‘At The Moment’ Episode 10 “Based On True Events” Recap And Ending, Explained

The last episode of At the Moment is all about a forbidden office romance between an older woman and a younger man (ooh, scandy). If you’ve chosen to watch the show in order, then you probably know the leading lady of the episode, Lie-wen, as the producer of the reality series within the show titled New Tenants. As the episodes have progressed, even though it’s an anthology, there are little Easter eggs in all episodes that relate to at least one other from the whole series. Episode 10 takes us back to the beginning with New Tenants, but a lot of time has passed and a new season is about to air.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Lie-wen is the producer for the popular reality show “New Tenants,” and she’s just brought a divorced woman with a child to the series. The company isn’t happy, especially Mr. Pan, the man who takes care of things in the company. Lie-wen sticks to her decision though and doesn’t budge (you go, girl!). In reality, it’s her assistant, Ko-chieh, who came up with the idea of bringing on a divorced woman on a show that has the biggest viewership in the mid-20s. Lie-win likes the risk and thinks it will pull in good numbers. Ko-chieh is working for Lie-wen and simultaneously looking to buy a house for himself. Actually, it’s his mother who wants him to buy a house, get married, and have kids. The “New Tenants” season is supposed to be based on real events and “unscripted,” but when Lie-wen notices the divorced woman being timid on the show, she interferes and asks her to confess her feelings to the guy she likes on the show. The only problem is that said guy is already pairing up with someone else, and the divorced woman has a huge problem with cheaters because that’s the reason for her divorce. She’s afraid of the public backlash she’ll receive for forcing her way into an established relationship.

Lie-wen and her assistant, Ko-chieh, met in school when Lie-wen was teaching and Ko-chieh was her student. Of the five people who got selected to intern under her, he was the only one who lasted over a year. Now, he drives her home and gives her suggestions for what she can do on her shows. In “New Tenants,” the divorced woman takes Lie-wen’s advice and makes her move. Just as she had suspected, she received a lot of hate for doing so. On the other hand, everyone is gossiping about Lie-wen because she too was the “other woman” with Mr. Pan back in the day. Amidst the chaos, Ko-chieh makes the payment for the new house and signs the papers. He takes his mother out to dinner, and as usual, she’s desperate for him to start seeing someone. The landlady has a daughter who is slightly older than Ko-chieh, and his mom is pushing him to see her because she can “take care of him” well. In the meantime, Ko-chieh has plans to take care of someone himself.

Seeing how terrible the divorcee is doing on the show, Lie-wen suggests that they get a gay cast member next time around. She hasn’t done it yet because she doesn’t know enough about the gays, so Ko-chieh offers to take her out. They go to a club where Ko-chieh gets asked out by a man, but Lie-Wen saves the day by pretending to be his girlfriend. He plays along, and she realizes she’s catching feelings. We already know the dude is head over heels for her. Lie-wen falls terribly sick, and despite having COVID symptoms, Ko-chieh rushes to take care of her and nurse her back to health. When she’s awake and almost normal-looking, they flirt a little (or a lot), so she can feel better.

A little later, the show is in deep water after the divorced woman releases a statement and picture saying that the producer Lie-wen forced her into being the “bad guy” on the show, causing her to face a lot of public backlash. In the middle of all that and talks of pulling the plug on the show, Mr. Pan tries to rekindle his relationship with Lie-wen (yes, sir, that’s what’s going to fix all of this). At night, when Lie-wen is alone in her office, Ko-chieh visits her, and her moods are all better because one of the couples formed in “New Tenants” (Wei Ting and Chang Yung from episode 1) is now getting married. Ko-chieh is thinking about the show even at that moment, but Lie-wen just wants to feel happy for them. Getting carried away in their happy moments, they end up sleeping together in the office.

What Happens To Ko-Chieh?

Unfortunately, there’s CCTV in the room, and the footage becomes public. The office decided to cancel the show for real and put out a case of sexual harassment against Lie-Wen. In frustration, she tries to find Ko-chieh, who is being interviewed about the charges against Lie-wen. She barges in and asks the guy if he likes her, admitting that she likes him. In front of the whole office, Ko-chieh can’t admit his feelings, but he runs after her to the elevators, admitting his feelings. It’s too late, though, because she wanted him to say it in front of everyone.

We get a montage of all the love stories within the 10 episodes of At the Moment at this point in time. Lie-wen is on a radio show, talking about everything she learned during the show, and now she’s starting her own company and a new show. Both Ko-chieh and Lei-wen resigned from Pan’s company (a good move). It turns out it was Pan who shared the CCTV footage (men and their egos, eww). Lei-Wen is the bigger person and just resigns with no hate. Her new show is called “The Best Love,” which is a reality show that is completely unscripted. She wants to give out the message that everyone deserves the best love, no matter what they’ve been through. At the end of the episode, Lei-win is doing interviews for a new assistant, and Ko-chieh comes back to seize the opportunity this time around. After she’s accepted his little monologue, they sit across from each other at a table outside her studio and look into the distance.

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