‘Bachelor Party’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Santhosh Leave Sandhya?

Bachelor Party is one of the rare films from the Kannada industry that relies heavily on realism and good humor. There were over-the-top sequences, but the partly satirical nature of the film allows us to believe those moments and get a laugh out of them. Directed by Abhijit Mahesh, Bachelor Party is about a young married man who is tired of his self-centered wife and acts rebellious by flying off to Bangkok after a drunken night at a bachelor party. This article will take you through the series of incidents that occurred before and after he reached Bangkok.


Spoilers Ahead 

Why Was Santhosh Unhappy?

Santhosh was a software engineer working for an IT company in Bangalore. He had been unhappily married to Sandhya, a self-centered, high-maintenance, and obnoxious woman who was only concerned about herself and her family and who paid no heed to his needs and requirements. Sandhya was a homemaker, and Santhosh had issues with his wife constantly complaining about his friends and while she contributed nothing to the marriage to make it peaceful. The couple had a pet dog, and Santhosh adored it. Sandhya moved him to her mother’s home after the residents association passed an order against pets inside the apartment. Santhosh was tired of the constant bickering and was close to approaching a motivational speaker who specialized in helping men lead a happy married life. An unsuccessful stint at this new approach led him back to living an unsatisfied life where he believed there was no respect for him in Sandhya’s eyes. 


What Made Him Decide To Attend His Friend’s Bachelor Party?

Santhosh was close to giving up on life when his school friend invited him to his bachelor’s party, as he was about to get married in a few days. Santosh was skeptical about attending the party because of Sandhya, who never got along with his old friends; one of them was Maddy, who had caused mischief since his school days. The adult Maddy was in prison, and Santhosh was hoping not to run into him. Santhosh had many issues to work on, and to suppress them, he chose to avoid attending the bachelor party. It was Sandhya’s sudden plan to visit her mother that made Santhosh change his plan and head out for the event. Santhosh was looking for a night out without his wife constantly pestering him. 

What Happens At The Bachelor Party?

As the party begins, unexpectedly, Maddy arrives and becomes the talk of the event. He claims to have been given early release because of his good behavior, and he did not intend to miss his friend’s last grand night as a single man. Santhosh was pleasantly surprised to see him, and they picked up their friendship from where they left off many years ago. 


As the party progressed, Santhosh and Maddy began to drink heavily, only to wake up in Bangkok the next day. Santhosh was shocked at the sudden turn of events and wondered how they had reached another country in a matter of hours. As he tried to remember the events of the previous night, he figured out it was his idea to fly to Bangkok because he wanted to act like a rebel. A drunk Santhosh openly spoke about his miserable marriage, which further fueled his drive to do something that he would never do sober. On reaching Thailand, they were shocked to learn that their school PT teacher, Aswath Narayan, a wheelchair-bound man who was at the bachelor party had joined him and Maddy on a drunk Santhosh’s insistence. Santhosh was freaking out about his actions but was soon pacified by Maddy and Aswath to enjoy his time in the country while they were planning to return in a few days. 

How Does Santhosh Plan To Confront Sandhya?

Maddy and Santhosh were shocked to see Sandhya with another man in Bangkok. Santhosh now knew his wife had been unfaithful to him this whole time. Santhosh was angry at her infidelity and chose to catch her red-handed. However, he planned to travel back to India with Sandhya and work on the marriage instead of discussing the idea of a divorce. They chose to follow her around in the city. The three of them claimed themselves to be from the Indian police in the hope the locals would help them find her quickly. 


Santhosh, Maddy, and Aswath quickly learned she was dining at a South Indian restaurant, where all three of them were attacked by the owner of the restaurant, Prakash. He believed they were the real Indian police who were after his business after he fled India and was now successfully running a business in the city. Prakash spoke in detail about the abuse he faced at the hands of his first wife and her brother, who happens to be a mafia kingpin. Maddy, Santhosh, and Aswath kept running into interesting characters on their journey to track down Sandhya and her lover. Prakash’s contacts let him know the couple was headed to Paradise Island. Prakash volunteered to help them by paying for the trip, and in return, they would deliver a small luggage that is seemingly filled with medicines and food items for pregnant women. 

What Happens On The Way To Paradise Island?

