‘Alex Rider’ Season 3 Cast And Character

In the third season of Alex Rider, we see how Scorpia and The Department are once again at odds. So, with new and old characters, let’s familiarize ourselves with the key ones who influence the life of this teenage spy.


Alex Rider

In this season, we again see Alex Rider, the extraordinary teenage boy trained by his uncle to become a spy from a young age. He’s always worked for The Department as a secret agent. But now, he’s on a mission to find Scorpia in Malta. Why? Because he wants to learn more about his dad, who, it turns out, was involved with Scorpia. Shockingly, Alex finds out that The Department killed his dad. Angry and seeking revenge, Alex decides to join forces with Scorpia and becomes an assassin. It’s a big twist—his old enemies are now his new friends.

Kyra And Tom 

Tom and Kyra have been Alex’s best friends since the beginning of the series. They’re on this adventure with Alex in Malta to find Scorpia and the “Widow.” It’s dangerous, but they’re sticking by Alex’s side. Kyra is great at coding and hacking, while Tom is really smart and always looks out for their safety. They help Alex in whatever way they can, showing how good friends always have each other’s backs, no matter what.


Julia Rothman

The widow, Julia Rothman, is now the leader of Scorpia. She’s planning to use a dangerous weapon called the Invisible Sword to cause massive destruction and take control of the world. But this time, Scorpia’s mission is personal for her. She wants revenge because she believes Alex’s father, John Rider, betrayed her. He pretended to be on Scorpia’s side but was actually working for The Department. This betrayal hurt her deeply, so she’s determined to get back at him by killing his son, Alex Rider, too. She thinks that by doing this, she can finally destroy The Department once and for all.


Nile serves as Julia’s right-hand man in Scorpia. He’s not only a trainer at the Scorpia Academy, where they prepare assassins for real-life missions, but he also helps devise plans and strategies for their operations. Nile strongly believes in the idea of “kill or be killed,” instilling this mentality in the assassins he trains. He has a deep hunger for destruction, and whenever Julia requires him to kill their enemies, he is always eager to carry out her orders without hesitation.


Yassen Gregorovitch

Yassen Gregorovitch is a character we’ve known from previous seasons, but now we see him in a different light. Whether he’s a good guy or a bad one is up for debate. Yassen was Alex’s father John Rider’s oldest friend, and they go way back to their days with Scorpia. John once saved Yassen from an enemy, and since then, he’s always had a soft spot for Alex, as if he owed John in some way. He’s a man of principle; yes, he can kill as part of his job, but he doesn’t believe in mindless killing. He doesn’t support Julia’s personal vendetta or Scorpia’s mission, for that matter. So, when he saw Alex in danger, he stepped away from the mission and even went as far as killing Nile, who was trying to harm Alex. Yassen has always been the savior, showing that perhaps there’s more to him than meets the eye.


Luca is the very scientist who created the Invisible Sword, a deadly weapon Julia assigned him to create to kill thousands of people. It contains billions of nanoparticles of cyanide-infused gold, which can attack anyone by getting into the target’s bloodstream. This was a groundbreaking innovation. Luca, having significant debt and working in his laboratory on an old ship named Consanto in Malta, needed more money from Scorpia. Julia gave him valuable diamonds, which he hoped to use to repair his old ship and his lab and pay off his debt. However, Nile, under Julia’s command, betrayed him, took the diamonds, and blew up the ship where the lab was located, ultimately resulting in Luca’s death.


Mrs. Jones 

There was a big change in The Department too. Mrs. Jones, feeling tired of all the killing and thinking she could not make a difference, decided to quit being an agent. She handed in her resignation letter to The Department’s head, Alan Blunt. But he refused to accept it. Blunt believed The Department and the world needed agents like Mrs. Jones. So instead, he made her the new head of The Department. From now on, Smithers, Crawley, and probably Alex in the future, along with the other agents, will work under her supervision.

John Rider 

John Rider is Alex’s father. He used to be an army man and later worked as a spy for The Department. However, after being involved in a manslaughter incident, he lost his medals and dignity. At that time, Scorpia trained him as their agent. But it turned out to be a setup by The Department. They wanted him to gather information about Scorpia while working undercover. When the truth came out, Julia, feeling betrayed both personally and professionally, orchestrated a plane crash that killed him. Despite rumors suggesting he was a brilliant agent for The Department , his life ended tragically. Alex looks up to his father and follows in his footsteps.


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