing to help James because she was falling in love with him. Taking care of James came easily to her, and there was nothing that could stop her from doing so. She also confesses her affection for him, as she could not find any other appropriate time for the same. Emily was not aware of his real sexuality, yet she went ahead with discussing her feelings.


Who Did Frederick Share His Dilemma With?

Frederick and Clara again have a confrontation regarding her disregard for what he expects from her as a wife. Clara, on the other hand, was tired of trying to have a decent conversation about him so she could understand his past and the traumas he’d experienced. Frederick was unwilling to get any help from her, and was content with his methods of suppressing his years of pain and keeping his only brother at bay.

Clara offered him the chance to see his relationship from a different perspective and wanted him to give James a chance to reconcile. Frederick was stubborn about not wanting James around him because of their traumatic past. Clara refuses to join Frederick at the lunch with the Duchess of Rochester. Just like Emily, the Duchess quickly sensed that Frederick was struggling with his marriage and asked him to work on it. In that era, there was never any option but to stay in the marriage, as divorce was looked down upon. The Duchess of Rochester was willing to hear Frederick out, but she could offer him advice only on a superficial level. She believed a rough patch was bound to happen, and she requested that he work on the marriage instead of giving up.

Was Peter Sick Again?

Dr. Ellerby had begun to take Peter out in the open with his friends in the hope he would get along with society in general. His ailment had forced him to stay indoors, thanks to his overtly egoistic father, who was more concerned about his legacy than Dr. Ellerby’s methods of curing it. Peter sadly had a spell of epilepsy while in the garden, and Ellerby was surprised by the relapse. The Duchess of Rochester was concerned about her son’s well-being, while the duke was livid. The old aristocrat had an outburst because Peter’s episode happened in a public space with many to witness. The duke, after Peter’s health scare, planned to keep him indoors and wanted Ellerby out of their lives. The duke was only putting up a façade of understanding the new-age treatment and waiting for Dr. Ellerby suffered a setback. This allowed him to reassert his belief in the old-age custom of keeping his ailing son away from the public eye.

Why Did James Tell Frederick The Truth?

Emily was worried that James wouldn’t remain alive for a long time since the injuries were deep and dangerous. She was aware of Frederick’s strained relationship with James, but she took her chance to make her brother-in-law aware of the situation at hand. Emily approached Frederick without any fear and informed him about James’ deteriorating health condition. Emily and Clara were thinking alike and were keen on getting the brothers on the same page. This would improve Frederick’s mental health, which would be beneficial in making his marriage a success as well. Frederick eventually showed up out of respect, but he was not ready for what James revealed. James revealed that their mother confessed to Frederick’s real parentage. Oliver Trenchard was not Frederick’s biological father, and that was the reason why he was an aloof parental figure. Oliver’s biological son was James, and that was the reason he spent every living moment with him instead of Frederick.


Frederick was in a state of shock and numbness. As a son and heir to the Trenchard legacy, he felt betrayed by his mother and his father. Frederick was under the impression that James was trying to hurt him further and walked away from the conversation. Frederick will either accept the reality or choose to remain in denial about it. James, on the other hand, wanted to get rid of the burden his deceased mother put him under by sharing this secret. He wasn’t sure if he would survive this ordeal. He hoped Frederick and himself would reconcile over the mistakes their parents made, but the former was unwilling to make any amends. James hoped he made the right move by letting Frederick know the truth, but only time will tell if their relationship will get better from this point on.

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