‘A Strange Planet’ Review: Apple TV Animated Show Is All About Love, Life And Unity

Adapted from Nathan W. Pyle’s renowned graphic novel Strange Planet Apple TV has introduced a ten-episode comic series bearing the same title. The production of this series is helmed by none other than Dan Harmon, the creative mind behind the popular show “Rick and Morty.” The essence of the series lies in its portrayal of human narratives, cleverly presented through the lens of extraterrestrial beings from an alternate realm. While the outward presentation might suggest a children’s show, it’s important to note that adults can wholeheartedly revel in its content, engaging themselves in profound introspection after watching it.


Strange Planet presents an alternate reality, home to “beings” hailing from a distinct celestial sphere. Although they share some parallels with our universe, their world shows some interesting divergences. Paralleling our evolutionary course, language, and emotional experiences, they’ve forged a society that defies traditional gender norms, fostering a culture of unreserved acceptance. These beings don’t have any particular pronouns like “he” or she,” but they use the pronouns “they” and “them,” making it evident that gender doesn’t exist in their realm. Interestingly, everyday things have special names on this planet. Alcohol is called a “mild poison,” and coffee is known as “jitter liquid.” Animals are simply called “creatures,” and pets are affectionately referred to as “vibrating creatures.”

Each individual has small physical differences that make them unique, but all together, they look like friendly blue aliens with round bulb-like heads. What’s incredible is that their world is free from the troubles of violence, greed, and negativity that we face. Instead, they live in harmony, showing kindness and working together. Strange Planet sets an example of how we could live in a kinder and more cooperative way.


What Happens In The Show?

Strange Planet unfolds as a ten-part series, with new episodes releasing every week. In the initial trio of tales, we dive into the lives of the endearing “beings” inhabiting this unique world. Drawing parallels to our planet, the first episode introduces us to an airplane scenario. Here, the roles of “cabin crew” or “air hostesses” are referred to as “comfort supervisors.” Their primary duty aligns with that of the air hostesses of our world, ensuring passengers’ comfort throughout the flight. However, a twist arises when one of these comfort supervisors receives a promotion, elevating them to oversee their fellow supervisors. This promotion comes with considerable stress, leading to their separation from their close colleagues. But destiny takes a turn when the renowned band, “Four Sensations,” boards the plane.

The journey encounters turbulence, testing everyone’s nerves. But the comfort supervisor employs a unique strategy to ensure the passengers’ safety. Rather than diverting attention from fear, they encourage facing and embracing it as a natural sentiment. The narrative takes a turn as the supervisor instructs passengers to collectively release tension through screams of fear. Simultaneously, the “Four Sensations” intervene by playing instruments and singing a soothing melody. This impromptu performance works wonders, calming the atmosphere and restoring normalcy to the plane. Through this initial episode, Strange Planet, subtly highlights the power of confronting emotions and the unexpected unity that can emerge from shared experiences.


In the second episode of the series, we delve into the relationships between the “beings” and the distinctive three-eyed creatures coexisting on their planet.  The scene unfolds within a cliffside restaurant overseen by a manager, who happens to be the crush of a lovestruck customer.

Much like humans, these beings resort to charming tactics to impress their crushes. However, a twist arrives when the manager is tasked with serving an anniversary cake to an elderly couple and requires overtime. Seizing the opportunity, the customer “being” suggested to babysit their crush’s dear pet or “vibrating creature” at the manager’s home. As fate would have it, the customer struggles with taking care of the creature, accidentally spilling “mild poison” on it, causing it to turn pink.


Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, the manager struggles to deliver the anniversary cake to the couple and encounters a minor mishap in the process. Surprisingly, the couple graciously forgives the manager, emphasizing the beauty of navigating chaos together over their many years of companionship. This heartfelt perspective underscores that their enduring love is far more significant than any mishap. Through a sequence of events, the manager learns the virtues of forgiveness and empathy. Upon discovering their creature had turned red due to the “mild poison,” they also extended forgiveness to the customer. This heartwarming episode showcases the importance of understanding, forgiving, and cherishing relationships, even in the most disastrous moments.

Continuing the narrative, the third episode of Strange Planet once again leads us to the “Careful Now” restaurant, where the manager and the customer “being” have developed a unique bond. Within the familiar setting, a new character emerges in the form of a customer, the curious “being” who was hired by the restaurant’s owner. This individual is motivated by a recent rejection by their crush, prompting them to seek a fresh start and create something enticing for the restaurant to draw the attention of all the patrons.  He forges a telescope to observe the “double shadow day,” a cosmic occurrence of the convergence of two moons, enhancing the restaurant’s ambiance.

The manager appreciates the owner’s decision of hiring this individual, who is eager for continuous learning. The owner commends the new employee, stating that everyone possesses untapped potential and simply requires an opportunity. This newcomer also aids the manager in initiating a conversation with a previous customer “being” they were initially hesitant to approach. The heartwarming element surfaces once more as the camaraderie between the manager and the previous episode’s customer flourishes. Probably, in the subsequent episodes we’ll get to see more of this manager “being” and her restaurant “Careful Now” which may be a crucial place for most of the upcoming events to take place. 

‘Strange Planet’ Review:

Strange Planet paints a beautiful picture of a perfect world. Here, people treat each other equally and don’t judge based on class or gender. They let things be and accept differences, making the planet harmonious. There’s no unfair treatment or bias here. The way they treat each other without prejudice is quite different from our world. Everyone forgives and accepts, whether it’s the manager forgiving the “mild poison” accident or the couple understanding the cake mishap. Forgiveness and friendship are important themes in almost every episode of the series. Unlike our world, this one is free from negative feelings, and it’s nice to see how they value individuality and connections. The show reminds us to be kind, understanding, and accepting of others. Strange Planet is an interesting show that teaches us the importance of treating everyone with compassion and unity.


Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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Strange Planet is an interesting show that teaches us the importance of treating everyone with compassion and unity.'A Strange Planet' Review: Apple TV Animated Show Is All About Love, Life And Unity