‘Trespassers’ Ending Explained & Netflix Movie Summary: What Happens To Tanaka, Megumi, And Eto?

Trespassers is this hilarious yet nail-biting Netflix movie that totally had me hooked! Three girls, Tanaka, Megumi, and Eto decide to sneak into someone’s house, thinking they could score some hidden money stashed away as tax evasion fraud. But the film turned out to be a wild ride. As they attempt the flawless heist, they find themselves entangled in a series of unforeseen events. The events that unfold are simultaneously funny and heart-pounding, making the viewers wonder if these girls will make it out alive or end up behind bars. The best part of the movie lies in the whimsical manner in which the mystery unravels, which would have anyone sitting on the edge of their seat. What kept me glued to the screen was the constant anticipation of what crazy twist would come next. The three girls find themselves in increasingly absurd situations, and surprising revelations constantly hit them in the face. The unexpected twists and revelations in this movie will be like a rollercoaster for the audience’s emotions, and they won’t find a dull moment. Trespassers is a must-watch if you’re up for a thrilling and laugh-out-loud experience!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did The Three Girls Trespass Into Their Boss’s House?

The decision of the three girls—Akiko Tanaka, Megumi Ogawa, and their friend Tanwe Eto—to trespass into their boss Natsumi Fujisaki’s house stemmed from a series of grievances. Akiko, who worked for a house cleaning service, found herself frustrated with the monotony of cleaning already spotless homes. Despite the shiny surfaces of those homes, she had to be cautious to avoid breaking expensive items. On the other hand, Megumi, a cook working for the same company, shared similar frustrations about company policies and low wages during their conversations on their way back home. The pivotal moment occurred when they realized that both of them were single. This shared experience instantly bonded them, and they began to confide in each other. The focus of their discussions shifted towards their boss, Natsumi Fujisaki, the owner of the company they worked for, named Sereine. The girls, feeling mistreated and underappreciated, started gossiping about Natsumi’s alleged tax evasion and neglect of her employees. They believed Natsumi treated them poorly, having them work here for low wages while hiding away millions and enjoying a luxurious life. Motivated to seek justice, they initially considered whistleblowing to expose Natsumi’s fraudulent activities. However, Megumi proposed a daring plan to steal the hidden money from Natsumi’s house as a way of reclaiming what they believed was rightfully theirs. Tanaka hesitated at first, concerned about the legality of the theft, but Megumi convinced her that it was a way to take back the money that Natsumi had supposedly taken from them. The duo took the assistance of their friend Tanwe, who had a keen interest in suspense dramas and crime thrillers. They strategically planned to trespass into Natsumi’s house while she was away on vacation in Hawaii. They executed a thorough plan, which involved discreetly taking the keys from Natsumi’s purse during a seminar by diverting her attention. The plan was to divide the stolen money into three parts, with two portions for themselves and the remaining third to be donated to charity.


Their decision to trespass was driven by a mix of frustration, a desire for justice, and a belief that they were taking back what was rightfully theirs. Little did they know that their plan would lead to a series of unexpected events and revelations during their trespassing adventure.

What Unexpected Events Took Place?

During their trespassing mission, the three girls encountered a series of unexpected events that took the situation from a planned heist to a chaotic and unexpected turn of events. As they entered their boss Natsumi Fujisaki’s house, they were initially amused by the luxurious and pristine surroundings, playfully referring to her as the tax-evader princess. However, their mission to find hidden money took an unforeseen twist when they discovered no evidence of illicit funds. Confused and disheartened, they reconsidered their assumptions about Natsumi’s alleged tax evasion. Megumi called a friend who had initially shared stories about Natsumi’s financial misdeeds seeking clarification. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, Megumi realized that the stories were about her friend’s boss, not Natsumi. This revelation exposed their misguided assumptions and raised doubts about the entire trespassing mission. The girls then stumbled upon placards and mementos in the house, revealing Natsumi’s charitable donations. Contrary to their belief, Natsumi had been contributing to various charities, leaving them feeling remorseful for misjudging their boss. Deciding that there was no point in staying, they left the house with a sense of guilt for their misguided mission.


On their way back home, their guilt persisted, which led them to decide to go back and clean up the mess they had unintentionally created. Tanaka diligently cleaned the house while Megumi took charge of dealing with expired food items in the fridge. However, their attempt at redemption took an unexpected turn when Eto, heard a noise in the closet room. To their surprise, they discovered a man named Sheigematsu hiding in the closet. Sheigematsu explained that he had lost his job, planned to rob Natsumi’s house due to financial struggles, and inadvertently found himself caught in their trap. In a panic, the girls subdued him and tied him up to a sofa so that he couldn’t run away. As they were deciding on a plan to hand him over to the police, the unexpected arrival of their boss disrupted their escape. Panicking, they hid Sheigematsu in a cupboard and managed to convince Natsumi that their presence was harmless, portraying themselves as well-intentioned. The next morning, a shocking revelation occurred when Eto, realizing that Natsumi was the woman her husband had had an affair with, confronted Natsumi in anger and accused her of being responsible for tearing her family apart. The concierge, Mori, intervened in this situation out of nowhere, revealing his long-time crush on Natsumi and admitting that he had also trespassed into her home using his master key as he wanted to know what her house looked like. Natsumi saw that every one of the trespassers was feeling guilty about their misdeeds and decided that she was not going to report them to the police and let them all go.

The series of unexpected events during their trespassing mission showcased a rollercoaster of misjudgments, mistaken identities, and unintended confrontations, turning a planned heist into a complex and dramatic situation.


How Did The Film End?

During Trespassers‘ ending, the truth about their boss, Natsumi Fujisaki, unfolds by revealing her as not the compassionate figure the girls initially believed her to be when she let them all go. Contrary to their expectations, Natsumi turns out to really be involved in tax evasion, with a staggering 300 million yen stashed in her apartment. The plot thickens when the burglar, Sheigematsu, who unintentionally became entangled in their plan, discovers the real source of the hidden wealth. He saw the pig-shaped figurines on the dressing table and realized that those were made of gold. Realizing the significant value of these figurines, he steals one, but when he tries to run away, he leaves it behind on the road. This accidental revelation sets off a chain of events as the concierge suspects his foul play joins forces with the three girls to catch the burglar. Together, they track down Sheigematsu and call the police to take him into custody. As a result of this unexpected intervention, all parties involved, including Natsumi, find themselves under police scrutiny. The police conduct interviews to unravel the complexities of the situation, ultimately leading to the exposure of Natsumi’s fraudulent activities. She is caught red-handed by the police, facing the consequences of her tax evasion.

In the end, despite not achieving their initial goal of obtaining the hidden money, the three girls find solace in the friendships they forged along the way. The film concludes with a mix of unexpected twists, justice prevailing, and the characters learning valuable lessons about trust and camaraderie.


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