‘At the Moment’ Episode 7 “The Promise of Karuizawa” Recap & Ending Explained

Falling in love is a beautiful part of nature. Marital relationships sometimes disrupt that beautiful natural flow. When one person restricts another person’s emotional freedom and tries to control them, the relationship becomes just a responsibility, and love evaporates like camphor. The Netflix series At the Moment has brought to light such a heartwarming tale of love and marital relationships in episode 7 titled The Promise of Karuizawa. The Promise of Karuizawa follows a married man named Ting-yu and another married woman named Wei-hsi, who find out about their respective spouses cheating on them. They both try to confront their partners about the infidelity, but circumstances bring a twist to their lives, prompting them to embrace their happiness before walking away from their toxic relationships.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Ting-Yu And Wei-Hsi Confront Their Spouses?

Episode 7 opened with Ting-yu and Wei-hsi meeting each other at a hotel, where both of them had come to track down their respective partners. They found out that Wei-hsi’s husband, David, and Ting-yu’s wife, Liu, were seeing each other secretly. To catch them in the act, Ting-yu brought Wei-hsi to a hotel where David and Liu were together in a room. But Wei-hsi, who was utterly traumatized to learn the truth about her husband, broke down and couldn’t bring herself to confront him. Instead, she was so overwhelmed by emotion and the deprivation of love that she ended up kissing Ting-yu. Ting-yu was taken aback, so he just pushed her away. Wei-hsi realized her mistake and walked away from the room.


David was a chef at his own restaurant, which was open even during the pandemic. Wei-hsi was unemployed, so she used to help her husband at his restaurant. Her mother-in-law kept on asking her and David to try for a child, but Wei-hsi didn’t feel comfortable in such a conversation. She told her mother-in-law that she’d decided to work, which came as a shock to David. After heading back home, David further asked her why she hadn’t discussed the matter with him. He objected to her decision to work as he believed her work pressure might lead her to have another miscarriage. Wei-hsi tried to explain that her previous miscarriage didn’t happen due to her work, but David was an ignorant person; according to him, it was Wei-hsi who was to blame for the miscarriage.

On the other hand, we saw that Ting-yu wasn’t happy with his married life as well. His wife, Mrs. Liu, was always at work. She barely gave her husband any time or even tried to make love to him. Although she bought a present for her husband, Ting-yu preferred loyalty over such materialistic gifts. Still, compared to what Wei-hsi had to deal with in her marital relationship, Ting-yu’s marriage with Liu was less toxic. Ting-yu was the owner of an art gallery, so his wife asked him to bring a present for her friend, David, to decorate his restaurant. Ting-yu brought a grotesque painting of a chicken for David, which very gently expressed his anger towards the man who was sleeping with his wife. The night Ting-yu came to David’s restaurant, he met with Wei-hsi, who was happy to see him. However, on that very night, both David and Liu met each other secretly. Both Ting-yu and Wei-hsi hatched a plan to follow them and catch them red-handed. But even though they reached the hotel and booked a room near David and Liu’s, Wei-hsi decided not to confront them. She didn’t want to cause any chaos. While David and Liu were making out in the hotel room, Ting-yu and Wei-hsi also got closer to each other and became physically intimate.


Did Wei-Hsi Leave Her Husband?

After Ting-yu and Wei-hsi finally found happiness in each other’s company, they planned to visit Karuizawa together, but before that, Ting-yu demanded that Wei-hsi leave her husband. As Wei-hsi was looking for a job, Ting-yu hired her at his art gallery. They became closer and had romantic times together. But one day, Wei-hsi found out that she was pregnant, and the baby was Ting-yu’s. However, she didn’t want to let Ting-yu know about the child. She wanted to leave her husband and raise the child on her own without taking the help of any man. She wanted to embrace her freedom for once in her life, and after leaving the toxic household, she wanted to live freely. Ting-yu, in the meantime, asked Wei-hsi to leave her husband and be with him, but Wei-hsi lied to him, saying that she was pregnant with David’s child. It broke Ting-yu’s heart, but he was a gentleman who didn’t try to force Wei-hsi to be with him. Instead, he took a brave decision for himself and confronted Liu with the news that he knew about her cheating on him. At first, Liu reacted selfishly, but she understood that she was the one who had wronged him. She wanted another chance to start afresh with Ting-yu, but he had already made up his mind.

Wei-hsi had also confronted David with the truth that she knew about his affair with Liu. She also confessed to having an affair and conceiving a child. David was so toxic that he completely forgot his own mistake and tried to put all the blame on Wei-hsi. Wei-hsi was left with no other choice but to divorce him. She left David and moved to her friend’s house. She gave birth to her child and raised her all by herself.


Did Wei-Hsi And Ting-Yu End Up Together?

Ting-yu had sold his previous art gallery, which was financed by his wife. So, after he divorced Liu, he started looking for a place to establish a new art gallery. One day, at an art gallery, he ran into Wei-hsi, who was working as a curator at the location. The two of them reconnected and talked about their lives. Ting-yu told her about his plan to open an art gallery of his own and also invited her. Wei-hsi told him the good news that she had finally become a mother, so now Ting-yu would have to invite two of them. Both Ting-yu and Wei-hsi were elated to be able to reunite, but the episode did not clarify if the two of them got back together to pursue a romantic relationship or if they just became close friends. But whatever the conclusion, at least they were able to let go of their traumatic relationship and decide to make themselves happy. Perhaps it will take some time for both of them to pursue a romantic relationship until their old traumas are healed.

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