‘Air Force One Down’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To President Edwards?

Air Force One Down is a gripping political thriller that unfolds an escalating crisis between the United States and the fictional nation of Astovia. The story centers on President Edwards, whose diplomatic efforts regarding energy agreements with Astovia were the reason behind the tensions and angered the Astovian government. The narrative takes a dramatic turn when President Edwards finds himself aboard Air Force One, only for the plane to be hijacked by the Astovian army. This harsh act of aggression puts the president’s life in imminent danger. It threatens not only his safety but also that of his subordinates and the delicate balance of power between nations. Amidst the chaos, Secret Service agent Allison Miles emerges as a beacon of hope, who embarks on a mission to safeguard the president and navigate the treacherous landscape of international politics. Air Force One Down is a pulse-pounding tale of survival, sacrifice, and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds. Even though the thrill might not be what you would typically expect, James Bamford’s thriller film still brings lots of action and a fascinating story that keeps viewers interested.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did The Astovian Army Hijack The Plane?

Major Allison Miles is showcased excelling in her training sessions at MARCOS, the Marine Corps base. Her uncle Sam, who also works there, expresses pride in her abilities. He believes she would be an excellent fit for the Secret Service and encourages her to join. However, Allison has a strong dislike for President Edwards, considering him soft and unworthy of his position, as she believes he has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Sam Waitman informs Allison that he wants her to take on Air Force One duty as one of the agents could not make it. This opportunity excites Allison greatly, as it has always been her dream. Meanwhile, at General Rodinov’s base in Astovia, he threatens President Bosi because of the deal he made with President Edwards regarding oil and gas production between the USA and Astovia. Rodinov believes Bosik has betrayed his country’s people.


Tragically, one of the pilots of Air Force One, Martinez, and his family were killed by the Astovian army as part of the planned attack because they wanted his ID to fly the plane. Allison eager to see the plane carrying President Edwards to Astovia for the agreement signing. But little did she know the plane had already been hijacked by an Astovian army member named Dan Smith, who was flying the plane as part of a coup. Neither Uncle Sam nor the President are aware of the hijacking. During a press conference where President Edwards is questioned about the deal with Astovia, the press raises concerns about the U.S. invading and imposing their will on the country. President Edwards defends the agreement, stating it will benefit both nations, providing financial freedom and economic stability to Astovia. However, during the conference, Rodinov announces the hijacking, cutting off all communications and threatening to take hostage the President, Secret Service agents, and journalists.

How Did Allison And The President Rescue Themselves? 

The hijackers threatened the president, saying that they would start shooting everyone. So, the president gave in, and they took him aside to talk to Rodinov, the Astovian general. During the conversation, President Edwards called Rodinov a criminal, while Rodinov claimed he was a hero to his people. Rodinov gave the president an ultimatum: within one hour, he must withdraw from the oil agreement and publicly declare that the election had been stolen, or else they would kill everyone on the plane, including the president. They even hacked the plane’s location tracking, so the basecamp didn’t realize the plane had been hijacked. Concern arose among the chief of staff and the vice president when none of their emails were answered by anyone on the plane. But a hacker in the Astovian base camp reassured them, claiming that the president and others on the plane were safe. Meanwhile, the hijackers on the plane realized that Secret Service agents Sam and Allison were missing. While they went to search for them, Allison used her training to fight back and kill one of the hijackers, saving President Edwards. However, they captured Uncle Sam, realizing he was their only means to find Allison and the president, and finally, they killed him.


Realizing there was no time to waste, Allison and the president got out of the plane by parachute through a secret emergency door in an adjacent location surrounding the mountain and forest, evading the hijackers. The connections with the plane were lost, prompting the Air Force base camp to inform the Madam President that she would need to go to Astovia to finalize the deal in place of her husband. Allison and the president navigated through the mountains and forests in search of a safe location for the night. Allison tended to both her and the president’s wounds from the fighting. They shared their personal struggles; the president revealed that despite people thinking of him as privileged, he had worked two jobs in college and entered Congress without his father’s help. Allison shared that her family, including Uncle Sam, had a strong military background, and while she mourned his death, she was determined to carry out her duties with pride.

How Did They Safely Return To America?

When they woke up in the morning, they found the cottage surrounded by hundreds of Astovian army soldiers. They fought as much as they could, but they knew they couldn’t win. The soldiers took them hostage in the army base camp. Rodinov took the president with him and told him that he thought the president would pull out of the agreement as he saw how many lives lost during the hijack which might have scared him. However, they received news that Mrs. Vice President was going to honor his deal, which Rodinov believed was detrimental for his country. He forced the president to cancel the deal in exchange for the safe release of him and Allison. If he didn’t comply, Rodinov threatened to have Allison raped and tortured. The president knew he had to save Allison, so he agreed.


Meanwhile, it is shown that Allison is not as weak as Rodinov thinks. She defeats all the soldiers who try to attack her with her training skills and frees herself from their trap. Hearing the gunshots, the president realizes that she is a brave woman, and he doesn’t need to cancel the deal after all. This angers Rodinov, who then holds the president at gunpoint to threaten Allison further. Rodinov threatens to kill both the president and Allison, but as he tries to approach Allison, the president takes the gun and kills Rodinov from behind. As they attempt to leave, the chief and his subordinates arrive to safely take the president and Allison from the place. Allison realizes they are also part of the conspiracy, as they never truly agreed with the deal the president made with Bosik. So, Allison kills Mark, the chief of staff, for treason. Then, the president takes a jet and returns to America safely with Allison.

Air Force One Down‘s ending, President Edwards returned to America and released an official video, pledging to the public that every effort would be made to uncover the truth behind the planning and execution of the hijacking. He promised transparency, stating that all reports would be revealed to the general public and that the judicial system would work tirelessly to ensure proper justice for those who lost their lives. He expressed deep sorrow for the victims, many of whom were close to him, describing them as family. He conveyed his utmost love and respect for those affected by the ordeal. And with this assurance of accountability and empathy, we mark the end of Air Force One Down.

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