‘A Taste Of Sin’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Todd Die?

A Netflix original Ghanaian drama, A Taste of Sin deals with faith, forgiveness, and redemption. The film revolves around a renowned pastor, Teddy, and the sins he committed, driven by his lust and unfaithfulness. Even though Pastor Teddy is a man of principles, he isn’t able to control his lust and falls from grace, but his wife, who knows her husband is a good man, sticks by his side till the end. Let’s see if Teddy and his wife will be forgiven by the Lord or punished for their sins. A very poorly written and executed storyline with unsalvageable performances will push you to turn it off, but here is our recap if you really want to know what the film is about.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The film opened with Pastor Teddy and his wife, Ruth, attending church, where the bishop gave them blessings so that the couple could have a child soon. However, Ruth wanted to see a doctor, because that’s what people do when they fail to conceive, but Teddy was against it, as he knew one day God would give them a child. Ruth should leave left this madman, but she didn’t, and she almost forced him to the doctor’s clinic, where the doctor informed her that her uterus had been removed during an abortion previously. Ruth had gotten pregnant in her teenage years, but when she underwent an abortion, the doctors removed her uterus. Ruth learned the truth, and she was heartbroken. She confronted her school teacher, under whose supervision she had gone through the surgery. As she learned, the school teacher had known everything but didn’t tell her about it; she wanted to confront him. She came to know that he had been suffering from a terminal disease, which was shown in the film as a punishment for the sins he had committed. She came back home and told her husband that he should leave her because she couldn’t give him a child. Teddy assured her that they could adopt a child. However, Teddy’s mother wasn’t happy after finding out the truth about Ruth’s infertility.


In the meantime, another pastor named Todd and his wife, who was also a reverend, had been siphoning church donations and getting richer. Todd was also unfaithful to his wife and had affairs with his disciples. Todd’s mother warned him to control his lust and greed, but Todd went on with his corrupt ways to earn money. 

What Happened To Teddy?

Teddy, in the meantime, was attracted to a famous gospel singer, Anita, who was into him too. One day, when Teddy walked into Anita’s room and found her in a state of undress, he started having lustful feelings for her. Anita had also spotted the man in her room, but chose to say nothing because she wanted him as well. One day, Teddy decided to make it worse and called Anita to ask for forgiveness, but Anita confessed her feelings for him. Teddy tried to overlook his feelings for Anita but ended up being intimate with her at her place. Teddy decided to forget the situation and went on with his church duties, but Anita informed him that she was pregnant. Anita and Teddy had a discussion, and the latter came to the conclusion that she should abort the child, but despite agreeing to the idea, Anita didn’t feel right about it. She wanted to have the baby, but she was almost manipulated by Teddy into getting the abortion. However, during the time of the abortion, the doctors found she had severe complications, which caused her death. With Anita’s death, everything went downhill in Teddy’s life. Anita’s sister publicly defamed Teddy by revealing everything about his affair with Anita and also filing a lawsuit against him. Teddy was arrested, and Ruth, who was initially heartbroken to learn the truth, finally forgave her husband, knowing that he didn’t have bad intentions in his heart. After serving his sentence, Teddy got out of prison, but he was banned from the church and the Ministry of Pastors, so he decided to sing gospels on the streets. Finally, after facing a whole lot of humiliation, one day, Teddy was able to heal a disabled man, and it brought faith back in him. He believed in himself and learned from his mistakes, so the church bishop rehired him as a pastor in the church. 


Did Todd Die?

After Todd committed horrible activities to satisfy his filthy desires, God punished him with a severe illness. Todd was on the verge of losing his life when his wife realized that Todd could only be saved if he confessed his crimes. She saw Ruth in her dream, and she took it as a sign from God. She contacted Ruth, who quickly came to the hospital to check on Todd. Todd’s wife confessed all their sins in front of Ruth and asked her to heal Todd, but Ruth had no idea how to do it. She called the bishop of the church and asked for his assistance. The bishop advised her to make Todd confess his sins all by himself, which would be the only way he’d be forgiven by the Lord. Ruth and Todd’s wife stood in front of Todd and asked him to confess. The two of them performed a ritual in a hilarious manner that made me laugh out loud and forget that it was supposed to be a poignant moment in the film. However, Todd finally survived and realized his mistakes, because according to the film, no matter what you did, if you realize that you’re mistaken, God will forgive you.

The film ended with Teddy and Ruth ending up living happily ever after and Todd realizing his mistakes and promising to do better as a pastor. The film featured an Archbishop of the Church, who played a significant role in giving advice to these people who felt they were lost in their lives. The film concluded with the archbishop talking about faith, hopefulness, forgiveness, and redemption, as well as the merciful Jesus and his generosity towards human beings. 


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