‘Young Royals’ Season 1 And 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Things To Know Before Season 3

Young Royals, the Netflix romance drama series, is all set to release its third season and final season on March 11th, 2024. In the previous two seasons of teen romance saga, we’re introduced to Wilhelm, the Prince of Sweden’s royal family, and his friends and foes from the private boarding school he had been sent to. Wilhelm fell in love with his friend Simon, a scholarship student, but Wilhelm’s cousin, August, stood in their way by capturing one of their private moments together and making it viral. Wilhelm and Simon still chose to be together, overcoming all obstacles, so let’s revisit the events that unfolded in the previous two seasons to know how they ended up together eventually.


Spoilers Ahead

Season 1 Recap: Why Did August Leak Wilhelm And Simon’s Video?

Prince Wilhelm had been dealing with his brother Erik’s death in a car accident; meanwhile, he was sent to a private boarding school by his parents after he got involved in a fight at a party, which brought infamy to the royal family. Wilhelm was welcomed into the school by his cousin, August, who had been dealing with ADHD and drug issues. August had his own group, “The Society,” led by him, and Wilhelm was invited to take part in the group. However, Wilhelm was drawn to a scholarship student’s charm and wanted to be friends with him. Simon, in the meantime, had been stealing his father’s medication to give to August, who couldn’t pay for his own medicines. Simon demanded money from August in exchange for the pills, but August’s family was broke, rendering him unable to pay off Simon. It caused a rift in August and Simon’s friendship, while the latter began to enjoy Wilhelm’s company and vice versa.


In the meantime, Simon’s sister, Sara, became August’s love interest, even though he had previously slept with her best friend Felice, but neither Sara nor Felice initially had feelings for August. As the distance between Wilhelm and Simon diminished, the two of them started making out secretly. One day, after getting involved in a drug scandal, August came up with an idea to get away with it by making Simon the fall guy, but Wilhelm was strongly against it. August began to despise both Wilhelm and Simon, and one day he noticed the two of them passionately making love to each other. August sneakily recorded them in order to use the footage later. As Wilhelm and August didn’t reconcile and the cold war between them continued, August finally uploaded the video from the school library. However, Sara, who just happened to pass by the library, found August in front of the computer. August instantly felt ashamed when he learned that Wilhelm’s family had already paid his tuition fees, as his family had been suffering from a huge financial crisis. But he couldn’t undo his mistake, as the video had already been leaked, tarnishing Simon’s reputation. The leaked video showed Simon’s face very clearly, while Wilhelm’s face, on the other hand, wasn’t recognizable enough. It was the reason why the royal family tried to convince Wilhelm to deny his presence in the video.

Wilhelm was forced to side with his family, which devastated Simon. Moreover, even Sara didn’t take her brother’s side despite knowing who had leaked the video. Simon’s image was tarnished in the school, causing him to suffer mentally, while Wilhelm began to regret his decision to lie and badly wanted to go back to Simon, but Simon wasn’t ready to forgive him. 


Season 2 Recap: What Happens To Wilhelm And Simon?

After everything Simon had to go through because of his lover, he couldn’t deny the fact that his heart still wanted Wilhelm. However, in the second season of Young Royals, we saw Simon trying to make a peaceful connection with Marcus, who was not from an aristocratic family. That means no elite class drama or pressure, but Young Royals is all about dramatic developments throughout the series. In season 2, Wilhelm tried to make it up to Simon by finding out who leaked the video. As it was finally revealed that August was the one who leaked the video, Wilhelm informed Simon. Simon decided to press charges against him, but before he could do anything, his messed-up sister Sara once again backstabbed her brother. Sara, who’d fallen in love with August, chose to take his side instead of helping his brother out. Realizing that Simon was planning to call the police in August, she told August everything about Simon’s movements.

August came up with a plan to get away with everything by framing Alexandra for leaking the video. One day Wilhelm finally confronted August, and he put all the blame on Alexandra, but no one understood why Alexandra would record them making out. However, August tried to save his neck by telling him that Alexandra also bore animosity towards Wil, but it was still not believable. Finally, when Wilhelm came to know that August was already aware of Simon’s plan to go to the police, he tried to press August to reveal who had told him about Simon’s plan. Meanwhile, Sara and Felice, who had followed Wilhelm to get to August, showed up right on time. Sara confessed that it was her idea to tell August about the plan because she was in love with him and wanted to protect him at any cost. Even Felice couldn’t believe Sara could do something like this, as she also hated August as much as Simon and Wilhelm did. Felice had repeatedly asked Sara to stay away from the guy, but she didn’t listen to him.


Simon had already grown tired of all this, so he just decided against going to the police and tried to leave August alone. Because Simon got everything he wished for in the ending portion of Young Royals season 2. At the end of this season, we saw the crown prince, Wilhelm, appear for another speech, just like the one he gave in the previous season. But while in the previous season it was a heartbreaking one, in this season, Wilhelm mended his mistakes and showed his unconditional love towards Simon. Wilhelm finally admitted the fact that it was him in the leaked video, because of which Simon had to face so many consequences. By openly accepting his sexuality, Wilhelm won Simon over once again. They now no longer had any secrets to hide, so probably from the upcoming season, we expect them to be hanging out publicly as a couple in love with each other. 

What Can We Expect From Season 3?

In season 3, there will be more drama, as even though Simon chose to let the whole matter regarding August slide, Sara, overcome with guilt, couldn’t forgive herself. She decided to rectify her mistake, and while leaving the school, she decided to call the cops to complain against August, accusing him of being the one who leaked the video. Simon had suppressed the issue because he didn’t want any more trouble in his life, as August belonged to a royal family and Simon wouldn’t be able to fight against him for a long time. But in the upcoming season, it seemed to be another battle between August and Simon. This would also drag the royal families, both August’s and Wilhelm’s, into this scandal, suggesting more dramatic developments are on the way. So let’s wait for the streaming giant to bring another exciting season of Young Royals to our screens.

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