‘Arthur’s Whiskey’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Joan, Susan, And Linda?

It has been rightly said that ‘we should enjoy youth while it lasts’. The British comedy Arthur’s Whiskey has been directed by Stephen Cookson. The 2024 film stars well-known faces like Diane Keaton, Hayley Mills, and Lulu. Three elderly women, Joan, Susan, and Linda are transformed into young women after drinking a magic potion made by Arthur, Joan’s late husband. Is their youth momentary? Will they get addicted to shaping up as young women? Will they be able to relive their youth again? There are multiple similar questions that arise in our minds as we slowly unravel the plot of Arthur’s Whiskey film.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens After The Ladies Drink The Concoction?

After Arthur’s passing, his wife Joan reunites with two of her other best friends, Susan and Linda. The three old ladies are seen enjoying their time together as they discuss the oddities of life and how it has changed them. Linda tells them that her husband had been an experimentalist and that she never understood his ways. Her friends advised her to clean up Arthur’s workstation so that she could convert it into something of her own liking. The three ladies buckled up to clean up the space and stumbled upon a concoction that looked like whiskey to them. They sat down together to enjoy the drink, and as they were doing so, they reminisced about their youth and how they wished they could regain it. After a few drinks, the women passed out, and upon waking up the very next morning, they saw that they had regained their youth. The women were very excited and decided to enjoy their time.


Three of the friends went out and started to look at the world from a very different perspective. They decided to upgrade themselves, as per the set standards of the modern youth, as they were lagging behind in all the modern stuff. However, we could have been hooked on the thought that their scintillating beauties were to last them a lifetime, but that was not the case. They noticed that, after a certain point in time, they were again getting back to their old forms. They had to make sure that they kept drinking the whiskey from time to time so that they could swing to and fro between their old forms and youth. They ensured that they put the whiskey to good use, as they enjoyed their time doing things that they did not get a chance to do during their youth. However, they had long realized that the whiskey wasn’t going to last long, and therefore they should put it to their best use. They partied and went places and had experiences that they never thought they could have in this lifetime, which is what mattered the most to them.

What Did They Do In Las Vegas?

As Linda was suffering from cancer, the three friends had decided to spend their time in Vegas together before she parted ways with the world. The three women went there and decided to remain in their own skin for the first night. They were amazed to realize that they could still attract new people without having to disguise their age. Joan met a man, Hal, who offered her a drink and told her how beautiful she was, bringing to light the fact that people are more attracted to the vibe of a person than just a pretty young face. Linda met a drag queen in the washroom, who told her that she should be enjoying her life to the fullest in Vegas. She gambled and partied, and she made sure that she would fully utilize whatever time she had. The three women lived their time and ensured that they enjoyed it thoroughly; with or without their youth. However, while on their trip, Linda passed away, leaving behind all the good memories for Susan and Joan. She made sure that she had no regrets left before passing away!


Did Susan And Joan Get To Live Their Dreams?

After the trip, Susan and Joan were very pricked by the uncertainty of life but were happy at the same time that their friend had her last wish fulfilled. They also decided that they would make sure that they had no regrets if anything were to happen to them. Susan decided to meet James, a man that she had met in her young form, without sipping on the whiskey. She had developed feelings for the man and decided to show him her real form, as according to her, age was just a number. When she met him, he said she seemed very familiar to him. However, later he recognized her and thankfully did not give up on her because he was more attracted to her personality and not only to her youth.

Joan also decided to come out as bisexual to her family and friends. She told her son, Robert, that she was bisexual and was still in love with one of her teenage crushes, Karen Walters. Without judging his mother, he made sure that he reached out to Karen’s husband so that he could let his mother meet Karen once. One fine day, Joan received a call from Karen’s husband asking her to come and meet at the hospital. After meeting Karen, all the old memories came to an end. She remembered how they gazed at the stars together and all the intimate memories that they had made together. Joan went to meet Karen after sipping on the whiskey so that she could recognize her immediately. Both of them were thrilled to see each other, even if it was for a brief moment of time.


What Happens In The End?

After both Joan and Susan had taken care of their wishes, they wanted to make sure that they took care of Linda’s last wish. They decided to skydive together after going back to their young forms. The final act that they did was a gesture of love and a remembrance of their friend. The amazing bond that they had in their youth as well as in their maturity was unbreakable. Both of them were very thankful to Linda and Arthur for having given them a second shot at reliving their youth. The utopia that the three friends enjoyed is something that every human desires at a certain point in their life. Therefore, Arthur’s Whiskey is a manifestation of the inner desire to regain youth and relive time once again.

Personal Insights

Not all women’s friendships are meant to be toxic! The presentation of a beautiful bond between three women has been presented in the film Arthur’s Whiskey. The bond that Linda, Susie, and Joan share can be compared to the Marilyn Monroe starrer How to Marry a Millionaire. The three friends stuck together through thick and thin and helped each other explore the true meaning of female bonds by reliving their youth again. The magic element of the film has added a charm to the plot, making it more appealing to audiences. This British film is brilliant and is a must-watch if you really want to enjoy some quality comedy. The film has not been unnecessarily stretched, but it has all the facets to keep its audiences hooked on it.


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