‘1923’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Are Alexandra And Spencer Rescued From The Tugboat Wreck?

Episode five of “1923” ended with a bang when Spencer’s tugboat crashed into a ghost ship, leaving them stranded and not knowing if any of them survived the boat wreck. The condition of the boat was such that it was scary to admit the casualties, which are highly possible. Teonna, too, is saved by a native American sheep herder, who lets her take shelter with him and his son and helps her find her father. Jacob Dutton is slowly recovering from his injuries, and Cara is waiting for a response from Spencer. On the other hand, Don Whitfield and Banner find ways to make sure they sandwich the Dutton ranch, forcing them to sell their land to them. But did Cara and Jacob succumb to Whitefield’s pressure?


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Teonna And Her Family

Teonna is taken under the Native American’s wing when he offers to provide her shelter. He offers her his son’s clothes so that she can hide her identity from unwanted intruders like the people from the convent. They discuss the possibility of changing her name, which makes them ponder why white men named their sons after themselves for generations. A decision such as this boggles her. Meanwhile, she takes the name Joe and burns all the items she possessed during her stay at the convent. The sheepherder refuses to burn the Bible. He fears the wrath of God mentioned in the Bible will befall him, as it was told to him at the convent where he was forced to study, a place he refers to as a prison. Both have been victims of the systematic removal of Native American culture from the face of the American map. They have had traumatic experiences living in the convent, and they don’t intend to go through it again or let their children suffer through that torture.


The ethnic cleansing that was taking place in America at that time was real, and Teonna was fortunate enough to run away from the monocultural conditioning she had been subjected to. Her grandmother in her hometown is questioned about whether she is harboring Teonna, for there is a warrant against her for killing two nuns at the convent. The grandmother is unaware of Teonna’s escape, and she insists that Teonna never showed up at her doorstep. The police play rough with the grandmother, which leads to the aging lady passing away immediately. This shows the amount of power the local police carry with them. The Native Americans had almost no rights to protect themselves against these base injustices.

Spencer And Alexandra Survive

Spencer survives the wreck, but he can’t seem to find Alexandra. He soon hears the ship banging from the deck which is submerged in the water. He rescues Alexandra, and they both settle down on the underside portion of the tugboat, which has turned upward, letting the tugboat float. Alexandra and Spencer have had enough adventures by now, and this seems to add to the number of risk-taking activities they would have to take across intentionally or unintentionally so far. This experience was far more harrowing because there was no sight of land for a long time. They did not know how long the boat would remain afloat.


As Spencer gathers their items of importance from below the deck, which is submerged in the sea, Alexandra tries to catch hold of a lifebuoy, but she is dragged away by the current, but thankfully Spencer saves her from drowning. As they reconsider their life decisions up until then, they come to know there is more in store for them. Spencer and Alexandra do not plan to abandon each other, which shows there is love between them and an unbreakable bond.

Jacob And Cara At The Dutton Ranch

Jacob is slowly recovering from his injuries, and he is now allowed to walk for long periods with a cane stick. He has been strictly asked not to ride a horse owing to his age and his body’s slow recovery from the bullet injuries. Jacob is feeling better, and he is hoping that with Spencer returning, things will get into something resembling order. Jacob lets his ranch men know that Spencer wrote a letter that mentioned he was coming back from Africa, which would be a very long trip. But Jacob makes it clear he needs to start mobilizing slowly to make sure things are in order when he finally returns. He knows many cowboys have moved to California, so he must make do with hiring anybody who is around in Montana willing to work and not just earn money.


As Cara and Jack start the interview process to get livestock agents for their ranch, they come across many candidates, out of whom they have chosen only two. As the interviews continue, one candidate stands out. This person was a cop in Chicago, and he claims he has moved to Montana for clearer air and better pay. He would love to be a part of the ranch and help them form the force they planned to create. Cara and Jack are impressed with the said candidate, but there is a long way to go, and the Duttons don’t have enough time to gather enough men if a full-blown war starts. Cara has been afraid since the meeting with Don Whitfield and Banner, and she has an intuition that they are closing in on their ranch and into their family, especially Banner.

