‘Beef’ Season 2: Here’s What We Might Expect From Lee Sung Jin’s Show If Season 2 Comes Out

Netflix’s “Beef” Season 1 ended with arch-nemeses Danny and Amy snuggling together after spending more than a year gunning against each other with a vengeance in mind. After almost two days in the wilderness of LA, where they found each other as the people they are beyond their exterior garb of rage, Danny and Amy probably turned into soulmates. Although Netflix hasn’t made any announcements as of yet on whether Lee Sung Jin’s show will be getting a second season or not, here are the possible expectations from the series in case it’s renewed for another season.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens To Danny And Amy?

Perhaps the biggest question on anyone’s mind about Lee Sung Jin’s Netflix series is, what becomes of Danny and Amy? From arch-nemeses to being the first people to truly understand each other on a level beyond anything anyone has ever experienced, Danny and Amy went from wanting to murder each other to carrying each other out of the wilderness. While helping her up, Danny was shot by Amy’s husband, George, and he was put on ventilation, but we did see Danny was alive and conscious. In the event that “Beef” Season 2 rolls around, what happens to them?


There’s a probability that Danny and Amy might fall for each other, given the emotional level they connected at during their drugged and dazed state. In the hospital bed, Amy snuggled up to Danny while he lay unconscious, and he slowly wrapped his arm around her. This might suggest that the two have become attracted to each other, and in “Beef” Season 2, Danny and Amy might be the newest couple on the Calabasas block. Given how George served Amy a notice to stay away from him and their daughter June, and him being the complete antithesis of everything she is, Amy might not want to give the marriage another try, even if George suddenly discovers love for her after stepping in and yet again falsely saving the day.

In the past as well, George had an inflated sense of importance, where he considered that selling the Tamago chair helped close the deal on Amy’s business handover to Jordan Forster. Yet again, after wrongly shooting the man who had rescued his wife from certain death, he may consider himself to be the hero of the day, but there’s a high possibility Amy will be done with his annoyingly sweet positivity and ‘money doesn’t matter’ mantra. If we’re to put our faith in the powers that be, Danny and Amy will be presenting a united front in the next season, although it’s unclear with whom they might have beef with.


Will Paul Return?

Paul Cho, the gullible yet charming younger brother of Danny, showed huge growth in character when things got truly serious. After barely being able to control his anger upon learning that Amy might’ve burned down their parents’ home—as per Danny—Paul went above and beyond to save Amy’s daughter June. He forgave his elder brother for everything he’d confessed to, from stealing from Isaac to lying to Paul about the house fire. However, the younger brother drew the line at Danny throwing away his application letters and thereby denying him the very opportunity to apply to the universities he’d wanted to go to. Paul had big dreams and the talent needed to study at university, but it was his elder brother’s jealousy that left him an unemployed and broke man in his 20s.

After Paul left, Danny heard two gunshots and was terrified at the possibility that his brother might be dead. After panicking for the entire time, he was stuck in the wilderness with Amy; the moment they received a signal, Paul’s text barged in to say that he was blocking Danny. So, in case “Beef” Season 2 does happen, there’s a possibility Paul might return, at least to punch his brother in the face for cheating him out of the life he could’ve had, and maybe afterward pull him in for a brotherly hug that forgives and forgets every past sin.


Will Isaac Be Out For Blood?

Cousin Isaac had been the one responsible for shutting down Danny’s parents’ motel by running his shady counterfeiting trade from it, and the parolee was trying to stay out of trouble other than assaulting a few security guards and doing a little loan fraud. However, his ‘family,’ Danny, decided to throw Isaac under the bus by snitching to the neighborhood helpline that Isaac had been responsible for the road rage incident that started the whole fiasco. As Isaac was dragged to jail, he was terrified some Filipinos would’ve murdered him because he turned on them while inside, but he got off yet again upon learning that someone had said Isaac wasn’t behind the wheel that day.

However, owing to his lowlife mentality, Isaac couldn’t stay out of trouble for long and ended up demanding a ransom for June, and as one thing led to another, Isaac was in Jordan Forster’s house, robbing them at gunpoint. A massive shootout ensued, and Isaac’s underling, Michael, was shot dead while the mastermind was arrested. In case he’s not torn apart inside the prison by the Filipinos, he might be coming out in “Beef” Season 2 to exact revenge yet again on Cousin Danny. Of course, Isaac will be blaming Danny for everything horrible that has ever happened to him, and things might turn violent, but there’s a possibility that Danny won’t be alone in this. He’ll probably be backed up by his brother Paul, who has always hated Isaac, and Amy, whose daughter this thug had helped hold up for ransom. In case Isaac does show up with a vengeance, it’ll probably be his last outing because it’ll end with at least one of them going down, never to get up again.

What Happens To Naomi?

The sister-in-law to Jordan Forster has spent most of her time either hating on Amy Lau for being closer to Jordan than she ever could be or trying multiple things in an attempt to win Jordan over. Her final attempt was to ditch her husband to start a relationship with Jordan, but even then, the obnoxious billionaire chose to shoo her partner away when she had to attend to Amy. When the thugs rushed into the bungalow, Jordan and Naomi fled towards the panic room, and Naomi couldn’t wait any longer. She pressed the big red button, and the door slammed down with Jordan stuck in the middle, and Naomi had to watch as the woman, whose affection she begged for, was cut in half.

We could see Naomi looking traumatized outside when rescue came, but we don’t know what became of her. In “Beef” Season 2, she might crown herself the newest heir to Jordan Forster’s wealth and be the next big thing in town, only to be toppled over by someone else, as is Naomi’s forte.


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