Anand In ‘Anweshippin Kandethum’ Explained

Anweshippin Kandethum, the title means you shall find it if you try to seek it. The title of the movie defines Anand as a character. SI Anand was a recruit in the police force, and he was charged up about the job as he was a second-generation police officer. One of the first few cases to reach his desk was that of a missing girl from a Christian community. His job entails gathering concrete evidence that could lead them to the girl and hopefully help them bring her back alive to her parents.


Spoilers Ahead

Anand was not interested in going after the usual suspects but was trying to find out if there was any possibility of someone else being involved in the disappearance of the young girl. The fear of the girl ending up dead was high, which made it important for Anand to find strong leads that would help find a conclusion to the case. Anand was taking his job seriously, which is a good trait, but people around him, including his juniors, expected him to follow protocol and not make any decisions in haste. Anand was a witness to his colleagues pandering to religious politics and the community instead of helping the family.


Anand was willing to confront the parish and the father who ran it to find answers about the disappeared girl, who was later found dead. He did not care about hurting any religious sentiments because a murder investigation is above any community and their sentiments. Anand could not be stopped by the churchgoers, who were not willing to allow him or the police force to investigate the matter. Sadly, under political pressure, Anand was asked to step aside, and a new police officer was sent to investigate the matter. Anand would never give up on the case, because his intuition directed him towards the parish, and he was sure there were answers he would find. 

Anand was willing to seek further than what he was asked to, which makes him a reflection of the title of the film. Anand’s superiors were only looking for convenient answers, which forced him to look for clues in his way. Anand managed to find a way to get the police into the parish, collect clues, and prove his point. He wanted to show his mettle through his work and not words, and that would probably help him move further career-wise. 


Anand was able to make a breakthrough, and as expected, the clues he found in the parish helped him nab the culprit. The saddest part about nabbing the culprit was that the man ran from custody and killed himself in front of a train. The guilt of losing the culprit, followed by the police questioning his unorthodox manner of nabbing the culprit, weighed heavily on him and his career. His teammates who had joined also suffered because of his off-beat investigation style. All of them were suspended because they failed to save the culprit and present him in front of the court to bring justice to the young girl who was killed. 

Anand and his team were given a breather when they were assigned a cold case to solve from six years ago. A young woman was killed, and neither the police nor the CBI could find answers. Anand’s superior officer had seen a quality in him, which could be the reason he was assigned a case to find faults in it and lead them to the culprit behind the murder that happened several years ago. 


Anand faced a lot of backlash for visiting the town where the murder took place, but that did not affect his morale. Finding the culprit in this case was a make-and-break situation for him, and just like before, he was willing to take an out-of-the-box approach to find answers. His passion for the work he does helps him find leads that would have evaded the last investigator. 

Anand was surprised to learn that some important people had been conveniently kept out of all the investigations that happened in the past. He was able to use his skills to dig deeper and find out more about the victim. This led to Anand having to come to terms with the truth behind the murder and who the culprit could be. 


In the new case, Anand was quick to assume who could have been the killer, but he took his sweet time and created a trap so he could bait the killer. Anand was hoping the end of the second case would help him revive his professional life and was under the impression his superiors would be proud of his work. He always wanted some validation for the first case, which went astray. This time Anand was walking on eggshells and tiptoeing to make sure all leads and clues would take him to the culprit he had in mind, and it turned out to be the person he had expected.  Even though Anand was successful in locating the murderer through his well-thought-out and meticulous research, the culprit hanged himself in full public view. To Anand’s shock, the culprit had left a suicide note in which he claimed to be ashamed to have killed a woman and purposely misled the investigation one too many times. It was the second time the murderer got away. 

The person did fall into a trap because of the bait laid by Anand, but sadly, like before, he failed to bring yet another woman to justice, and he was left choked up with another case that went unsolved. Anand was a hard worker, which is an obvious character trait, and he was desperate for answers. Hopefully, his quest and hunger for them won’t die down; he will achieve success in his next cases. He had managed to create a niche for himself in the department, and if there is a second part of the film, it would be interesting to watch him finally nab a criminal by taking a road less taken by the people.


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