‘Barry’ Season 4 Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Fuches Talk To The FBI?

After a long wait, the last season of “Barry” has now premiered on HBO Max. As shown in the teaser, Barry is now in prison, so the hide-and-seek game he has been playing with himself for the previous three seasons has come to an end. He has lost every individual he ever considered to be a close friend, which has left his mental condition in shambles. After Gene set him up with Jim Moss’ assistance, Barry’s self-esteem collapsed since he had no one to trust or seek for the guidance he needed. He is alone in his jail cell, surrounded by prisoners who taunt him. However, when Jim Moss caught Fuches, we didn’t get to see where Fuches wound up, but season 4 of “Barry” shows that Barry and Fuches are now both inmates in the same prison.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Gene?

The first episode of “Barry” begins with a few jail guards hearing that Barry, a television actor, and former military man, was arrested for murder. Barry was not just a typical convict; he was a celebrity with a respectable history, so the guards were thrilled to see him brought to the jail. Barry calls Gene from the jail booth to express his love for him, but Gene can only respond by saying that he got him. Gene had no intention of talking graciously to Barry or hiding anything or pretending because Gene got him jailed and he’s now glad that Barry could not harm his family. Meanwhile, Gene and Jim Moss were receiving calls from various media personalities. One of them was Lon O’Neil, who wanted to talk to Gene about Janice Moss’s murder, but Jim didn’t want the media to exploit his daughter’s death. Gene, on the other hand, had a different strategy. He didn’t tell Jim that he had already chosen to speak with Lon O’Neil and promised to tell him how he had apprehended Barry Berkman. Gene simply didn’t want to miss out on the chance to emerge as a hero in this story, so he hid it from Jim.


What Happened To Sally?

From season 3, we learned that Sally had decided to go back to her hometown of Joplin, Missouri. In season 4, we saw her on the plane, and as she was flying, the biker assassin she murdered in Barry’s apartment began to emerge in her nightmare, frightening her. Sally is obviously traumatized from killing a man, and she attempts to rehabilitate herself by going home, but the instant she gets to Joplin, she learns that Barry has been arrested for the murder of Janice Moss. Her mother, who didn’t appear to be overjoyed to have her daughter return home, picked her up from the airport. However, after hearing Barry’s news, Sally couldn’t help but react devastatingly. She already had a major anger issue, as we’ve seen in previous seasons, so Barry’s incarceration was expected to bring down her mental stability. She was still able to cope, but her mother was very unhelpful.

After watching Sally’s TV show, she could only blame her daughter for putting her ex-husband’s true name on the show. Hearing about Barry’s incident, Sally’s mother accused her of picking these kinds of men on purpose. This clearly crushed Sally’s heart, but her father, who was equally stressed out by his wife’s rage and Sally’s situation, offered his daughter a job so that they could spend some time together. But no comfort could help Sally at the moment since she had spent a lot of time with Barry and couldn’t bear the thought that Barry was capable of killing anyone. But once Barry was taken into custody, she feared that the media would bring up her name. She started to be concerned about what would happen if people discovered she had also killed a guy in their apartment.


What Were Hank And Cristobal Up To?

Hank and Cristobal were finally living together in Santa Fe, but they both wanted to rebuild their business empires together. In the desert of Santa Fe, they received extraordinary news that piqued their interest in a new business venture. When Crisrobal inquired about a permanent location to live, his landlord mentioned a sand shortage. The sand required for construction was being imported from Asia and Africa, which attracted Cristobal’s curiosity. He brought up the subject with Hank during dinner, but the difficulty was that they didn’t have the infrastructure to start a firm from scratch. Both the Chechen and Bolivian men were slain in prior disputes, so Hank and Cristobal required manpower. Hank was still preoccupied with the concept of hiring Barry. Though he did not address it with Cristobal, he contacted Barry late at night to ask him to join them. However, he discovered someone else had answered his call. Hank had a feeling Barry had been arrested, so he checked the news and discovered he was correct. Barry had been jailed, but Hank began to devise a strategy to get him out of jail in any case. He kept the idea secret from Cristobal, intending to inform him when the moment was perfect.

Why Did Fuches Talk To The FBI?

Fuches was imprisoned at the same facility as Barry. When Barry walked by Fuches in the canteen, he became terrified. Fuches was terrified of Barry during the third season, knowing that Barry would locate him and murder him one day. So, in order to protect himself from Barry, Fuches approached the FBI and demanded protection. Though the FBI would not just give Fuches anything he wanted, they recommended Fuches wear a wire to record Barry’s confession to his other killings besides Moss. Meanwhile, Barry began to get flashbacks, recalling the good times when he used to take acting classes and date Sally. But Fuches came in front of him, putting a stop to his fantasies and beginning to question him about his murders.


Indifferent and dejected Barry, on the other hand, confessed that he should never have listened to Gene or attended the acting class. As he continued on his walk, Fuches began to feel terrible because, no matter what he wanted to believe, one thing he couldn’t deny was that Barry was at his worst solely because of him. Barry began self-harming as he struggled to come to terms with his confinement. All Barry could feel when he saw his reflection in the mirror was hatred and pity for himself. As he began striking himself, a jail guard attempted to calm him down by sympathizing with his pain, but this just made Barry more aggressive, and he warned the guard that he would murder not only himself but his entire family as well. As a result, the jail guard beat him up. As Fuches stepped in, he saw Barry laying on the floor, painfully bleeding from his face. He removed the wire from his body and apologized to him. He hugged him and told Barry that he loved him.

“Barry” season 4 got off to an incredible start with episode 1, which featured a grim yet humorous approach that not only showed Barry’s mental state deteriorating over time but also the other harms he had caused. Nevertheless, the people around Barry have also been the focus of attention, with struggles to restore their once-deranged careers being pointed out. Let’s check to see where these character graphs lead in episode 2.


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