‘Amityville: An Origin Story’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending: Who Were The Owners Of Amityville Mansion?

In the history of homicide and paranormal activity, the Amityville Horror is one of the most scary and gut-wrenching disasters of all time. The four-part MGM+ documentary series Amityville: An Origin Story is a fascinating documentary that revisits the actual account of events that occurred in the haunted mansion of Amityville. The series includes archive material from the 1970s as well as brand-new interviews with those who witnessed the tragedy firsthand. Several books, film franchises, fan fiction, and other media have previously captured the retelling of these terrifying occurrences, the most famous of which is 1979’s The Amityville Horror, which almost everyone is familiar with. Well, listening to real-life victims of those traumatic events is considerably more spine-chilling than the fictional version. Despite being a documentary, Amityville: An Origin Story masterfully depicted that horror for us. Let’s go into the specifics of what transpired at the Amityville residence.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Carol’s Experience Regarding The House?

The first episode focuses on the Amityville mansion. The house may seem haunted after decades of disrepute, but its interior was gorgeous. As a result, George and his wife, Kathy Lutz, couldn’t resist the urge to purchase the home right away. George received a fantastic bargain during negotiations with the real estate agent that was within his price range, so he didn’t want to pass up the chance to purchase the home. As a consequence, the couple didn’t even bother knowing its entire history. The film of George and Kathy’s interviews revealed that the horror had not yet left their minds. They were afraid yet relieved to have made it through the darkness. Kathy’s friend Carol’s testimonial regarding her experience with the home is shown alongside the Lutz couple. Carol accompanied George and Kathy when they initially went to buy the house. At first, Carol didn’t feel anything. However, when she and Kathy discovered some bullet holes in the wall, it raised some questions in their mind. But the elegance of the house’s interior caused them to dismiss any concerns they had about the place. Carol went on to say that she had visited the residence with her husband after George and Kathy had settled down. Instead of having their planned celebration, Carol became ill and lost her energy to get up. The fictitious account of this event was portrayed in the 1979 film, in which Carolyn, played by Helen Shaver, hesitated to enter the home as some spirit started screaming, “Get Out.”


Was George Lutz Somehow Responsible For Summoning Ghosts Into The House?

Within a week of moving in, the haunting rampage began. The son of Kathy Lutz and her ex-husband, Christopher Quaratino, expressed his frightened reaction to it. He opposed some of George Lutz’s actions and implied that his stepfather may have unwittingly brought the demonic spirit into their home. George Lutz was an ex-marine during the Vietnam War, and his experience may not have been particularly calming, as veterans of Vietnam are known to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. And George was the victim as well. He never talked much about his life as a marine during the war, which might be due to his scarred recollections of it. However, for recreation, George was a member of a biker gang with his fellow biker friend, Joe. Joe detailed some of George’s strange hobbies, such as making his bike seat seem like a coffin and so on. Joe’s description suggested that George was interested in the macabre, which is why spiritual and disturbing things piqued his interest. Joe also mentioned Raymond Buckland, one of the motorcycle guys’ brothers-in-law, who was an occult leader and author of numerous witchcraft publications. He was particularly good at drawing George’s attention to the demon-summoning rites, something George had never discussed with anyone.

George did, however, mention his fondness for transcendental meditation. This meditation is typically said to have originated in Indian culture, and as we all know, George Harrison and John Lennon were both admirers of this kind of spiritual meditation. Though I believe there is nothing wrong with meditation or emitting the spiritual sound “Om,” which, according to Hindu shastra, is a holy sound and is often considered to be the sound of God, Christopher Quaratino may disagree. In this episode, he particularly mentioned releasing these sounds and deemed these sounds to be the names of spirits. Whether the hypothesis is correct or not is debatable, but he certainly stated that certain types of meditation do cause changes in our bodily and mental states, which is generally regarded to be true. However, we don’t know whether those changes are for the better or for the worse. Meditation is scientifically advised for all humans since it has no negative side effects; however, if you can go around attracting spirits by making any form of sound, maybe we ought to reconsider.


What Was Jody? Who Were The Previous Owners Of The Mansion Of Amityville?

Kathy Lutz’s discussion became darker as she discussed her daughter’s imaginary friend, Jody. She had been caught several times chatting with an imagined object that her kid mistook for a pig. Jody is mentioned several times during the film as well. The couple described the severe discomfort that they had undergone in less than a week at the residence. Kathy and George reported multiple haunting encounters, including the room filling with hordes of insects, a rapid increase in ambient temperature, and ghost screaming. As a result, George was finally awakened to the fact that he should investigate the house’s history. As George began to discuss the house with local police, the history of the land and previous owners began to emerge. It was found that the former owner of the residence was murdered at the house in 1974.

Ronald DeFeo Jr., the eldest son had brutally murdered his father, mother, brother, and sisters at the DeFeo family house. George and Kathy deciphered that the haunting experience they experienced in this house was caused by the ghosts of those people who were slaughtered in 1974. George went on to explain that they noticed a weird odor in the house, which the local police had discovered at the 1974 murder site. Even after moving into the house, George kept getting up at 3.15 a.m. every morning, which was the exact same time when the murders took place. As a result, both George and Kathy deduced that these events were not carried out by humans but rather by the disgruntled spirits who had been wandering the property. Even though George and Kathy contacted the priest, Father Ralph “Ray” Pecoraro right after they moved into the house, his experience was identical to Carol’s. He also had an unsettling sensation in the house as some bad spirits approached him and told him to “get out.”


The thrilling documentary Amityville: An Origin Story can compete with any horror film. High-quality camera work and stunning cinematography have elevated the bar for this documentary series. The audience may have never seen many of the exclusive interviews in the series, so they may not be aware of the extent of the situation. However, it accomplishes its goal in the first episode of the show and whets our appetite for more such thrilling information.

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