Top Vehicles (Cars/Bikes) In ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,’ Ranked

High-octane action sequences, ultra-stylized character design, which contributed to the creation of a dystopian fashion of its own, stunt-heavy spectacles, and enormous set pieces—these are just a few of the aspects that have made Mad Max a cult classic franchise for the last forty years. However, more than anything else, the appeal of the customized, modded-out vehicles, blazing through the deserted landscape and exemplifying an unmatched vigor, is what gave the franchise its iconic status not only among gearheads but also among general viewers as well. Irrespective of what futuristic tech advancements contemporary movies are able to showcase, there is just something raw, wild, and uber-cool about the fine-tuned mean machines of Mad Max movies – growling and revving up to take on each other – which will never get old.


Aside from adding to the mass appeal, each of the spectacular roadsters in the Mad Max series provides viewers with a hint as to the personalities of their riders. All thanks to the diligent, insanely creative production designing team led by Colin Gibson (also a frequent collaborator of George Miller), the hot rods have their own character which in a sense mimics their owners as well. With the latest release of the franchise, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, viewers were introduced to a host of new hot rods, all of which have been neatly cataloged by motorheads all around. We think it will be interesting to take a look at all the iconic vehicles that have appeared in the series so far and try to rank them according to their likeability among fans of the series. 

The Chariot of Dementus

We will start off with a relatively new entry from the latest installment, and an innovative one at that. In Furiosa, the eccentric warlord and biker gang leader, Dementus, is often seen riding his three motorbike-drawn chariot across the wasteland, leading his large group to cause some ruckus in a most unique fashion. Even amidst all the custom muscle cars, monster trucks, and flying gyrobikes, Dementus’ chariot is a sight to behold. From the very first appearance, the bike-chariot draws the attention of the viewers and tells much about the regal flair the megalomaniac biker gang leader tries to project in his image. Of course, the real-life bike-chariot racing still prevalent in the States was used as a reference to build the rig in the first place. With Dementus’ threat neutralized, it will be interesting to see whether his triple chopper chariot gets adopted by some of followers in upcoming movies, as it would be a waste to not use this instantly classic design in future ventures.


Dementus’ Monster Truck

One of the scenes in Furiosa also features Dementus’ custom-built monster truck after he becomes the conqueror of Gas Town. In the film, Dementus uses the truck to chase down Furiosa and her lover, Jack, after they escape from the Bullet Farm. With heavy wheels and a powerful engine, the vehicle is perfect for driving across the steep dunes in the wasteland and crushing down the enemy vehicles without mercy.

Mortiflyer Flyby Bikes and Six Foot

Although, ranking wise, the Mortiflyer flying rig bike stands as second best in this list, it is an engineering marvel that is a callback to the Gyrocopter of Mad Max 2. The unique combination of parachute, propeller, and chopper is something straight out of the wild fantasy of a gearhead. 


Rictus’ Collection Of Hot Rods

In Fury Road, the hulking, menacing presence of Rictus Erectus is complemented by his mega monster truck known as Bigfoot. The intimidating presence of the vehicle is highlighted by its sheer size and installed firepower, and some eerie child doll detailing in the backside of the truck is a signifier of Rictus’ deranged psyche. Rictus’ stead accompanies his father, Immortan Joe’s combined monster truck, the Gigahorse, as the second in command in the War Boys cavalry.

Gigahorse of Immortan Joe

This abomination created by conjoining two sedans—the 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville—atop each other and combining their V8 engines to create a monster truck is something that could only be conceptualized in the wild, zany world of Mad Max. This combined monster truck, named Gigahorse, is one of the tyrant leader Immortan Joe’s favorite sets of wheels. The vehicle first appeared in Fury Road, where Joe chases Max and Furiosa across the wasteland while driving a Gigahorse. With two luxurious cars molded into one monster truck, laced with flamethrowers and harpoon guns, it is a testament to Joe’s power, wealth, and destructive nature.


Doof Wagon of the War Boys

The metalheads will join motorheads to agree in unison that the Doof Wagon is hands down the most epic, hyped-up vehicle in the entire Mad Max franchise. Dubbed by the producers as ‘Sonic Carmaggedon,’ this Soviet artillery truck is laced with a wall of giant speakers. This iconic metal beast breathed flames and blasted deafening sounds, which boosted the morale of the War Boys immensely. The Doof Wagon served the role of the ancient ritual war singers who prepared the stage for conflict. Immortan Joe’s grand arrival was signaled by the Doof Wagon and its operator, acting as a symbol of his power and intimidation factor. 

War Rig of Immortan Joe

The repeated appearance of Immortan Joe’s vehicles acts as a testament to the might of the ruler of Citadel, and even though we initially thought of having Lord Humongous’ truck from The Road Warrior on our list, the iconic War Rig just could not be substituted by any other vehicle. Also, the War Rig has some history behind it, as it appears both in Fury Road and its prequel, Furiosa, and acts as the medium that brought Furiosa close to her mentor, Praetorian Joe, in the first place. 


The eighteen-wheeled, two thousand-horsepower twin-engine giant truck, which acted as the main transport vehicle of the Citadel, is probably the biggest vehicle in the entire Mad Max series so far. The heavily modified truck is equipped with a cowcatcher extension, a serrated spinning mechanism acting as rear-side defense, and a near impenetrable hull, allowing the War Rig to ram absolutely anything in its path. The War Rig is a beautiful combination of might and craftsmanship, as its defensive capabilities are strikingly juxtaposed by the intricately detailed sculpt etched on the container portion. Furiosa was able to rescue Joe’s five wives and escape from the Citadel thanks to this unstoppable behemoth, and narrative-wise, the vehicle has as much significance as any of the lead characters. Ultimately, the War Rig is the finest example of intricate engineering and craftsmanship for which the Mad Max series takes much pride. 

Pursuit Special of Max

This particular set of wheels doesn’t need much introduction, as Max Rockatansky’s trusted steed, the V8 Interceptor is not only familiar to series fans, but the appeal of the modified supercharger-laced muscle car has amazed motorheads since the first Mad Max movie. Based on the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe, Max’s Pursuit Special is the last of the police interceptors available in wasteland, which is a signifier of Max’s past as a former law enforcement officer. The Pursuit Special is the only vehicle to have appeared in four Mad Max movies including 2024 sequel film, Furiosa.


We tried to cover most of the hot wheels featured in the Furiosa film; if you have any vehicles to add to the list, please feel free to comment, and we will update it as soon as we can.

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