‘Alex Rider’ Recap Before Season 3: What Happened In Season 1 And Season 2?

Amazon Prime’s Alex Rider, based on Anthony Horowitz’s novel, is an espionage drama series about a young spy, Alex, who becomes a part of British intelligence agency MI6—The Department. When a secret organization called Scorpia threatens to bring doom upon the world with its evil missions for world dominance, Alex, along with The Department, tries to stop them and finish the organization and its evil missions. As Season 3 is coming, let’s recap Seasons 1 and 2 to be up to speed and get ready for the action-packed world of Alex Rider. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Mi6 Recruit Alex?

The first season of the British thriller series revolved around the titular character, who lived with his uncle, Ian, and the caretaker, Jack. Alex lived in the shadows and had no idea that Ian had been training him to become a spy. For the world, Ian was a banker, but in reality, he was a British spy who worked for MI6 and was tasked with keeping an eye on Alex. Things took a drastic turn when a man, Yassen Gregorovitch, who worked for a secret organization called Scorpia, killed Ian. Ian’s death is not just a random murder. He was investigating a suspicious school called Point Blanc because a banker named Michael Rosscorp was killed after becoming suspicious of the school. Michael’s son, Parker, had attended Point Blanc and returned home acting strangely. Yassen saw Michael as a threat for poking around where he shouldn’t and killed him. Ian’s death follows when he tries to find out more about Point Blanc. Devastated by Ian’s death, Alex swore to take revenge. He found out that Ian was investigating Point Blanc because MI6 suspects something sinister is taking place there, but they need more information. MI6 finally recruited Alex and sent him to Point Blanc under the cover of David Friend’s adopted son. Alex’s mission was to gather intelligence and uncover the truth about the school’s mysterious activities. And that’s where Alex’s first real adventure began!


Was The Mission Successful? 

At Point Blanc School, things are far from ordinary. Tucked away in the snowy mountains, it feels like a world of its own. The students? Not your typical rich kids. They’re troublemakers, not your usual offspring of businessmen and billionaires. Running the school are Dr. Greif and Eva, but they’re up to something dark and sinister: creating human clones of their students for evil purposes. Their goal? To control powerful families and achieve world dominance. When Alex arrives, he senses something’s off about his classmates, but he’s focused on uncovering the truth, not making friends. Strange occurrences start cropping up, with Alex having eerie dreams of masked figures performing procedures on him. Soon, Alex discovers that his classmates are experiencing the same strange nightmares. It’s clear something odd is going on in the school, but Alex struggles to find out what. As Alex, along with his pals Kyra and James, delves deeper, Eva grows suspicious and tries to harm them as they are getting too close to the truth. Alex investigates further and stumbles upon a horrifying truth! There is a secret laboratory in the school’s basement, complete with files on human cloning and captive individuals. Shockingly, the real students are being held captive while their evil cloned counterparts are sent home. Alex manages to escape, overcoming numerous challenges, and brings the shocking revelation to Mrs. Jones, another MI6 agent. Together, they organize a rescue mission, successfully freeing the students. A showdown with Eva ends in tragedy as an explosion occurs, killing her but sparing Alex. MI6 apprehends Dr. Greif, but he remains tight-lipped about his operations. Eventually, he meets his demise when Yassen injects his car with poisonous gas. With the truth about Point Blanc out, MI6 and Alex have succeeded in their mission.

What Happened in the Season 1 Finale? 

Point Blanc had created a clone of Alex who tried to ruin his real life. While the real Alex was adjusting to everything that had happened and finding happiness with Jack and his best friend, Tom, the clone went to school to confront him. MI6 intervened to save the real Alex and eliminate the clone. Surprisingly, it was Yassen who killed the clone. Now, Alex is finally ready to live a normal life, but it’s clear that everything he’s been through has taken a heavy emotional toll on him.


Who Is Damian Cray? 

