‘Allelujah’ (2023) Ending, Explained: What Happens To Sister Gilpin & Dr. Valentine?

In the world of Allelujah, where time marches relentlessly forward, there are those who find themselves caught in its unyielding grip. Within the seemingly tranquil walls of Bethlehem Hospital’s geriatric ward, a hidden world unfurls—a captivating juxtaposition of love and darkness. Here, the elderly find solace in the caring embrace of dedicated staff, including the compassionate Dr. Valentine. However, beneath the veil of the hospital’s benevolence lies a horrifying truth that is concealed from prying eyes. With relentless dedication to his patients, Dr. Valentine unravels the web of deceit and maltreatment. But what he discovers threatens to shatter the delicate balance between Dr. Valentine’s primal instinct to protect his patients and the demands of his profession. The stakes are high, for the fate of the vulnerable elderly hangs in the balance.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Sets Dr. Valentine Apart From The Other Doctors?

Vallinder Singh Vashisht, better known as Dr. Valentine, is a rare gem in a world that often overlooks the elderly, as many people shy away from tending to the needs of the older generation. Dr. Valentine holds them close, not merely as a doctor but as a cherished son, and he brings an air of anticipation as every person eagerly awaits his return. From a very young age, Dr. Valentine harbored a deep affection for the elderly, drawn to the idea of providing care and comfort to those who had weathered the storms of time. It was this passion that guided his career path, fueled by a burning desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those often neglected by society. For Dr. Valentine, each day is an opportunity to fulfill his purpose, and not a single day passes without his presence at the hospital, for it is within those walls that he finds a home, and his patients become an extension of his own family.


Despite considering his own name a bit of a challenge to spell, he is endearingly referred to as “Valentine” by his patients. It is not the complexity of his name that inspires this loving nickname but rather the immense love and care he showers upon each and every one of them. Dr. Valentine’s patients feel a deep connection to him, so much so that they eagerly seek out his attention to ensure their needs are heard above all else. They trust him implicitly, knowing that he holds their well-being as his highest priority. What sets Dr. Valentine apart is his commitment to treat everyone equally, regardless of their background and circumstances. In his eyes, each person deserves the same compassion and understanding as he erases the lines of differentiation, embracing each patient as a cherished individual.

How Does Sister Alma Gilpin Differ From Dr. Valentine In Her Approach?

Sister Alma Gilpin is a revered and seasoned member of the Bethlehem Hospital staff who commands the utmost respect from all who know her. Her loyalty to the hospital has spanned countless years, establishing her as an integral part of its fabric. Yet, beneath her well-regarded exterior, a hidden facet of her personality emerges during conversations with Dr. Valentine. As their discussions unfold, a different narrative is introduced, which gives an unexpected glimpse into Sister Alma Gilpin’s past. She reveals that nursing was not her initial calling; rather, it was her mother who tended to the elderly, enlisting Gilpin as her trusted assistant. Over time, Gilpin realized that nursing presented an avenue for financial stability and a means to support herself. For her, it was a pragmatic choice rather than a heartfelt calling.


In a shocking turn of events, one of the elderly patients, Mary, inadvertently captures a disturbing scene on her iPad—a scene that uncovers Sister Gilpin’s dark secret, as she has been poisoning those patients who are no longer able to care for themselves. Confronted by Dr. Valentine, Sister Gilpin refuses to acknowledge her wrongdoings. In her conviction, she justifies her actions, believing that the deaths she orchestrated were a release from suffering and a mercy for those who had reached the end of their journeys. She embraces the chilling belief that their departures were destined, and in their passing, they found peace.

However, one patient named Joe Colman possessed an unwavering instinct. Sensing his impending demise at the hands of Sister Gilpin, he courageously warned his son the night before, determined to expose the truth and protect others from a similar fate. When the truth finally surfaces, Dr. Valentine wastes no time in taking action. He brings the shocking revelations to the attention of the authorities. Luckily, the consequences are swift and decisive—Bethlehem Hospital is closed down, its doors forever sealed, as the dark secrets within are brought into the unforgiving light. In the end, Dr. Valentine’s unwavering commitment to the truth prevailed, as he chose to protect the vulnerable, ensuring that those responsible for their actions faced the necessary consequences and were held accountable.


‘Allelujah’ Ending, Explained: What Does Dr. Valentine Aim For As A Doctor?

At the end of Allelujah, Dr. Valentine finds himself in a different hospital, and there, he has a serendipitous encounter with one of his beloved former patients, Ambrose, from the Bethlehem Hospital. Ambrose holds a special place in Dr. Valentine’s heart, continuing to serve as a guiding light and mentor in the present. As Ambrose’s time on this earth draws nearer to its end, a radiant smile graces his face. It is a smile that speaks volumes, for in his final moments, he is blessed with the presence of someone who genuinely cares for him.

Dr. Valentine acknowledges that mistakes are an inevitable part of the human condition. Despite being stretched and occasionally stumbling, he perseveres, recognizing that the pursuit of perfection should not overshadow the good he is able to accomplish. He refuses to be dismissed for what he cannot do, instead focusing on the positive impact he can make in the lives of his patients. On the other hand, Sister Gilpin represents a different perspective. Her actions reveal a flaw in her character, as she allows personal ambition and a distorted sense of mercy to lead her down a destructive path. While she may have believed that she was relieving suffering, her actions were misguided and crossed ethical boundaries.


Sister Gilpin serves as a cautionary tale, a reminder that even those entrusted with care can succumb to the temptations of power and misguided intentions. Amidst this contrast, Dr. Valentine does not tear others down or exploit their vulnerabilities for personal gain. He recognizes that profit and personal gain should not be prioritized over the well-being of others. Just like Dr. Valentine, there are other healthcare professionals who do not waver in the face of challenges, remaining steadfast even when tested. They provide support and comfort during life’s most vulnerable moments, from birth to death. Ultimately, Dr. Valentine reminds us that truly care and love are priceless.

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