Mia Thorstensson In ‘Barracuda Queens,’ Explained: Does Mia Feel Like The Odd One Out?

Barracuda Queens was not just about girls from affluent families; it was also about girls like Mia Thorstensson, who belonged to a not-so-rich, middle-class family. These girls were an example that two classes existed: one did not care about the money they had, while the others worked hard to save it. Mia belonged to the latter group because, since her parents’ divorce, she does not have as much luxuries as Lollo and her friends have.


Mia’s story began with the rest of the girls in the hotel. Since she was there with her friends, she woke up to them being responsible for the repayment of a high bill for their stay at a hotel. Mia could have walked away from her friends at this juncture, but she does not because she knows they have been there for her. Mia was also civil during her stay at the hotel, unlike Lollo and Klara, who went completely berserk while consuming too much alcohol. They had to find a way to settle this matter because the girls knew their parents would not help them with it.

Mia shares a complicated relationship with her mother since the divorce. They have not been able to communicate as much. Mia’s age is such that she is finding it difficult to make sense of the divorce her parents went through. The fact that her father is already married to a younger woman also makes things awkward between them. Her friends are a source of solace, and that’s why she is willing to spend as much time as she can with them, even if it means she has to participate in criminal activities.


To earn some extra cash for herself and her family, Mia starts working as a cleaner for a rich family, but the couple are not nice people. They take advantage of the fact that she is young and in need of money, so much so that the husband inappropriately touches her. Mia is unfortunately not able to do anything in her defense because she doesn’t want to lose her job and she would be blamed for the man’s inappropriate actions. One must understand the era this show is set in. Women were constantly blamed all around the world for anything that goes wrong with them. They were supposed to live a certain way to keep their “reputation”. The misogyny was so deep rooted that even Mia thought her mother dating a younger man was inappropriate.

To avenge her employers for treating Mia horribly, the girls rob them, but what they do not realize is that it was Mia who was first questioned by the police because of her employment status with the home she assisted in robbing. A cleaner could be the only one who would carry out such a burglary, and no other girls were even under the radar. This happened because the working class till date is considered to be in need of money, and thus questioning them comes across as a generalized stereotype that only they would rob the rich.  This upsets Mia, which makes her realize that she is rather different from her friends when it comes to her economic status, which is why she is the first target. Mia also had to clean up the mess she created with her friends. She had to pay the price, and this was the first time she felt left out. She noticed how a change in living status could change people’s perception of them, and this is something Mia does not expect Lollo, Amina, Klara, and Frida to understand.


A very drunk Lollo drives herself and Mia into a car accident, which she ends up having to reveal to her mother. This leads to one of the very first fights the girls have had in a while. Mia realizes Lollo and the rest of the gang would never understand her state of mind and the living conditions, and she prepares to keep them away from her life. This is the first time she felt left out from the group. Mia was probably under the impression that the gang would not get back together. Their robberies would stop, and since the police do not have anything that could trace it back to her or the rest of the gang, the girls would be safe. This is a secret that will never come out, and she can move on from it.

Lollo finally shows her human side by offering to take the girls to her summer home to make things right in the group. Mia was initially not keen because of the above-mentioned reasons, but she changed her mind. Lollo showcases her vulnerable side, especially to Mia, by apologizing for endangering Mia’s life. Mia appreciates Lollo’s humility in coming forward and acknowledging Mia’s feelings. This makes Mia realize that Lollo and the gang might come from privileged backgrounds, but for them, their friends are important, and they would never become like their parents. Mia finally feels content in their presence, and this is when she decides that she will not let herself feel inferior in front of them or anybody else. She would rather be honest with them about her feelings, and she is aware her friends would never dismiss her concerns.


Mia also comes to terms with the fact that her mother cannot stay single all her life, and she wants to move on to dating and eventually marry someone just like her father did. Mia was quick to notice her father not wanting to be there for her, which also makes her realize her mother did not try to do that, and she would actively try to understand what Mia is going through as a young girl.

With the girls finally called in for questioning by the police, Mia and the rest of them do not snitch because they are the only ones who understand each other, and this is a secret they will live with for the rest of their lives. Mia finally feels like one of the group after the long ordeal they have faced, and she is happy to have Lollo, Klara, Frida, and Amina in her life.


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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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