On the way to Paradise Island, their jeep broke down, and the wheelchair-bound Aswath fell off a cliff and they assumed he was dead. Maddy and Santhosh were beyond upset to learn their sir, who magically years later had become a cool person, was no longer with them. Aswath had spoken in detail about his now-dead wife and the friendship he shared with her during their marriage, which he dearly missed. His words had begun to affect Santhosh, who realized marriage was supposed to be about not just compatibility but the partner’s ability to make you laugh. Aswath was not dead and was fortunately saved by a young local woman named Ashara and her kid, and Maddy was instantly attracted to her. He began to get closer to the kid in the hope of winning Ashara’s heart. He offered the kid the school bag from the bag they were supposed to deliver, which included stickers, assuming it was kid-friendly.


What Was The Ultimatum Given By Mahabala?

On reaching Paradise Island, the trio delivered the bag given by Prakash to the concerned person. The latter was shocked to find the bag without the stickers, which needed to be delivered to Mahabala, one of the two powerful mafia kingpins in Thailand. Mahabala and his men not only captured Santhosh, Maddy, and Aswath, but they also managed to get hold of Prakash. The trio was shocked to know Mahabala was Prakash’s brother-in-law. The powerful man forced these men to get hold of the bag because those stickers were narcotics, and Mahabala did not want his rival to get hold of them. Meanwhile, the trio had located Sandhya on Paradise Island, but they were forced to complete the assignment to avoid being killed in a foreign country. 

Why Did Mahabala Open Fire At The Wedding?

Santhosh, Maddy, and Prakash began to look for the stickers that were given to Ashara’s child. Meanwhile, Aswath and Mahabala were bonding over their personal relationships, and the former was having a good time getting to know this mafioso. Mahabala had a complicated relationship with his father, while Aswath was not very keen on meeting his son. Mahabala reminded him that, as a father, he could contact his offspring as well. It was always the ego that stopped a parent from keeping in touch with their child. Aswath and Mahabala’s bond proved that it was essential to understand the so-called villains as well. He might have led a complicated life, and Aswath takes a lot of good advice about relationships from a man who has a rather intimidating presence. 


Santhosh, Maddy, and Prakash follow the kid to a wedding. Prakash was informed of the presence of Marcello, Mahabala’s rival, in the hotel. Maddy, on the other hand, was surprised to have gate-crashed his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. The man who was hurt by the breakup chose to let her go as he was falling for Ashara and did not want to emotionally burden her if she chose to stay with him. Mahabala opened fired at the wedding to eliminate every person in his rival gang run by Marcello, and this was his ultimate power move. During the shootout, Maddy saved Ashara’s child in the process. He risked his life to make sure Ashara would consider being in a relationship with him. 

Did Santhosh Leave Sandhya?

Right before the shootout began, Santhosh confronted Sandhya, who was at the wedding with her lover. Santhosh planned to speak his heart out and move back to Bangalore in the hope of restarting their relationship. He quickly realized the woman was selfish because she threw her lover under the bus, claiming it was only a fling. 


Santhosh was quick to conclude Sandhya was a selfish woman, and it took some time to comprehend that fact. Santhosh ranted and was brutally honest about her zero contribution to making the marriage work and taking him for granted. This was the classic case of Santhosh being in denial because he was conditioned to stay in a marriage for the sake of it. He was willing to give Sandhya a chance, which was an indication of his empathic nature. Thankfully, he changed his mind and wanted to end the marriage as he was seeking peace. The ordeal he and his friends went through in Bangkok was possibly what made him change his mind. As witnessed in many films, traveling with friends to other countries helped to make breakthrough decisions. 

Bachelor Party ended with Aswath and his son reconciling over a phone call. Aswath chose to finally break the cold tension caused by him and rang his son from Thailand. It implies that, as parents, they could sometimes be the ones who take the first step towards sustaining a healthy relationship with their children. Maddy chose to stay back with Ashara in Thailand. Back in Bangalore, Santhosh was back with his dog at a park when he was approached by a woman who works for canine welfare, trying to educate him about adopting street dogs. Meeting the volunteer was an indication that Santhosh might consider getting in a relationship with her because of their shared love for dogs. His separation from Sandhya was inevitable, and he was currently happy with being away from his ex-wife. 


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