‘Barry’ Season 4, Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Was Barry Shifted To A Special Housing?

Previously, in the first episode of “Barry” season 4, Barry was taken to the prison where Fuches was imprisoned. Fuches was afraid when he saw Barry walk by the canteen since he knew Barry was intending to kill him. Fuches called the FBI, who made him wear a wire to record Barry’s confession of his previous killings. However, confronting Barry softened Fuches’ heart, and he got rid of the wire. Meanwhile, Gene consented to share his story to journalist Lon O’Neil in the Janice Moss murder case. Sally, who had returned to Joplin, learned that Barry had been arrested for Moss’ murder. She struggled to accept her own intuitions as to why, despite spending a lot of time with Barry, she hadn’t been able to sense Barry’s instincts. Hank and Cristobal, on the other hand, began to rebuild their new business merchant, but this time without violence or drugs, instead focusing on sand, which is an essential material for construction. Let’s see how their business agreement progresses in Episode 2.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Sally Meet Gene?

As shown in episode 2, Sally paid Barry a visit, checking on him and questioning him about the biker assassin guy. Using a “pet dog” code, she inquired whether Barry had taken care of the assassin and buried him. Barry responded by assuring her that he did. Barry wanted to know whether Sally had forgiven him or not, but Sally didn’t reply appropriately and made it clear that she had just visited him to make sure that she was marked safe from danger. Sally’s leaving crushed Barry’s heart, reminding him that he no longer had someone to call his own in the entire world.


Meanwhile, Gene met with Lon and dramatically portrayed the conversation he had with Barry. Gene briefed Lon about how he had Barry arrested. Though it shouldn’t have taken so long to tell, Gene seized the chance to play a theatrical role that didn’t make an impression on Lon. Gene returned to the backstage dressing room after meeting up with Lon. Sally approached him and asked why he hadn’t warned her sooner if he knew Barry had murdered Moss. Gene asked Sally how she could have missed the signs after spending so much time with Barry. To avoid future squabbles, Gene consoled her by advising her that she needed a job, which was to teach. Perhaps Sally will begin her teaching career by taking Gene’s acting class.

Sally’s career was in decline because none of her shows were continuing, nor did she have her agent with her. Sally approached her, but her agent, with whom she had previously argued, warned her of the viral comments around her, preferring her to be dating a serial murderer. Her representative informed her that her career was not over; she could still host reality programs or something similar.


Why Was Barry Shifted To A Special Housing?

Hank and Cristobal needed labor to build the foundation of their business, so they made deals with two rival gangs, one from Guatemala and one from Asia, making them partner with each other and also with Hank and Cristobal so they could kick-start their business off the sand, which was the backbone of industry and needed in all types of the construction process. Hank, however, declared to all of the members of their gang that he would free Barry from prison and bring him on board with their plan. Though Cristobal was surprised to learn that Hank still wanted to hire Barry, Hank was able to persuade him. But his optimism towards Barry was poorly founded. When Fuches ran into the FBI once more, he accused them of sending him to keep tabs on Barry.

Barry began to earn Fuches’ trust, while on the other side, while the FBI contacted Barry, he expressed his willingness to join their network. Barry consented to assist the FBI in gathering information on the Bolivians, Chechens, and everyone with whom he had previously been associated. Fuches learned Barry had deceived him again shortly after the FBI placed him under special home arrest. He contacted Hank from prison just as Hank was trying to persuade Cristobal of the necessity of hiring Barry for them. Hank thought Barry to be his best friend, and he cared for him and wanted to get him out of prison, but the call from Fuches changed his perspective. Fuches informed him that because Barry was working with the FBI, he would take down every gang with him. Hank’s fantasy dissolved, and he understood that Barry had never contemplated treating Hank the way he had treated Barry; thus, they would have to murder Barry to safeguard their newly planned life. Hank assured Cristobal that all they needed to do was kill Barry.


The ending of Episode 2 hints that there will be more adventures in the upcoming episodes. “Barry” will gradually become the most exciting show for the next few weeks, but the voyage will eventually come to an end. The first and second episodes of “Barry” featured a miserable, powerless Barry who eventually decided to join the FBI and work for them. We may predict that in the next episodes, Barry may appear in a different form or with an alternate motive. Sally’s career prospects are uncertain, as is the extent to which Gene and Jim Moss’ friendship could develop. We may anticipate that Hank and Cristobal will develop a cunning plan to pursue Barry in the upcoming “Barry” episode. Sally may begin something new in her career, such as participating in Gene’s acting classes as a teacher, and we can presume that she would eventually break off her connection with Barry. Barry should be forced to accept the consequences, for the benefit of his and others’ mental health. He may have the chance to reinvent himself, but he cannot continue to hold onto the things he previously damaged severely.

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