‘Baby Bandito’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Did Kevin And Genesis End Up Together?

Inspired by a real heist that took place in Chile in 2014, Netflix has brought a fictional retelling of Baby Bandito, a heist drama with a compelling storyline that’s packed with entertaining action sequences. Baby Bandito is an eight-part drama centered around Kevin Tapia, a skilled skater who committed the heist of the century. Driven by love and troubled by the financial crises in his family, Kevin hatched a master plan to steal seven million pesos from an airport with his team. However, this dangerous plan made him one of the most sought-after criminals in the nation. Let’s see how Kevin managed to commit the heist and what consequences he had to face in the end.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

Kevin Tapia was brought up in a family dealing with financial challenges. His father was in prison and later died at the hands of a gang member, while his mother became a drug dealer to make a living. However, as his mother was caught, the gang she worked for became a threat to her life. Witnessing such crises, Kevin realized that he needed to do something to make money and eventually chose a short cut by hatching the most dangerous plan of heist. Meanwhile, two members of the Butchers gang, Russian and Greyhound, who were also romantically involved with each other, planned to carry out a heist, but one day Kevin stumbled upon them while he was skating. Enraged, Greyhound snatched Kevin’s skateboard, and Kevin decided to get it back. Audaciously, Kevin sneaked into a warehouse, where the gang members were discussing a heist. According to their plans, the Butchers were to carry out a heist in Chile airport, with all their plans sketched out on a notepad. Kevin not only retrieved his skateboard but also took the notepad. However, Greyhound could sense Kevin’s presence at their warehouse where he noticed the skateboard was missing.  Therefore, when the gang members couldn’t find the notepad, Greyhound concluded that it must be Kevin who had stolen it. The Butchers decided to capture Kevin before he learned about their plan and commit the heist.


Meanwhile, Kevin had already lost his heart to a woman named Genesis, who was also a skater. However, as Genesis was from an affluent family and Kevin was an underprivileged guy, their romance faced some hurdles throughout. As Genesis came to find out that her family would never accept her relationship with Kevin, she decided to run away from her family only to be with her lover. Kevin, backed by his friends, Panther and Panda, as well as a skilled thief, Mistica, decided to carry out the heist just as it was sketched on the notebook. The entire plan went smoothly, and Kevin’s team managed to steal the money, but a CCTV camera captured their heist, which further drew the attention of the investigators. During the heist, Kevin approached a truck, which was supposed to be used in the heist. A man from the scrapyard became suspicious of him and called Greyhound, who had come to the spot to catch Kevin.  However, as he attacked Kevin, pointing a gun at him, Panther counterattacked Greyhound and shot him to death. After Greyhound’s murder, the Butchers became even more ferocious than they were already. They were seeking revenge on Kevin, while the investigators were also after him.

Did Kevin Get Arrested?

While both the investigators and the Butchers were after Kevin’s life, his team managed to go into hiding. But according to Panther, they shouldn’t spend all their money at once; instead, he advised them to spend some while keeping the rest in a safe and secret place. Even though everyone agreed with Panther, realizing the dangerous circumstances, Genesis was desperate and greedy. She went against Panther’s plan and decided to leave for abroad with Kevin. Kevin once made promises to her, and now Genesis was forcing him to keep those promises. However, Kevin couldn’t risk his family and his friends, whose lives were dragged into this mess because of his plan in the first place. So he was torn between staying with his family to give his mother protection and going abroad with his lady love. Finally, when Genesis managed to persuade him, Kevin agreed, and the two of them left for Italy. In Italy, they started living together, but, having no common sense, they started spending their money to buy a luxurious lifestyle. Not only that, they were so stupid that they even started to post pictures together on social media, which caught the attention of some of the investigators. Genesis became pregnant in the meantime, and she contacted her mother, but the police were already after her and Kevin. Genesis decided to betray Kevin and asked her mother for protection. Kevin was subsequently arrested in Italy and brought to Chile for further prosecution.


Why Did Kevin Seek Revenge On  Russian?

After Greyhound’s murder, Russian’s romantic relationship with him was in danger of being revealed, so Russian tried to erase all the evidence. But he was played by one of the policemen, Bozo, who was working undercover to bust the Butchers. As Kevin had already told the police that it wasn’t his plan originally, the investigators wanted to catch the real criminals. At a sauna, Bozo followed Russian and called his whole team to arrest him. As Bozo confronted Russian and revealed his real identity, Russian pulled out his gun, trying to kill him, but before he could do that, the police had captured him and brought him into custody. Kevin met Russian in prison, but when he found out that it was actually Russian who had killed his father, Kevin decided to take his revenge on the gangster.

Did Kevin And Genesis End Up Together?

While in prison, Kevin was informed that Genesis had given birth to his son, whom he desperately wanted to see. He was allowed to visit his son at the hospital, but upon reaching the hospital, Kevin couldn’t resist his desire for freedom.  Knocking down the two officers accompanying him, Kevin jumped out of the window of the hospital and ran away. He met his best friend, Panda, at a known place where they used to hang out together. Panda was a completely changed man, as once Kevin ran away with Genesis and moved to Italy, Panda felt betrayed by him. Their plan was to stick together, but Kevin chose his own dreams over their friendship, so Panda didn’t forgive his friend so easily. From the beginning, we saw him as a shy guy who was even afraid to talk to a girl, but now he had become an entirely criminal-minded man with a plan to take revenge on Kevin.


Kevin initially thought that Panda had forgiven his mistakes, but when he saw Panda being involved with Russian’s son, Pablo, Kevin realized that Panda had been subtly planning to kill him. Kevin only wanted to escape the trouble and live a life with his family somewhere far away, but his dreams never materialized. While Mistica, along with Ana and the others, arrived at the place where Kevin was supposed to meet his best friend, Panda thought that he had been played by Kevin again. Enraged, Panda pulled out a bomb from his bag and threatened everyone he would blow it up. Meanwhile, Panther came to manage the situation, but after a massive exchange of gunfire, Panther ended up dead. Kevin escaped the scene before the police arrived, while Panda, Pablo, and others were arrested by the police. Panda began to feel guilty for his actions and turned himself in. Kevin’s dreams of starting a family never came true, as he was never able to end up with Genesis or his son.

Baby Bandito ended on a tragic note, with no happy outcome in the lives of these characters. The police didn’t arrest Kevin, but his overwhelming desire to get rich, using a shortcut, jeopardized his existence for good.


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