‘A Soweto Love Story’ Ending Explained & Movie Spoilers: Did Mother Bongekile Sell Her House?

February is the month of falling in love, and with A Soweto Love Story releasing on Valentine’s Day, it only makes sense to watch a decent romantic drama that would bring a smile to a viewer’s face. A Soweto Love Story is the tale of a mother who demands her sons be married by the end of the year. Thus, they start their hunt to find the right partner for themselves. 


Spoilers Ahead

Was There A Rivalry Between Mother Bongekile And Bridgette?

Mother Bongekile and Bridgette were regular churchgoers and had been the faces of the diocese for a while. The competition between them was about the power and influence they held in their community. This fierce rivalry led them to flaunt the successes their families had witnessed. Mother Bridgitte was proudly parading her daughter’s new engagement to a doctor. This forced Bongekile to reveal that her son Sandile was planning to propose marriage to his girlfriend, and she ended up inviting the pastor to witness the engagement. The only competition the mothers were worried about was their children reaching a personal milestone, and they were not concerned about their professional wins. 


Why Did Sandile And Sente Break Up?

Sandile and Sente were set to meet at his brother’s restaurant for a simple dinner. Unbeknownst to her, he was planning to propose marriage to her after being in a relationship for six years. Sandile was a music producer with a flirtatious nature, and Sente, a corporate executive, was aware of his nature, but she trusted he would not cheat on her. Unfortunately, she found a piece of lingerie in his car seat, and hell broke loose. Sente ended their six-year-old relationship over his alleged infidelity. Sandile was unable to answer her questions, which confirmed her doubts about his act of cheating. His mother witnessed the breakup, which caused further drama in his family.

What Was Mother Bongekile’s Demand?

After watching her son make the biggest mistake of his life, Bongekile took it upon herself to sort out her children’s personal matters. Her standing in the church and her respect depended on her sons getting married and having kids soon. Since she and Bridgette belonged to another generation, expecting their children to have a partner and grandchildren was a common demand. Bongekile stood up for herself and demanded her sons Menzi, Sandile, and Sky find a partner for themselves by the end of the year, threatening to sell the house they were currently living in otherwise. She also offered the house to one of them, who would bring their respective partners home. The sons, who had great careers, had a lot to lose if the house was sold. Even though Bongekile practically emotionally manipulated her children, all three took up the task of finding a partner seriously.


What Was Menzi Up To?

Menzi was the oldest kid and was shy as a person. He had the confidence to run a restaurant and its kitchen, but he never found the courage to ask a woman out on a date. Menzi had mortgaged the home for the expansion of the restaurant his father had built. Menzi modeled himself after his father and felt safe anywhere in the kitchen and the restaurant. Menzi’s head chef quit because of his controlling behavior. Soon, he hired Dina, who did not bring any references, but her experimentation with the soup he made won his heart. They began to hang out and become fast friends. Dina immersed herself in work with Menzi and his kitchen. Menzi was the kind of man who had specific requirements for a partner, and Dina helped him sort out the women who could be right for him.

Was Sky Under Pressure To Find A Partner?

Sky was a fashion designer, and because of his interest in clothes and vanity, everyone in the family assumed him to be gay. Every time Sky denied being queer, his family laughed at him over the fact that he had a partner he was unwilling to introduce to his family. Many believed he had just not officially come out as gay, but his family was willing to accept him the way he was. The presence of a romantic partner meant Sky was under pressure to find someone his mother would approve of. He paid his model to pretend to be his girlfriend. Both wanted to convince their parents they were in a loving relationship to make them get off their backs. Since his older brothers wanted the house for themselves, they sabotaged Sky’s plan to introduce his make-believe ‘girlfriend’ to his parents and hers. His model turned out to be gay and had a steady relationship going on with another woman. She was forced to come out in front of her and Sky’s family. 


Did Sandile Try To Salvage The Relationship?

Sandile was aware of the mistake he made as a boyfriend, and he was trying hard to make things right with Sente, but she rejected him eveytime. Sandile wanted to salvage the relationship for two reasons: he loved her, and he wanted full possession of the house. Sandile was living separately, but he was on the verge of losing his apartment. Sandile went out of his way to make sure Sente gave him a chance. After his persistent requests, she wanted him to explain the lingerie she found in his car. Sandile admitted having cheated on her once, but he chose to come back to her. Sandile and Sente were briefly together until Menzi revealed his brother’s plan to get the house in his name if he tied the knot first. Disgusted by Sandile’s cheap tricks, Sente ends the relationship and asks him to stay away from her life. 

