‘3 Body Problem’ Episode 4 Recap: Why Did The San-Ti Abandon Mike Evans? 

In the previous episode of 3 Body Problem, Jin and Jack play through two more levels of the VR game, solving the riddles. Through the multiple gameplays that they indulged in, Jin concluded that the planet is part of a solar system with three suns. Inherently, the planet revolves around a single sun, but because of its proximity to the other two suns, the planet suffers from chaotic periods in the form of extinction events. The planet’s position in the system is a classic example of a three-body problem in physics that has practically no possible solution. 


Proceeding to level 3, Jin and Jack find out that the game’s objective is not to prevent the planet from destruction but to ensure the survival of the people. Since a three-body problem can have no solution, the only solution to ensuring the survival of the inhabitants is for them to flee. Having figured out the objective, they are promoted to level 4. It turns out the fourth level of the game is supposed to be played at a location designated by the organization, where Jin and Jack meet Tatiana. Following an explanatory demonstration by the AI woman and the Follower, Tatiana adds that the ‘San Ti Ren’ or ‘Three Body People’ have already set course to Earth, as their own planet is not habitable anymore. 

Failing to believe that the VR headgear was indeed Alien technology, Jack dismisses Tatiana’s claims as an attempt to scam people like him who are rich video game fans. Even after Jin attempts to defend the logic behind Tatiana’s story, Jack parts ways with them and heads back home, where he is killed by Tatiana for his non-compliance. Whereas, Jin is offered to attend the London Summit of the organization. Meanwhile, Wade’s investigation concludes that the game is a recruitment tool for the followers of San Ti. This organization is indeed led by Mike Evans, as he even talks to one of the aliens through a microphone and a speaker and tells them stories of human civilization and values. 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Ye Wenjie And Mike Evans Meet?

Following Mao Zedong’s death in 1976, China gradually started to open itself to the outside world. For many, including Wenjie, this meant more independence and opportunities, which is why Wenjie ended up becoming a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing. In 1982, she made a trip to London to meet Mike Evans, whom she had met in Inner Mongolia in 1977. Over the years, things have changed for Mike Evans as well. He has inherited the oil company from his father, but his thoughts about the human condition still remain the same. As it was his words that gave Wenjie the inspiration to take a stance against humanity, Wenjie wanted Mike in on the idea she had in mind. Meeting at a restaurant in London, Wenjie revealed she sent a message of invitation to an advanced race on a planet 4 lightyears away. 


Later, in 1984, it seems their plan to build a community against the atrocities of humankind was already set in motion. Evans flew Wenjie to a ship named ‘The Judgment Day,’ claiming it to be their base of operations and research. The ship being in international waters would help them maintain their autonomy and avoid the interference of foreign powers. Evans admits that it was Wenjie who brought hope to him and others who were already a part of this organization. Following Wenjie’s transmission in 1977, the San-Ti replied, expressing interest in learning about human civilization. Following this news, it is revealed that Wenjie’s and Mike’s relationship has blossomed into love. Vera Ye was possibly born out of this relationship as well. 

Why Does Jin Agree To Infiltrate The London Summit? 

As news of Jack’s death reaches the ears of the Oxford scientists, they’re left in utter shock. Will Downing, who is supposed to be discharged from the cancer ward, waits for Jack but is picked up by Saul instead, who breaks the tragic news to him. Jin, Auggie, and Saul visit Wade’s office, where they’re shown the CCTV clip at the time of his death. Similar to the video clip of Auggie after Vera’s funeral, this video as well has been edited to remove traces of the person who killed Jack. By this time, it is obvious that the followers of San-Ti are responsible for Jack’s murder, and in particular, Auggie suspects Tatiana to be behind the incident. 


Given that Jin had been invited to their summit the previous evening, Wade and Clarence ask her to infiltrate the meeting to find evidence against the members of the organization on a sting operation. Being a scientist who isn’t trained for combat at all, Jin hesitates and tells Clarence to find another participant. However, Clarence reminds her of Jack, who became a victim just because he objected to the organization. Moreover, he assures Jin that they’ll be on standby the whole time, listening to everything going on at the event. To avenge Jack’s death, Jin reluctantly agrees with Clarence and goes on the sting operation against the followers of San-Ti. 

Jin thereby goes to the approved location, where she is picked up by the officials and then driven to the venue. All the while, Clarence and his team of special forces follow her on standby. At the venue of the summit, which seems to be a warehouse, the host of the event introduces the people to the founder of their movement, Ye Wenjie. Wenjie’s involvement as the founder comes as a shock to both Jin and Clarence because they did not expect her to be at the centre of this conspiracy at all. By the time she finishes her speech at the summit, Clarence’s team of officers initiates an attack, arresting the members one by one, until Tatiana starts shooting at Jin and the police, leading to a bloodbath at the venue. In the aftermath of the shooting at the summit, Wenjie is arrested, with multiple casualties on both sides. Tatiana, however, survives the ordeal even after being shot in the leg and escapes. 


Why Did The San-Ti Abandon Their Followers? 

By the time Mike Evans and Wenjie had established this organization, they had already indoctrinated themselves and the people into the tenets of the organization. Driven by misanthropic intentions, they believed that the San-Ti would be their salvation. By taking over the planet and putting an end to human conflict, the members of the organization believe that the human race requires overlords who check their behavior. Likewise, the San-Ti had established communication with humans over the years. The intention behind this correspondence is to learn more about human civilization and effectively win their conquest. 

As a result of their correspondence, Mike Evans can often be seen reading stories like Hansel and Gretel from a children’s storybook, explaining the moral values and social contexts that humans adhere to. During one such event, when Mike is talking to the San-Ti and reading them the story of the Little Red Riding Hood, the San-Ti lord cannot seem to comprehend the concept of lying and concealing intentions. Lying in itself is a social concept that the San-Ti feel is quite unnecessary in communication. When asked if Mike has ever lied, he replies that he has, even though generally he refrains from doing so. With the revelation that lying is a common human behavior, the San-Ti began to distrust all humans. They feel that any species that cannot communicate honestly is highly dangerous, which leads them to abandon humankind, including the followers of the San-Ti Ren. 


What Does Wade Find Out About San-Ti’s Followers? 

During Wenjie’s interrogation, she reveals to Wade that the San-Ti are an all-knowing force. They have seen and predicted everything. Wenjie claims that the attack at the summit happened because the San-Ti let it happen in the first place. Even her own arrest has been part of the grand scheme by the San-Ti. Initially, listening to Wenjie’s claims about the aliens, Wade was in disbelief. He thinks Wenjie, Evans, and the followers of San-Ti are religious fanatics overestimating the abilities of the aliens. 

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