Min Ho In ‘XO, Kitty,’ Explained: Will We See A Minty Moment Next Season?

XO, Kitty has introduced a bunch of young talent to the scene, including Lee Sang Heon, who plays the dashing Min Ho, Kitty’s frenemy. Before we get into it, to address the elephant in the room, yes, Min Ho is the dream leading man of every rom-com K-drama we like. If you’ve read our review, you might remember that we added him to the list of Gu Jun Pyo-esque chaebol characters who are wowed by a girl who changed their lives forever. But there’s one huge difference in XO, Kitty, Min Ho isn’t the lead of this show; he isn’t even the second lead; he’s just the best friend. Now before y’all jump at me for saying that, let me explain how this works in his favor. Min Ho is that character that slowly creeps up from the corner of our vision to make a lasting impression on us and Kitty.


Spoilers Ahead

Min Ho’s Arc

As someone who is spoilt and wears luxury outfits, and is married to a gorgeous celebrity, Min Ho oozes confidence. In his first encounter with Kitty, he pretends not to speak English because he doesn’t want to waste time on some random girl who goes to the same school as him. Min Ho is not at the top of the class, but he does well in school. He’s charming and a self-proclaimed playboy who hangs with just “hot people.” Interestingly and endearingly, his best friend is neither hot nor rich like him. Dae is adorable, yes, but he doesn’t quite give off a similar vibe as Min Ho. I mean, their social backgrounds are completely different. But this also proves that Min Ho is not as stuck up as he makes himself out to be. More importantly, he cares for his best friend truly because he sees Kitty as a threat and Yuri as the heiress who can provide for Dae and his family for the rest of his life. Of course, he thinks that’s happiness; that’s all he’s seen for himself. Like he says himself, he’s nice to his friends. He pretends to be unkind but, at the same time, spends Chuseok helping Kitty cook food for the Chuseok dinner because a) he feels alone away from his mother and b) Kitty is like a helpless kitten needing rescuing. Min Ho is kind, and slowly through the season, his hard shell breaks, and we see the real Min Ho shine through.


Min Ho Is A Mama’s Boy

The most adorable aspect of the character is his close relationship with his mom. With divorced parents, Min Ho has chosen to be supportive of his working mother, who has no time for him because she’s a famous and dazzling star. Min Ho hosts a party for all the kids in school to show off his affluence and connections, but he also makes sure there’s no underage drinking at the party so his mom doesn’t get in any trouble. That’s so cute! Although Min Ho thinks of Dae as his best friend, Dae’s never available for him, what with the Kitty and Yuri drama, so he finds himself calling his mother, the only person who truly understands him when he’s alone. Min Ho does have some immature qualities, like being easily jealous and thinking a fancy outfit can save the day (really, I’d agree), but it adds to his annoying charm. His mom, though, brings out the best in him.

Madison And Min Ho

As a playboy, Min Ho, of course, has standards that need to be met, but when Madison, a rich expat, decides to chase him, even after meeting all his categories, it’s the chase that puts him off. Yes, Min Ho likes to be wanted, but he also doesn’t need a clingy girlfriend, just hookups. Hilariously, when he gets with Madison because he’s jealous of Dae, he realizes he’s madly and deeply in love with Kitty. Ah, how the mighty have fallen. With Madison, Min Ho has so much fun because she has the same needs as him, but eventually, Min Ho sees that he wants something serious. It’s probably his crush on Kitty that makes him want that, though. Madison, on the other hand, has no intention of having a serious relationship, and when Min Ho wears his heart on his sleeve and sets up his tent with the chocolate-covered strawberries, the rose petals, and the perfect suit, she leaves him hanging to eat with her favorite idol’s grandmother. Not even the idol himself!


Min Ho And Kitty

As much as I like the idea of Yuri and Kitty together and also think Dae is the perfect match for Kitty, Min Ho has got to be a favorite for her because they truly bring out the best in each other. Also, who doesn’t love an enemies-to-lovers narrative? All that aside, Min Ho is rich, polite, dresses well, knows how to cook (special brownie points for that one), and he’s also got an English accent. When Kitty’s dress catches fire at the talent show, he’s quicker than Dae to get to her on stage. Min Ho doesn’t just save her physically, though; when she needs ideas to help Dae see her true feelings, it is Min Ho who shows her some support. Finally, Min Ho realizes his love for Kitty when he leaps to save her from the fire. Seeing her so close and making sure she was feeling okay made Min Ho happy. This is why, at the end of the season, he finally confesses to her when he knows Dae and her are over. Funnily enough, it was Dae who overreacted when Kitty said she liked somebody else, grabbing his best friend by the collar because he thought Min Ho would actually confess his feelings to Kitty. It’s Dae who is insecure about his friend, but Min Ho just tells Dae he thinks Kitty must think they were better off as pen pals after seeing the way he behaved.

Will We See A Minty Moment Next Season?

I’m still working on the ship name, but I think for sure that Min Ho is a fan favorite, as we’ve seen with the one shirtless scene that everyone’s gaga over. I’d definitely like to see them try at least once, and considering Kitty’s expressions on the airplane after Min Ho’s deep and satisfying confession, it’s high-key possible and an opening for the season to come.


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