‘Bad Batch’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Crosshair Find Acceptance?

Mending broken relationships is a tall task even for the modified Clone troopers, especially when trust is involved in the equation. During the commencement of Order 66, Clone Force 99, later known as Bad Batch, defected from Imperial order as they chose to put their morals and honor over their directives as soldiers, except for Crosshair, the ace marksman whose resolute adherence to the Empire led him to betray his own clone brothers. The crevice of trust ran deep after it was revealed that Crosshair’s betrayal was a deliberate act, and he wasn’t controlled by the inhibitor chip like other Clone troopers who followed the genocidal directive.


However, Crosshair longed for the companionship of his brothers, going as far as killing Imperial forces to let them reconsider their decision, and eventually he went on to regret everything after realizing the Empire considered Clones as disposable, dated assets. In his own way, he tried to make amends by warning the Bad Batch before Omega’s abduction and by putting his neck on the line, and eventually, thanks to him, Omega was able to reunite with Hunter and Wrecker as seen in the previous episode. But will that be enough to redeem Crosshair in the eyes of his brothers, or has their bond been irreparably damaged? The fifth episode of the final season of Bad Batch tries to find the answer to that question, and as always, major introspection is the key to attaining that. 

Spoilers Ahead


How Did The Bad Batch Plan To Find The Location Of Mount Tantiss?

After escaping from the Imperial base of Mount Tantiss, barely avoiding getting recaptured, Crosshair and Omega finally reunited with their Bad Batch brothers, Hunter and Wrecker, in the previous episode. While the duo are overjoyed and relieved after seeing Omega to be safe and sound, Crosshair’s return entails uneasiness among them. A guilt-ridden, ashamed Crosshair avoids direct confrontation as well, leading to an overall awkward situation whenever the team appears together. As the team settles into the tranquil landscape of Pabu, Omega suggests Crosshair at least try to communicate with Hunter. Crosshair finds his aim to be sloppier than ever due to twitchy arms, which might be aggravated by the emotional baggage he has been burdened with through the years.  

Echo arrives at Pabu as well, and the Bad Batch seems to be almost complete, except for Tech, who sacrificed himself during the finale of the second season. Echo wants to procure intel about the location of Mount Tantiss as the team seeks to free the captive Clones from the Imperial stronghold. The datapad of Nala Se, which she had given to Omega during her escape from Tantiss, might contain some information regarding the location, but its Imperial-grade encryption can only be unlocked by connecting it with an Imperial terminal. Crosshair suggests to the team an abandoned Imperial facility he knows that can be useful in this regard and brings them to Barton IV. Before they depart, Wrecker shows his goodwill by returning Crosshair’s old Clone trooper armor. The Bad Batch is truly back.


What Happened On Barton Iv?

For the fans who have followed the previous seasons, the name Barton IV will sound familiar, as this is the place where Crosshair finally had to admit that Empire is truly a self-serving juggernaut that treats its enforcers like trash. In the uninhabitable freezing cold of the planet, Imperial General Nolan’s deliberate neglect had resulted in the deaths of Clone Commander Mayday and his associates Hexx and Veetch. Seeing the apathetic treatment with his own eyes, Crosshair finally defected from the Empire by killing Nolan, and he was held captive in Tantiss for his crime. Returning to this planet feels like returning to that dark phase of Crosshair’s life, as regret, repentance, and trauma pile up on each other.

The team reaches the abandoned Imperial facility at Barton IV, and to power the central station, which can allow the datapad to be accessed, the raider sensors are turned off. Meanwhile, Hunter was curiously observing Crosshair from afar and noticed him to be especially sentimental about a few discarded Clone trooper helmets, which, as we as the audience know, are a grim reminder of Crosshair’s sordid past. Eventually, Hunter starts questioning Crosshair about the possible reason for his turning against the Empire, and the duo get involved in a heated argument, which is broken off by the sudden appearance of a gigantic Wyrm. The raider sensors were blocking it off from the facility, but now with the power redirected to the core, the blockers have been lifted, and the creature is out to cause some rampage. There are some unmissable nods to Dune scattered in this segment. 


Did Crosshair Find Acceptance Among His Clone Brothers?

With the Wyrm roaming free outside the facility, the team gets trapped inside and hatches a plan to keep the creature outside the secure premises by turning the sensors on manually. Omega and Echo stay at the central station to transfer the data; Wrecker decides to go into the subterranean area to manually turn on the sensors; and Hunter and Crosshair volunteer to distract the Wyrm for the time being. While luring the Wyrm away from the subterranean sensor control area, Hunter falls through a crevice. Crosshair and Batcher help him navigate through the internal pathways from the surface, and eventually they help Hunter reach the surface just in time when the sensors get turned back on. With the Wyrm restricted outside the perimeter, the team can safely take off from the planet now that the confidential data from Nala Se’s datapad has been transferred as well. Hunter and Crosshair share a meaningful nod towards each other as a form of acknowledgement, and seeing his brothers safe, Wrecker can’t keep himself from sharing a group hug. Although the recovered data didn’t pinpoint the location of Tantiss, Echo is optimistic that, along with the actions shared by Crosshair and Omega, the information will prove useful in rescuing the captive clones from Tantiss. 

The team prepares to depart from Barton IV, and a despondent Crosshair finally gathers enough resolve to strike up a conversation with Hunter. A brief, heartfelt, emotional confession follows as Crosshair’s remorse and guilt are reflected through his words, but Hunter reassures him, stating that by leaving the past in its due place, they can strive to become better versions of themselves. Hunter finishes off by emphasizing the theme of hope, which reverberates through myriad stories of the galaxy far, far away—even the Clone band of  mercenaries can hope for a better tomorrow. As the sun sets in Barton IV, the team flies off through the horizon, and the episode comes to an end. In the upcoming episodes, the new team dynamics and search for Tantiss will gain primary attention, and hopefully the return of some familiar faces will address the interconnected nature of the franchise as well. 

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