‘Walking Against The Rain’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Tommy And Blair?

The fear of the unseen is the worst, as the saying goes. When you’re faced with something you can’t predict or see, it’s unsettling and leaves you constantly wondering about what might happen next. Scott Lyus masterfully captures a post-apocalyptic scenario where encounters with unknown monsters drive the story of Walking Against the Rain. The element of the unknown looms over the characters, Blair and Tommy, and as the story unfolds, the duo find themselves navigating a world altered by some catastrophe. A pivotal moment occurs when Blair and Tommy manage to connect with each other using a radio mic. This communication provides them with closure that has been missing from their lives. However, the danger the monsters represent remains an ever-present challenge, putting Blair and Tommy’s lives at risk in Walking Against the Rain.


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How Do Blair And Tommy Navigate Through The Catastrophic Event?

In the world Blair and Tommy inhabit, they face an unsettling and frightening reality: they must anticipate every move of an incredibly swift and elusive threat. The constant risk of death shadows their days as they navigate through a desolate landscape dominated by lurking monsters. Unlike our familiar world, theirs is marked by the dangerous presence of these creatures, drastically altering the way they live. Blair and Tommy lead lives much like ours, but their every action is dictated by the need to evade these formidable monsters. A mere growl sends them into a desperate flight to safety, reflecting the constant tension that defines their lives. When Blair and Tommy manage to establish communication, it’s a moment of relief and joy as the connection they share fills a void that has persisted for years, giving them a sense of closure and companionship that had been absent.


Even the simplest tasks, like sourcing food, become perilous hunts that demand careful planning and execution. Every action they take is dictated by the need to remain unnoticed by the ever-present monsters. This constant struggle for survival and the rarity of human interaction paint a picture of a world where every moment is fraught with danger. In this world, the fear doesn’t stem solely from the monsters; a new layer of apprehension emerges as humanity itself undergoes a transformation. Finding other survivors in this desolate landscape no longer guarantees safety or trust. Unlike a typical scenario where people might unite to protect each other, the dynamics have shifted. Blair and Tommy can’t rely on others to safeguard their lives or ensure their escape from this land.

How Do Tommy And Blair’s Lives Intersect And Influence Each Other In The Film?

The desperate circumstances in Walking Against the Rain have led to a survival of the fittest mentality, where the line between ally and adversary is blurred. In this landscape, it’s a matter of them or us—either Blair and Tommy fend for themselves or risk becoming victims at the hands of those they encounter. As the story progresses, we learn about the impact that loss has had on Blair’s life. The pain of losing her mother at a young age has left a deep emotional scar, and this emotional aspect becomes intriguing as viewers try to understand the root cause of her feelings. Similarly, Tommy shares a parallel experience of loss, having lost his own family. This shared pain connects him with Blair’s emotional turmoil and creates a link between their stories.


Blair and Tommy gradually open up to each other, finding solace in sharing their emotional burdens. They recognize that their families would have wanted them to persevere and survive, even in the face of challenges. This understanding becomes a source of strength, propelling them forward. In a chilling turn of events, Blair is attacked by a monster during daylight. Despite the terrifying encounter, she manages to fight and kill the creature. This incident triggers her vulnerability, but the true threat isn’t just the monsters; it’s the changed nature of humanity itself. Individuals have turned against each other in this harsh reality. As Tommy encounters one of these human threats, he is saved by his well-timed stroke of luck. The tables turn as a monster intervenes, saving Tommy and effectively capturing the person he refers to as the drifter.

What Happens To Tommy And Blair?

As the conclusion of Walking Against the Rain approaches, Blair’s encounter with the old farmer, James, becomes a pivotal moment. Saved by James from a dangerous encounter with the monsters, Blair is astonished to witness a glimmer of humanity in someone amidst the chaos. James’ presence and his own experience of loss serve as a poignant reminder that human connections still exist, even in the midst of despair. James not only provides Blair with food and guidance but also imparts valuable advice: to head north for safety and to unite with Tommy. The bond between them is evident as James opens his doors for Blair, assuring her of a safe haven whenever she needs to return. However, a haunting twist lies beneath the surface. As Blair departs, James reveals a gun and an old photograph, possibly of him and his wife.


The implication is grim, hinting that he might have taken his own life as he fulfilled a debt by saving Blair, and he always believed he owed it to his late wife. The journey becomes increasingly bleak as Blair and Tommy encounter more monsters, and Tommy’s radio mic breaks, severing their communication. Just when it seems their story might end in desperation, they manage to find each other. The relief of their reunion is tinged with the ever-present fear that one of them might not make it. Yet the narrative takes a surreal turn as they experience a moment of calm and chaos together. Surrounded by serene surroundings, their fears momentarily subside. However, this tranquility is shattered by the appearance of more monsters, now organized in packs, reflecting their adaptability to the environment.

A greater surprise awaits as low rumbling sounds signal the rise of the seven trumpets and the emergence of the ominous faceless god. This culmination ties back to Blair’s earlier interaction with a cult member who believed that humanity’s suffering was a divine punishment. The creature’s emergence challenges Blair’s skepticism, revealing the horrifying truth behind the myth. As Blair and Tommy face the monstrous threat, their determination remains unshaken. Their strength lies in each other, and their understanding of loss extends beyond mere human error—it becomes a sacrifice.


The ending of Walking Against the Rain leaves us with uncertainty and the impending confrontation with the faceless god, inviting contemplation about the origins of the monster attacks and the consequences of humanity’s actions. Blair and Tommy’s resolve in the face of these challenges encapsulates their bond and determination to face the unknown together.

The arrival of the monsters in this story still remains a huge mystery, leaving us to ponder whether it’s a result of scientific interference or a supposed punishment, as suggested by the cult member. This aspect offers a unique perspective that challenges our understanding of the events. Remarkably, this film’s low budget doesn’t hinder its impact. The fusion of cinematography and storyline is masterful, contributing to the overall excellence of the film. Every element, from the story itself to the characters and their portrayal, seamlessly falls into place. Walking Against the Rain manages to tap into the psychological realm, reshaping our perspectives. The story lingers in our minds, leaving an imprint of contemplation. The film’s ability to create such a psychological impact, coupled with its thoughtful representation of characters and events, showcases its compelling and thought-provoking nature.


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