‘Zorro’ Ending Explained & 2024 Series Recap: Who Killed Diego’s Father?

Amazon Prime Video’s 2024 series, Zorro is a murder mystery thriller revolving around a rancher’s son, Diego de la Vega’s, rising as the legendary character Zorro to protect the underprivileged native people from being victimized by the powerful and wealthy Spanish people. After his father, Alejandro de la Vega’s, death, when Diego returns to Los Angeles, in California, which was still a part of Mexico, he finds himself entrusted with the legacy of Zorro. Initially reluctant, Diego has to take up his new role as Zorro to protect his land and the helpless native people from the corrupt government. Let’s discuss the story of Zorro to learn how Diego manages to free the natives and their land from an unscrupulous authority.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happened In The Series?

After Diego returns to Los Angeles and learns of his father’s death, he also comes to know that Zorro is actually the man responsible for it. Zorro had also been killed by the Mexican army, as instructed by Governor Pedro Victoria, who accused Zorro of killing Alejandro, while Alejandro had actually been killed by a different masked man. Zorro’s sister, Nah-Lin, a native woman, claimed to be the next Zorro, as she was the only family member of Zorro, but according to Night Crow, the voice of the spirits, it wasn’t Nah-Lin who was suitable for this role. Nah-Lin wanted to alleviate her community troubles, but her methods were violent and questionable. She used to rob and kill people, while Diego was sensible and discreet. When Diego realized that Zorro had always been there for the natives, he understood that it wasn’t Zorro who killed his father. He subsequently learned that the governor, along with his Russian-American allies, Ferdinand Andreyevich and Irina Ivanova, was after Alejandro’s ranch and the license of his otter fur trade, so Diego had a hunch that Pedro might have been involved in his father’s death. Diego eventually took up the role of Zorro and began to support the native people to protect them from evil. However, Nah-Lin never accepted Diego as Zorro because he was a foreigner who didn’t have any idea about the plight of the native people, so she decided to attack the Spanish army disguised as another Zorro. There was always a conflict between Nah-Lin and Diego, but occasionally they worked together to protect their people. However, while Nah-Lin wanted every rich Spanish person dead, Diego was against killing the innocent.


Did Zorro Kill Enrique Monasterio?

Zorro had a childhood sweetheart, Lolita, who was the daughter of Alejandro’s friend, Tadeo Marquez.  As Diego departed from California for years and didn’t maintain sufficient contact with Lollita, she decided to get engaged with the Mexican Army Captain Enrique Monasterio, who was a kindhearted gentleman, but he had to work for Pedro, so he was a mere puppet of the governor.  Diego recently found out that the mines on his father’s land had gold, which was the reason the governor and his Russian-American business partners were after it. Meanwhile, the governor and the Russian-Americans had a conflict between them regarding grabbing Alejandro’s land, which led Ferdinand Andreyevich to kill Pedro. However, after Andreyevich killed Pedro, Irina revealed her true face and killed Andreyevich to become the sole inheritor of the land.

Diego learned that his father was a part of a group named The Clan of Bears, which included all the ranchers in Los Angeles, where they used to seize lands from the natives to claim it as their own. But Alejandro, who sympathized with the natives, was horrified by their actions and planned to betray the clan, so the members of the clan decided to kill him. Diego learned that Lolita’s father, Tadeo, was one of the members of the clan and probably the man who killed his father, but he didn’t have any proof against Tadeo. Therefore, he got involved with the clan to closely observe their actions. The clan wanted to incite a war between the military and the native people for their own benefits. Therefore, the members of the clan ordered Diego to kill Enrique and blame it on Zorro.


Meanwhile, Lolita managed to find out who Zorro was, so she confronted Diego and demanded to know the truth. Diego told her the truth and asked her to keep it secret because he still had many things to do. Diego asked Lolita to help him arrange a masquerade party at her house, where he would have to kill Enrique to win the clan members’ trust. At that party, Diego staged the murder of Enrique, which made the clan members put their trust in Diego, but Enrique was still alive.

Who Killed Diego’s Father?

Diego initially thought that it was Tadeo who killed his father, but upon confronting him as Zorro, when he found Tadeo’s wife, Lucia, was also a member of the clan and a skilled fighter, he learned that it was Lolita’s mother who killed Alejandro. Diego covertly started working on his goal of killing Lucia, but given his longstanding friendship with Lolita, it was difficult for Diego to carry out her murder. Diego subsequently met Lucia and the other members of the clan, who admired Diego for killing Enrique, but in his head, Diego was planning to take out the members of the clan one by one. He later summoned Enrique to his aid and, backed by his army, arrived at the spot to kill Lucia and the remaining members. A fight ensued between the two factions, and Lucia came to know that Diego was behind this attack. As Lucia was about to kill Diego, she was shot to death by her own daughter, Lolita, who managed to save Diego’s life by risking her future. Lolita was arrested for the murder and sent to Mexico City for a trial.


What Happened To Nah-Lin And Diego?

Nah-Lin’s character faced all the injustice throughout the series. First of all, being the sister of the real Zorro, she was the one who was supposed to take up the legacy, but it was transferred to the white foreigner, who wasn’t even raised in that land. Not only that, even after fearlessly fighting for her rights, she had to give up her role as Zorro and accept her defeat to Diego, who became the one and only Zorro. Unfortunately, Nah-Lin had been locked up by her people, who were deciding what to do with her. But Diego came to her aid and gave her a new opportunity to become the leader of her community as Red Snake. This development seemed like a compensation act for Nah-Lin, who deserved more than that.

However, Diego wasn’t yet done with his objective. When he was working as a member of the clan, he learned from Lucia that his father, Alejandro, wanted to sell his land in the United States to his business partner, Vanderveen, so Diego decided to meet him in New York to learn more about the gold mines on his father’s land. However, in New York, things didn’t go in Diego’s favor, as Vanderveen didn’t seem to be a good friend of Alejandro. Rather, upon being asked about the gold mines, he decided to kill Diego and tasked his men with assassinating him. However, Diego had managed to find out that Vanderveen was after his life, so he had already escaped the hotel where he was staying.

During Zorro‘s ending, we saw Diego standing on a rooftop while deciding to look further into the conflict between Vanderveen and his father, which led to this discrepancy. Perhaps in the second season of Zorro, we might get to see Diego, as Zorro, on his new journey to put an end to Vanderveen and learn the truth about the gold mines of his father’s land.

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