In Season 2, we see Alex struggling with his mental health, seeing Yassen everywhere, and feeling like he’s losing his grip on reality. So he and Jack, who’s now a lawyer, decide to take a vacation to an island off the coast of Cornwall, bringing along Alex’s best friend, Tom. There, they meet Sabina and her father, Ed Pleasance, a journalist writing a book about tech guru Damian Cray. Tom admires Cray, seeing him as a legend in the tech world, especially with his popular game “Feathered Serpent” and its upcoming sequel’s launch. But is Cray really as good as he seems? Things take a dark turn when there’s an explosion at Sabina’s house, leaving her father in a coma. Alex suspects Cray’s involvement, especially when he sees Yassen leaving the house, confirming it’s not just a hallucination. Now Alex wonders about the connection between Yassen, Cray, and the explosion. Did Cray hire Yassen to harm Ed? As Alex investigated further, he realized that there’s more to Cray than meets the eye.

What Were Cray’s True Intentions? 

Amid everything, a web hacker known as “Smoking Mirror” causes a buzz. No one knows who he really is, but MI6 starts investigating when the Pentagon’s nuclear codes are hacked, putting the entire US at risk. Eventually, they uncover the true identity of this hacker, Simon Maliat, who’s been hired by Damian Cray. Simon realizes Cray poses a threat to society and tries to warn Ed, but unfortunately, Ed doesn’t heed his warning and meets a tragic fate. When Alex visits Ed in the hospital, he senses something isn’t right when he sees Simon there and later learns that Simon is actually working for Cray. Before Simon can reveal more, Yassen kills him to protect Cray’s secrets. Despite Alex’s attempts to alert MI6, they do not listen to him, considering his information insignificant. But Alex refuses to give up. With the game launch countdown, Alex realizes it’s not just about a game, as Cray insists it’ll change the world. MI6, along with the CIA, grows increasingly alert as Cray invites the US president to the launch, claiming noble intentions to fund drug rehabilitation centers from all the money that will come from the game launch. However, his true plan is way darker than you could possibly imagine! Using the nuclear codes, Cray plans to launch missiles at countries like Colombia, Peru, and Afghanistan, killing approximately 1.14 million people, all because these places are involved in drug production, and Cray’s brother died from drug abuse. His twisted mission involves connecting all the computers of “Feathered Serpent” players worldwide to create a supercomputer on the day of the game launch, enabling him to access any system on the planet. He intends to stage the missile launch, posing as the US president, believing that sacrificing millions of lives will somehow save billions. It’s a personal vendetta disguised as a noble cause.


What Happened in the Season 2 Finale? 

As Yassen, Damian Cray, and their team took Sabina hostage and boarded the President’s plane, Air Force One, at Caulfield Airbase, they tried to launch their attack. But then Alex arrived as the hero, not exactly wearing shining armor, but he managed to save Sabina and attack Yassen and Damian’s crew. The crew stopped the missile launch from happening. However, things took a strange turn when Yassen unexpectedly turned on Damian and killed him instead of killing Alex. It was a bit odd, right? Yassen then told Alex to find the “widow” and learn about Scorpia, the organization he works for. He also revealed a surprising secret: he’s actually a friend of Alex’s father, which is why he could never harm Alex. With the mission successful, MI6 finally realized that Alex’s intelligence had been right all along. To express their gratitude, Agent Mrs. Jones provided legal documents making Jack Alex’s legal guardian and granted her legal citizenship. But Alex’s mind is still unsettled. He’s determined to uncover the truth about Scorpia and his father’s identity. He wants to know who he truly is.

What Can We Expect in Season 3? 

As per the official report, Season 3 is the end of Alex Rider’s adventures. It might be hard to accept, but let’s enjoy it while we can. So, what can we expect from this final season? Well, remember how Yassen dropped that bombshell about Alex’s father, John Rider? Alex is heading straight to unravel the mystery surrounding Scorpia and his father, who might have been tied up with them too. Is Scorpia his enemy, or is there more to the story? With his friends Tom and Kyra, Alex is on a quest for the truth about his dad’s murder. But hey, is everything so black and white? Can he trust MI6 to have his back this time? There’s also a deadly weapon called the “Invisible Sword,” capable of wiping out thousands in seconds, and you bet that they are on a mission to shut it down. But amidst all the action, the real heart of the story lies in Alex’s personal journey. It’s about him discovering who he truly is beyond the manipulation of others. So get ready for a wild ride this season, as secrets from both organizations will be unveiled before our eyes.

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