Amina In ‘Barracuda Queens,’ Explained: Why Was Amina Feeling Guilty?

Barracuda Queens, through just six episodes, gave us a peek into the elites of the Scandinavian country of Sweden, and the watch was purely amusing. A bunch of rich girls take it upon themselves to rob the other rich. It began as a necessity, but soon became an addiction. One of the girls who posed as the robbers was Amina Khalil. The girl initially was not a part of the group, as she was introduced as a new girl in town from an affluent family.


Amina had no clue what the actual Barracuda Queens were up to or what they were even capable of. But once she talked to them, she got to know them better. Just like any other rich family in her neighborhood, Amina had also lived across the world with her family, and her worldly knowledge is sort of her attractive feature. Louise, aka Lollo Millkvist, became friendly quite quickly, and she could see her brother Calle trying to flirt with Amina.

But as Lollo, Klara, Frida, and Mia planned to rob Amina’s home, thinking everybody would be out of town, the girls were in for a shock to see her quietly tucked in her bed when they attempted to rob her home. Amina very clearly saw the girls but chose to stay mum about their break-in. Lollo’s and the girl’ crime may have brought out the real Amina, who also believed in following the adrenaline rush. The idea of being around girls like her made her feel good, which must have stopped her from tattling their names to the police. Instead of doing that, she approaches Lollo and the rest of the girls to learn about their intention to rob. As their motive is revealed, Amina joins the gang by letting them know that stealing paintings would fetch them more money than any other valuables. Amina happened to know a dealer who would give them a good price for the paintings they would steal.


Following her advice, the girls steal a lot of paintings the first time, and Amina gets them good money out of it. There was enough money left to spend on clearing the bill, but the girls realize, especially Amina and Lollo, that there is a fixation to rob more. Since all the girls except Mia are from wealthy families, they are aware the police would never treat them as the usual suspects, which makes Amina also get involved with these robberies. It is easy to notice the kind of high Amina and the rest of the girls get from carrying them out, and along with Lollo, Amina had become the de facto leader of the group, and they liked the power. These girls from well-to-do families, especially, had no actual fear of consequences, and this whole crime reeked of privilege and affluence.

Amina could sense how much she loved this robbery because, along with Lollo, she was willing to push the boundaries. Unfortunately, Trisha, her nanny, started blackmailing Amina for money in return for her silence about the robbery she came to know of. Amina had no choice but to comply with Trisha’s demands because, as a young girl who has remained unsuspected, a police investigation would ruin any chances of her having a career in a field of her choice. But again, Amina should not have fallen for Trisha’s demands because she could have approached the police if she wanted to, but she didn’t, which proves that her words could not have been trusted.


Meanwhile, Amina, being young and immature, fell for it because there was no plan B to tackle this. But the robberies continued, with the girls not feeling an ounce of guilt for those who would be questioned after the robbery was reported. Amina and Lollo especially fail to understand that it was Mia who was being interrogated just because she worked as a maid at the place they robbed. Because she is raised on privileges, Amina refuses to understand the class divide that exists and how the police can easily target the working class and not even bother to consider girls like Lollo, Klara, or Amina as suspects. The guilt in her had not kicked in yet, and the girls were far from understanding what the working class was.

The girls managed to steal a car this time and to avoid any untoward attention, Lollo manages to get a barn space using Amina’s name. Since she was involved in the crime from the beginning, using her name to trick Lolo’s cousin Carl-Johan to store away their stolen goods. Amina, to stop being harassed by Trisha for more money, ends up giving Trisha the emerald earrings the girls had stolen. She knew it was worth a lot, and Trisha would remain quiet for a long time. But things go wrong for her so quickly that it starts bothering Amina as a person. Trisha’s sale of the earrings to a pawn shop owner led to a chain of events. The pawn shop owner contacted the actual owner, and they contacted the police to find their stolen valuables.


Amina, not realizing there would be a chain reaction caused by a small blunder by Trisha, forced her to take a step back because she was now sure that the police would catch up with her and the rest. Amina and Lollo act like the mafiosi and threaten Trisha not to reveal where she got the earrings from. Trisha stuck to the script. But she should have known better before getting involved with Amina and her friends. With the police at Khalil’s family’s doorstep, it would be the end of Trisha’s life in Sweden. This was when Amina’s guilt kicked in because, unlike Lollo, who was devoid of such emotions, Amina realized she did not operate like her friend. She was overwhelmed with pain and culpability, but her hands were tied as well because she had to stay loyal to her friends and not rat them out at any point. But again, she had a liking for Trisha until she started blackmailing her.

Amina seemed sympathetic to Trisha’s condition before, for she had to stay away from her family. But this young girl was overcome with a lot of agony with that thought. She never wanted Trisha to be let go from the job. There is a chance of her getting deported as well, but Amina never wanted any of that to happen to a woman in her household. Sadly, it does happen when Amina is unable to do anything. She was overwhelmed with an ache that made her not want to date Calle. She feels she needs to work on herself not being narcissistic and selfish like Lollo. Amina might be the actual girl with shades of gray, where she was eventually confused about what was right and what wasn’t. Hopefully, in season two, she gets a redemption arc to work on the injustice that happened to Trisha.


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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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