’24 Hours With Gaspar’ Cast And Character Guide: Who’s Who In The Netflix Film?

Based on Sabda Armandio’s novel, the Netflix Indonesian film, 24 Hours With Gaspar, is directed by Yosep Anggi Noen. The psychological thriller film stars extremely talented actors, who, with their able acting skills, have added more depth and significant layers to the plot of the film. Will Gaspar be able to find his childhood friend? Will the illegal organ trafficking racket be revealed by Gaspar? Will the other characters help Gaspar seek revenge on Wan Ali? Let’s find out the intentions of all the characters in the film! 


Mild Spoilers Ahead


The character of Gaspar has been efficiently played by Reza Rahadin. Gaspar has been presented as a 34-year-old detective with a defective heart that beats on the right side of his chest. On his bike, Cortazar, the character sets out on his mission of finding the whereabouts of his lost childhood friend, Kirana, which has been a significant factor driving his life. When Gaspar finds out that he only has 24 hours to live and that his heart will stop working after that, he makes it his mission to find out what happened to Kirana. The feelings that he developed for Kirana at such an early age were enough for him to risk his own life to search for her. He seeks revenge when he finds out that she was sold at a young age by her father, Wan Ali. 


Upon investigating a mass murder grave after taking vaccine shots in 2024 (against a plague), Gaspar found out that Wan was also involved in an organ trafficking business. He was intent on helping the people entrapped in Wan’s clutches. He decided to gather some people on his side and rob Wan’s jewelry store to get his hands on a mysterious black box kept in his store. The orphan’s mind had actually been shaped by the Vaishnav stories told to him by Babaji (the man who brought him up) since his childhood. He thought that the stories had some truth to them and, hence, thought that the mysterious black box had some hidden truths that could explain Kirana’s disappearance. The emotionally vulnerable character got too attached to Kirana over a very short span of time and hence wanted to avenge her disappearance. Gaspar was a true friend who never forgot his promises and the bond he formed with his only friend during his childhood. Eventually, after he completes his mission, he falls off his bike and dies by the side of the road. 


Shenina Cinnamon, as Agnes in the film, plays a strong role, standing by Gaspar’s side to help him at all times. She accompanies him in his search for Kirana, wanting nothing but his Cortazar in return when he finally leaves the world. She is Gasper’s right hand, who stands by all the missions of the self-proclaimed detective! Agnes even gets worried when she gets to know that Gaspar’s heart is not in very good shape and that he could collapse anytime. However, she respects his decision to avenge Kirana’s disappearance before he loses his life and stands by him on the mission. Without any questions, she gets involved in a gold heist with Gaspar, which highlights the fact that maybe she was into him. The character was tough enough to help Gaspar look for Kirana, knowing well that he would instantly shower Kirana with all his attention if he found her. 


Wan Ali

The character of Wan Ali, the main antagonist, was played by Landung Simatupang in the film. Wan Ali’s character is that of a vicious man who sells his own daughter for the sake of getting some money to flourish his business. He is involved in a human trafficking business, holding children captive to sell them or their organs when needed. He conceals his human trafficking business behind his jewelry shop. He uses Yadi to take care of his gold business, making him wonder why he runs the shop (as hardly any customers come there). Wan is a sly man who uses a legal business to cover up his illegal proceedings. Finally, when Gaspar gets to know about his business, he makes sure that his men chase him and his companions and kill them. The money-minded Wan has no consideration of human life and doesn’t even hesitate to sell his own daughter or murder people for his own benefits. However, by the end of the film, Gaspar manages to crush his hand, which has done so many misdeeds with the black box, and freed all the children from his clutches. 

Some Additional Characters In The Film

  • Kirana: Kirana was the only childhood friend that Gaspar had as a child. She was kind enough to listen to his fantasy stories and play with him when he had nobody around. Kirana was someone whom Gaspar deeply cared for, and her disappearance greatly disturbed him. The effect that Kirana had on Gaspar within a short timeframe was strong enough for him to grow up and avenge her disappearance.
  • Babaji: Babaji was a kind old man who took in an orphaned child like Gaspar and took care of him. He told him Vaishnav fantasy stories to inspire him, but little did he know that these very stories would shape Gaspar’s life even after he grew up.
  • Bu Tati: The role of Bu Tati has been played efficiently by Dewi Irawan in the film. The lady who has amnesia is the narrator of Wan Ali’s atrocities against Gaspar. Bu Tati’s sister is married to Wan, and they have a daughter together (Kirana). She was extremely angry with Wan, as he had taken her son Yadi away from her, manipulating him and keeping him from visiting his mother. She later joins Gaspar’s gang (to fight against Wan) to avenge her separation from her son. 
  • Bachtiar S. Abdillah: Bachtiar was Bu Tati’s husband, who had made the mistake of showing his black box to Wan, aggravating his greed. Abdillah triggered Wan’s greed by telling him about the miraculous properties of the box which help its owner attain riches. Later, Wan murdered him and told others that he was involved with a Facebook friend who had taken his life. 
  • Yadi: Yadi was a level-headed man who could be easily manipulated. Wan manipulated him and made him handle his gold shop, while he freely handled his black trade. Yadi had also been distanced from his mother in the process, but finally, when he realized that his wife Nurida had been sleeping with Wan, he figured that he was being used by the man. He decided to help Gaspar seek his revenge on Wan by helping him rob Wan’s gold shop. 
  • Njet: Kristo Immanuel has done justice to Njet’s character in the film. He is desperate to lead a happy life with Kik and has been looking for ways to earn money, which is when Gaspar makes him the offer to help him loot Wan’s belongings.
  • Kik: Laura Basuki (Gaspar’s ex-girlfriend) does justice to Kik’s character. She is initially furious at Gaspar for having left her to go and search for Kirana. When she sees Agnes with him, she thinks that he has left her for the new woman. She was dating Njet and was as desperate as him to earn money but refused to join Gaspar at first. Later, when Njet made her realize that it was the only way that they could lead a good life, she decided to join Gaspar’s gang.

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