‘A Lot Like Love’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Does Abdul Come Back? What Happens To Fanna?

Trust is a delicate and intricate aspect of relationships. Paradoxically, the more readily and easily we grant our trust, the harder it becomes to rebuild once it’s been broken. It’s particularly painful when the people we hold closest to our hearts, whom we deeply love, end up hurting us. The intensity of our affection might blind us to their actions, preventing us from recognizing the harm they inflict upon us. However, there may come a moment when we finally realize the extent of the damage, and at that point, our world may feel as though it’s crumbling down around us. Despite the devastation, it’s important to remember that it’s never too late to start anew, to rebuild our lives and relationships once again. 


The film A Lot Like Love explores similar themes of trust and betrayal through the story of Fanna, the daughter of a wealthy businessman named Alhaji. Fanna and her husband Abdul had plans to embark on an anniversary trip to Turkey. But Fanna’s life takes a devastating turn when Abdul is kidnapped in broad daylight. With each passing hour, Fanna uncovers a truth that not only undermines the trust she had in others but also exposes the pain she experiences. 

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How Does Fanna Cope With Her Husband’s Kidnapping?

When Abdul and Fanna were preparing to depart for Turkey, their lives took a dark turn when they were suddenly ambushed by a group of masked assailants. The initial confusion turns to terror as it becomes evident that the target of the attackers is Abdul himself. But the masked gangsters not only kidnapped Abdul, they also severely injured Fanna, causing her to lose consciousness. Fanna’s desperation to find her husband is heightened by her feelings of helplessness, not knowing what steps to take next. As these feelings stem from her realization that she may have missed the opportunity to save her beloved husband. The impact of this event is underscored by the fact that Fanna’s solace in life has been her loving relationship with Abdul. He has been the one person who truly understands her, supporting and loving her unconditionally. Abdul’s support with Fanna’s fertility issues further emphasizes the depth of their connection. Despite the challenges they faced, Abdul never gave up on Fanna and continued to stand by her side. He exemplified the ideal husband, always prioritizing Fanna’s well-being above everything else.

Fanna wants to keep the situation hidden from others. However, it becomes apparent that the kidnapper seems to have inside information about what’s happening in her house, as if they are constantly monitoring her. This adds an element of suspense and raises questions about who might be involved or who might be leaking information. When Fanna’s best friend Sadiya pays her a visit, she immediately senses that something is amiss and becomes concerned. Sadiya takes the initiative to seek help from Mustapha, Fanna’s ex-boyfriend. Together, they believe that Abdul may have been torturing Fanna due to the bruises on her body. Acting as loyal friends, Sadiya and Mustapha decide to assist Fanna in finding a solution.


But Fanna is initially apprehensive about their involvement. She starts doubting everyone’s intentions, including Mustapha’s, as she contemplates a way to rescue her husband. The uncertainty and urgency of the situation begin to take a toll on her trust in those around her. Fortunately, the watchman at Fanna’s residence holds crucial information that could potentially shed light on the situation, while Sadiya and Mustapha work to support her in finding the necessary funds to rescue Abdul before the gangsters carry out their threat.

Who Is The Real Culprit?

When Mustapha becomes involved, he takes precautions by ensuring there are no cameras in Fanna’s house. This shows that he is being cautious and wants to prevent any potential surveillance that might compromise their efforts. But, Mustapha’s efforts to negotiate the ransom money with the kidnappers are quite strange and unrealistic. Even so, they agree to seal the deal at $250,000. When Mustapha delves deeper into the investigation, he starts suspecting someone close to Fanna’s household. His intuition leads him to question Fanna’s maid, Ummi, as her behavior and reactions seem uncharacteristically calm and unconcerned, raising suspicions about her involvement. Drawing upon his connections, Mustapha manages to discover Ummi’s address and decides to investigate further. Sneaking into her house, he stumbles upon a surprising revelation: Abdul is married to Ummi. 


Fanna still chooses to move forward with the plan to pay the ransom and successfully reunite with Abdul. She trusts him and proceeds with the plan to pay the ransom money, hoping to bring him back safely. Once Abdul is back with her, Fanna devotes herself to caring for him, demonstrating her commitment and love. She does everything she can to provide comfort and support during this challenging time, showing her devotion as a loving and dedicated wife. Despite seeing a picture of Abdul with Ummi, Fanna’s love for her husband is so deep that she refuses to believe that he could be involved in any wrongdoing. But the turning point comes when Fanna stumbles upon the chats between Abdul and Ummi on his phone. This discovery shatters her world, as it reveals a betrayal she never expected. The pain of realizing that her husband was also married to Ummi deeply wounds her, and the trust she had in their relationship is irrevocably broken.

‘A Lot Like Love’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Fanna?

Fanna decides to deceive Abdul by pretending to return Sadiya’s phone, giving him the opportunity to meet with Ummi. But to his surprise, Abdul discovers that Ummi has already escaped with the ransom money and her lover. Fanna catches her husband red-handed and confronts Abdul, promising to hold him accountable for his actions. This confrontation showcases Fanna’s strength to stand up for herself and seek justice for the pain he caused her. As time passes, Fanna heals from the wounds inflicted by her ex-husband and emerges stronger. She reaches a point where she is ready to embark on a solo trip, symbolizing her desire to start a new life and leave the past behind. 


The film A Lot Like Love explores the pain Fanna experiences from the multitude of revelations she faces in a single day. It highlights the depth of her hurt as she realizes the extent to which Abdul went to deceive her, including bribing a doctor to fake her fertility issues, while it was actually Abdul who had had a vasectomy. Fanna’s self-blame and the years she spent believing a lie emphasizes the emotional turmoil she endured. Despite the challenges she faces, Fanna finds solace and support in her friends, Sadiya and Mustapha, who stand by her side unwaveringly. Their loyalty and presence demonstrate the importance of true friendship during difficult times.

The conclusion suggests that Fanna likely takes the necessary steps to ensure that Abdul and Ummi face the consequences of their actions by involving the police. The revelation of Ummi’s betrayal towards Abdul also serves as poetic justice, highlighting how karma catches up with those who deceive and betray others. Overall, A Lot Like Love can be considered a one-time watch as it falls short in terms of its storytelling and character development. The film lacks a compelling and engaging narrative, failing to provide depth and substance to its storyline. Additionally, the characters’ roles and actions is not fully justified or explored, leaving them feeling shallow and underdeveloped. While the movie may still offer some entertainment value, it ultimately falls short in delivering a captivating and memorable cinematic experience.


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