‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ Episode 2, Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Erin A Good Person?

It seems Erin would be doing just fine if it weren’t for her husband’s best friend, Emilio. While the show is titled Who Is Erin Carter?, the real question is, Why is Emilio?. Jokes aside, the show is already quite intense, and we’re straight into the action. We’re not yet sure what the show is trying to focus on, but maybe we’ll have more than one storyline to follow—Erin’s past and, of course, her present. We have one piece of information about old Erin in episode 2, but it doesn’t really open any avenues to knowing much more about her. We’ll just have to keep watching to find out, what is the real identity of Erin Carter.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Erin wakes up in a daze, and nothing seems to be going her way. When she gets to school, the classroom she killed the woman in is closed off, and she starts to freak out a little. On the other hand, Olivia reminds her that she has an important interview that afternoon, and Erin really needs to come up with an answer that will make the board realize how important it is for her to get the job. Harper seems distracted on the way back home with Erin, and she actually seems much more shaken after the incident than before. Back at home, they’re having a barbecue party, and Harper talks back to Emilio. Erin sends her into her room, not understanding why she’s being so difficult. In the kitchen, when no one is around, Emilio tells Erin that it’s time for her to help him. It turns out Emilio is actually with the police (which wasn’t so clear until now), so why does he need Erin to do his errands? We won’t know for a while. On the other hand, Harper moves her bookshelf against the window because she’s afraid that someone will come into her room from there. Erin sits her down and tells her they’re in a safe place, and she had a fake gun because when Harper was little, they lived in shady neighborhoods.


At school, one of Erin’s students is misbehaving in class, and she asks Olivia, who is the school coordinator, to call his parents over to discuss how to deal with this. At the same time, it’s the day of her interview, but Emilio tells her to see him at 12 to carry out his operation. Emilio wants Erin to break into the house of a lawyer that he’s trying to catch because she’s an unremarkable “homemaker. Erin reminds him that she’s a school teacher but agrees to do the task on the condition that this is the last time she’ll help him. Erin has to insert a USB-like device into the lawyer’s Wi-Fi modem to get some information for Emilio. She makes it in just fine, but while waiting for the data, Emilio calls her, saying Augustin came back early. Erin decides to wait for the data to transfer anyway.

While getting out, she gets caught by one of the housemaids, and Augustin pulls a gun on her. She fights him and jumps into the ocean. Erin makes it back to school late because she has to make the trip back alone. Because she’s 15 minutes late, Erin gets only 5 minutes to explain herself. She talks about how, as a child, she had to keep moving because she was an immigrant, and her mother had died when she was young. Erin hated school because it made her feel like it was a waste of time. She now wants to help kids like herself because she has the capability to make them feel good about school. The problem is that Erin had left the school musical show understaffed, and the classroom had been vandalized.


Back at home, Emilio is relieved to see Erin and thanks her covertly in front of Harper and Jordi. Harper has another incident, and she looks extremely scared, so Jordi really thinks she needs help, but Erin is dead against it. She dreams about an older blonde woman who spent time with Harper when she was young, meaning her behavior may be connected with what happened with that woman. Erin finds out that she didn’t get the job, but her part-time contract will be extended for another six months. Penelope had been part of the interview, so she definitely thinks it was she who chose not to have Erin get a promotion.

At the same time, the dad of the misbehaving kid shows up. Erin explains how he can deal with his son’s misbehavior, and the man is rather impressed by the way she handled everything. He tells Erin that he could put in a good word for her because he’s a sponsor of the school. While heading back, Erin throws a tantrum at Penelope’s house when she’s hosting other women in the neighborhood. Penelope tells Erin that everybody in the neighborhood is afraid of her, but that Penelope has been reassuring them that Erin shot a man in self-defense. Penelope clarifies that it was not her who told the board not to promote Erin. While heading home, she notices that Emilio’s door is wide open, and there’s no sign of him. She realizes he’s been kidnapped and immediately makes the decision to help him. She calls Olivia over to take care of Harper in the meantime.


Erin traces Emilio’s location through an app, and it takes her to a shady neighborhood. She makes it inside the house, where Augustin is beating Emilio up. Erin is quick in a physical fight, and she finds a taser lying around. She manages to free Emilio, and they get out of the building. A man chases them, and she fights him hand-to-hand. Eventually, Emilio intervenes because Erin is in danger, but he ends up taking the man off the roof. Fortunately, he survives, and Erin ends up kneeing the man in the face, finally knocking him out. She gets Emilio, and they take her car to get out of there.

Where Is The Blonde Woman Now?

On the way back, Emilio tells Erin that he has gambling debts and has asked Augustin to help him. In return for money, Emilio had to give Augustin information, but he ended up becoming very demanding, which is why he needed to stop him for good. Emilio doesn’t want to go to the hospital because it would be reported to his supervisors, so he asks Erin to bring some supplies from a pharmacy. When she’s purchasing them, Augstin shows up and takes a picture of her. Erin tells him that she’s no one and that she just helped Emilio, but he doesn’t believe her. She broke into his house and messed with his business, after all. Erin tells him not to send out that photo to anyone, but he doesn’t listen. He was standing in the middle of the road at the time, and Emilio ended up running him over. He and Erin escape, and things are now much worse than where they started off. Erin picks up Augustin’s broken phone so she can make sure the photo isn’t accidentally circulated.


On the other hand, at home, Harper tells Olivia that Erin has a gun in the house. She shows her the location, but when Olivia looks inside, she finds a kid’s toy gun. Harper is confused because she is sure she saw a real gun, but she just leaves the room. Erin sees some blood stains on her t-shirt after getting home and panics. She tries to wash it off in the broken kitchen sink, and all hell breaks loose. Jordi shows up, then realizes Erin is in a daze and asks her what’s wrong. Erin says it’s because she didn’t get the job and let them all down. Who Is Erin Carter? Episode 2 ends with the blonde woman in HMP Falstead Prison in England looking at a picture of herself with Erin and young Harper. She looks angry about something, possibly the fact that she’s in prison and Erin isn’t. We’ll know more in episode 3 of Who Is Erin Carter?

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