‘1923’ Episode 6: Ending Explained: Are Alexandra And Spencer Rescued From The Tugboat Wreck? Why Do They Get Married?

Jacob starts wondering what the condition of the ranch and the land will be once he passes away. He is hoping to meet Spencer before his body gives up. Jacob is slowly recovering, but now there is not enough time left to salvage their land from intruders like Banner and Don Whitfield. Jacob is aware of the fact that the property to the north and south of their ranch has been taken over by Don Whitfield, and the man over there has begun building roads and blowing up the ranch’s main water supply that would disrupt Dutton’s ranch as well. Jacob has to find a way to make sure things don’t go south for their family before Spencer arrives.

As Cara listens to his concerns, she agrees with them. Her concerns let her invite the sheriff to meet Jacob to file a statement against Banner. The sheriff makes it clear to Jacob that he, at no cost, is to follow Banner and kill his men. The police and sheriff are out looking for them, so there need not be any retaliations from Jacob or his family members. Jacob is angry at Cara for this ambush when he makes it clear that he wants to kill Banner. Cara makes it clear that his vengeance can take a backseat while his remaining family members need him to survive this horrible time they are passing through. There have been enough deaths in the family, and Jacob cannot add to the pile by going off to jail for a crime he committed to seek revenge. Cara puts her foot down and says the family has been through enough tragedies and that it’s best to let the police take the necessary course of action from here to seek pieces of evidence against Banner. 

Jacob cools down and has a conversation with Cara about his real reason for wanting to kill Banner. He knows Banner is backed by industrialists like Whitfield, who want to exploit their lands to construct buildings and convert the land into a city. Jacob cannot let that happen because nature provides their surroundings with stability, which he does not want to let go of so long as he is alive. He is saving the ranch and the surrounding lands from being exploited so that his future generation can breathe in nature and trees and grow up around livestock. Jacob intends to save his land from rich businessmen exploiting the land for their benefit.


Back in the sea, Spencer and Alexandra are surrounded by sharks, but thankfully both are still on the top of the downward portion of the tugboat. They survive the shark attack because of their position at that time before nightfall happens, and they hear a ship’s noise. Spencer indicates their presence by shooting his gun in the air several times. Finally, the sailors come by to rescue both from the wreck. On the ship, Spencer lets the captain know of his journey to America. The captain understands their dilemma and the long trip that is ahead of them.

Spencer also requests the captain to conduct their marriage, for this is international waters, and the captain has the right to initiate their wedding. Alexandra is beyond elated, for she knows why Spencer suggested this move. She and he love each other, and if it wasn’t for their love, they wouldn’t have survived so many drastic situations that hit them like a wave. As Spencer and Alexandra get married, they make love on the night of their wedding and promise that they will never let go of each other from here on. Spencer talks about signs from the universe telling him Alexandra is bad news, for they have faced nothing but hardships since she joined him. But his love for her is above anything else, and he chooses to ignore what the universe has to say; he followed his heart, and so did she. They got married because of nothing but the love and passion they had for each other. They know hardships are waiting for them, but they are willing to face them as a team. Alexandra promises to follow him wherever he goes until her last breath.


What To Expect From ‘1923’ Episode 7?

“1923” Episode 7 will finally have Spencer reaching his homeland of Montana after a long trip. Jacob and Cara will finally feel the pressure they were anticipating, which is Don Whitfield and Banner closing in on them and hoping Jacob will sell off his property. Hopefully, Jack would survive the upcoming war against Banner, Whitfield, and other sheepherders. It will be interesting to know who Teonna’s father is and how he will help his daughter from here on.


As gripping as the previous episodes of “1923,” there is no slowing of the narrative in “One Ocean Closer to Destiny,” thanks to some excellent screenplay by Taylor Sheridan, which moves ahead and digs deeper into the politics of Dutton Ranch with other powerful businessmen. This will connect the audience to Taylor’s other show, “Yellowstone.” Taylor is doing a wonderful thing by talking about the struggles Native Americans went through to sustain their land. A wonderful episode coupled with solid performances by everyone marching ahead to the next one eagerly.


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