‘Art Of Love’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Do Alin And Guney Reconcile?

Art of Love is one of those lukewarm, predictable romantic dramas about a man and woman who are trying to find their way back to each other. This film is a Turkish Netflix original, set across various cities in Europe. One ex-partner believes they can make it work, while the other has given up hope. The article will take the readers through the reasons why and how the couple will reconcile.


Spoilers Ahead 

When Did Alin Recognize Guney?

Alin and Ozan were officers with the Interpol Art Crime Unit who were on the scene of the crime of a robbery in a museum based in Istanbul. Their investigation proves that the thief was robbing only paintings that were of no value. They caught on the pattern and learned this was done to increase the value of the artwork. Alin’s investigation pointed her to another artwork she believed would be targeted by the said thief, and she was prepared to arrest the culprit. The said thief carried out the deed, and Alin followed him out of the museum. She was shocked to identify the thief as Guney, her ex-boyfriend from many years ago. 


Why Did Alin Join Interpol?

Alin and Guney used to be in a relationship, and it is revealed that he was a rich businessman who had disappeared. Alin was heartbroken over Guney’s leaving her hanging. Alin worked as a curator for a museum at the time and moved to Paris to get away from the grief of losing her boyfriend. Her expertise in art dealings got her in touch with Interpol, which she eventually joined. 

Alin’s work in the art crime unit kept her engaged most of the time. The sight of Guney in Istanbul sent shockwaves through, and she was keener on arresting him than learning about his disappearance for the sake of closure. Alin was a professional, and she had no business knowing what Guney was up to. Her job was to find evidence of the crime he committed and put him in prison. 


What Was Alin’s Plan Of Action?

Alin planted herself in front of Guney at a museum exhibition, and the man was happy to have found her after many years. Guney was not aware of her being a part of the international police force that was curbing crimes in the art world or that he could be her next target as well. Guney approached Alin and confessed to having looked for her everywhere. She agreed to have with him, during which he further confessed to having gotten scared as he was falling in love with her.

Alin does not trust him because she feels nothing would stop him from abandoning her again. Alin does not agree to reconcile but agrees to keep meeting him so she can understand his state of mind. Guney, as a rich businessman, was willing to work on their relationship and give Alin some time to consider being in a relationship with him. Alin planned to be around him until she could find some dirt on him that would make her case against him stronger. Alin was far from falling in love with him but Ozan, her partner at work, feared that she would be manipulated on the other side of the world. Alin was confident about her plan and moved ahead accordingly. Alin gatecrashed Guney’s warehouse in the hope of finding proof of his robberies. Guney’s assistant Vera almost caught Alin, but all she could see of her face were her eyes.  


Why Did Alin And Guney Go To Prague?

Alin accepted Guney’s offer to travel to Prague with him for a small business trip. Alin was followed by Ozan, who wanted to make sure his partner was not falling in love with her ex-boyfriend because of their history. Alin was solely focused on work, but Vera was suspicious of her, and she had begun to wonder if the person in their warehouse was Guney’s girlfriend. 

Ozan was not keen on derailing the investigation in case Alin had a change of mind, maybe even going so far as to offer some immunity to Guney. Alin did not let Guney’s romantic moves manipulate her. Guney, being an extremely wealthy man, got Alin a preview of her favorite dance recital before the premier, which was his way of sweeping her off her feet. Alin was impressed, but she could not let herself be carried away by all the niceties being showered on her. Alin was wondering if she still harbored feelings for him.


What Was Guney’s Plan With Faysal Valri’s Art Collection?

Guney was planning to visit Faysal Valri’s business and was looking forward to a party at his mansion. Guney was accompanied by Alin as well, who was on her mission to arrest the man and was waiting for him to drop hints about his next robbery. An arrogant Faysal showed off his art collection, which was kept far away from his home to Guney and Alin. This was Faysal’s way of showcasing his power, and he was proud of his art and antiques collection. Faysal showcased one random painting, which he claimed had no value. This was the lead Alin was looking at, and she was sure Guney would steal it. Alin informed Ozan about Guney’s next target, while the man himself had begun to work on the plan to get past all the security obstacles to steal the painting. 

Why Was Alin At Faysal’s Home?

As Guney was successful in stealing the painting, Alin was caught by Faysal’s men trying to trespass on his estate. She had reached his home to inform him about the potential robbery that might take place, and of the fact his paintings were in danger. Faysal initially was not keen on hearing Alin out, and he wondered if being involved in the robbery and coming out clean was part of her plan. On hearing about the robbery a few moments later, the businessman planned to keep her hostage until she revealed her role in the theft. The gathering was dispersed by Ozan, who was at the mansion to rescue Alin. Faysal came to know of Alin’s identity as an Interpol officer, and this allowed him to use her against Guney.


What Was Guney’s Secret?

Faysal informed Alin about his plans to capture and possibly kill Guney because he was aware of the young man’s role in robbing him. Alin had always wanted to arrest Guney, not see him hurt or murdered. She was quick to reach his office to inform him about the possibility of an attack by Faysal. Alin was not worried about her identity being revealed to Guney. She thought she could get him to surrender himself at  the police station for protection from Faysal and his henchmen.

Guney was quick to admit he was aware of Alin’s job as an Interpol officer dealing with crimes in the art world. He chose to keep it to himself because he wanted to win her over through his words and not his profession. Guney was aware her profession would force her to arrest him, which is why she was kept in the dark for a while until this scenario emerged, which probably forced him to be honest about himself. He also admits to having spent time in Mexican jail because of a robbery gone wrong, and that he tried looking for her after he was released but could not find her. 


Guney was aware Alin would not accept him with just a simple apology, which is why he planned a chain of robberies that she would notice and begin to investigate. Guney’s plan worked. Guney loved Alin, and he planned an elaborate heist just to get closer to her and make her realize he had been away only because of circumstances. Guney was not a boyfriend who would confess his love the normal way. He had to take a route that would grab her attention.

Do Alin And Guney Reconcile?

As Faysal was getting closer to capturing them, Guney moved Alin to a countryside home that belonged to his grandfather, who was an artist. Guney wanted to keep Alin as close to himself as possible so that he would come clean to her about his past and his motivation to rob people. He was quick to admit it was a conversation with her about the Mona Lisa being valuable only after being stolen that triggered him to carry out robberies everywhere. Alin was taken aback by all the confessions that were coming her way, and she did not want to consider herself responsible for him carrying out crimes everywhere or to imagine she was an accomplice in the work he carried out just because he wanted an escape from his mundane life as a rich man. 


Guney spent the entire afternoon showing her all the proof of his robberies. Guney wanted to come clean with her because this was his way of showcasing his love, and he was willing to face jail time if that meant getting her trust back in the relationship. Guney felt guilty for abandoning her, and this time he wanted to face everything head-on to bring Alin to his side and convince her of his love for him. Alin’s mind was slowly willing to accept his words of apology, but she was still in two minds about giving him another chance as a boyfriend. Guney repeatedly asked her if she loved him as they were chased out of the house by Faysal. Alin was having a tough time because of the work she was involved in, even though she was inclined towards Guney and her love for him was growing.

Art of Love ended with Ozan arresting Faysal after Guney stole all of the older businessman’s drug cartel-related details. In exchange, Guney had asked for immunity from Ozan and his team at Interpol. Guney received what he wanted, which was exemption from jail time, and Alin’s acceptance of his love for him. Guney and Alin finally reconciled because there was nothing that could stop them from coming back together as a couple. She wasn’t sure how the relationship would work because of their respective professions, but she was happy to have found love in Guney, the man who adored her dearly. 


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