Did Menzi Find The Right Partner For Himself?

Menzi was meek, a control freak, and wanted someone just like him as a partner. Dina helped him speak to many women, and he found someone who he believed was his match. Penny was a replica of him. Even though he figured she was the right partner for him on paper, he struggled to find an emotional connection with her. He introduced Penny to his mother, but she seemed to be taken aback by her stern nature. Bongekile was interested in Dina, who she felt was more comfortable with her oldest son, but she wanted Menzi to make that decision. Penny planned every detail of her life with Menzi, including their engagement, marriage, and the birth of the child. Menzi wondered if he was making the right decision, but since New Year’s Eve was not that far away, he settled for Penny in the hope they would make the marriage work. 


Who Was Sky In Love With?

During a church ceremony, a microphone leaks from a room in the church, leading to the big reveal about Sky’s romantic partner. Sky was in love with Lemogang, the daughter of Bongekile’s rival, Bridgitte. Bridgitte had forced her daughter to get engaged to the doctor while she was in love with Sky for many years. The two were happy their relationship was out in public. Sky’s family’s misconception about him being gay was sorted out. Sky was willing to fight for his relationship with Lemogang and vice versa. His mother was not bothered by his choice of partner, while Bridgitte was concerned about the rivalry, but their relationship would put an end to it. 

How Did The Reconciliation Between Sandile And Sente Happen?

Lemogang was happy her relationship was out in the open for everyone to know about. During her conversation with Sandile, she revealed having one of her adventures with Sky in his brother’s car and accidentally leaving her lingerie behind. Sente connected the dots and figured Sandile had lied about the cheating. She felt he probably wanted to restart their relationship with a clean conscience, to allow her to trust him. Sandile, on the other hand, was basking in the glory of his successful new singlehood, and he had the opportunity to perform in Dubai. Sandile was at the airport when Sente rushed to him. She apologized to him profusely, accepted him and his love for her, and was willing to forgive him. The time they spent apart helped her gain some perspective on the relationship. Sandile and Sente were reunited, and he briefly postponed his trip.


Did Menzi Confess His Love?

Dina was in love with Menzi, and she was too heartbroken to witness her love choosing another woman over her. Dina never confessed her love, for she assumed she was not his type and chose to remain a friend who would be his comfort in times of distress. Menzi and his family were at the New Year’s concert arranged by Bridgitte for the diocese. Dina left the concert after confessing her love for Menzi. She probably wanted him to know about her love and move on with her life to another job. 

Menzi was surprised by her confession of love, as he could never believe a person who loved him was right next to him working all along. This, though, gave him a lot of clarity about his decision to marry Penny. He broke off his engagement with Penny almost immediately because he wanted to start over with Dina. Dina and Menzi knew each other well, and being romantic partners was only the next step forward. 


Menzi confessed his love, which Dina initially disregarded. Dina believed he panicked and chose her over Penny. She did not want her to be his second option. Menzi was willing to break the clutter and take the risk by choosing Dina over Penny. He knew Penny was the only safe option, but it was Dina who challenged him. Menzi loved Dina for her personality, and she had a different thought process than his. He chose to confess her love by taking the stage at the concert and singing for Dina. Menzi’s singing was bad, but his willingness to embarrass himself was for the sake of his love for Dina. Dina was impressed by his risk-taking abilities and accepted his admission of love.

Did Mother Bongekile Sell Her House?

A Soweto Love Story ended with Menzi, Sandile, and Sky finding the perfect life partner for themselves on their own without any interference from their mother. Bongekeli only nudged them with an ultimatum and the rest of the journey to find a partner was paved by her sons. Bongekeli only wanted her sons to have a life outside of work and come out triumphant in their personal lives as well. Her ultimatum helped her sons deal with their insecurities and face them head-on instead of being stuck in a loop. 


The brothers figured the house would go to Sandile. He got back together with Sente and introduced her to his mother. Menzi was the first contender but he had now broken up and chosen another person as his partner on the same night; he was not in line to be the owner of the house. Technically, Sky should be given the house, as his relationship with Lemogang was made public sometime back. 

Sandile and his mother chose to retain the house in her name. The brothers were willing to look past the sabotage they carried out for full possession of the house. The memories of their father were a huge part of the home, and they were not willing to let go of them. Their mother keeping the house was the right choice. 


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