‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Rumi? What Happens To Her?

Love is a powerful force that can bring two people together, despite any obstacles that may stand in their way. But what happens when those obstacles seem insurmountable? In the universe of “Tooth Pari,” where humans and vampires are sworn enemies, love between them is not just difficult; it’s forbidden. As we delve into the story of two star-crossed lovers, Rumi and Roy, we will see that sometimes, the heart wants what it wants, no matter the consequences. Rumi is a vampire with powers and abilities beyond human comprehension. Roy is a human born and raised in a world where vampires are nothing but myth and legend. Well, things take a different turn when Rumi loses her right fang, and she is determined to find a solution to her problem. Rumi consults with other vampires, seeking their advice and expertise, but to no avail. So, she becomes desperate, willing to do whatever it takes to regain her one missing fang. In the end, the vampire turns to an unlikely source for help: a human dentist, Roy. As Rumi continues to visit Roy for checkups, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Even so, Rumi knows that she cannot reveal her true nature to Roy.


Rumi’s broken tooth may have brought her to Roy’s dental clinic, but it was their love that brought them together. Now, Rumi must make a decision: to continue their forbidden romance or to separate and try to live her life apart. Will they inspire those around them to show that even the most forbidden love can be a force for good in a world full of darkness and hate?

Spoilers Ahead 


Rumi: The Vampire

The first episode of “Tooth Pari” introduces Rumi, the vampire, who stands tall and elegant, her piercing gaze scanning the dimly lit club. Her gaze locks on her next prey, drawn in by the enticing scent of blood. As he approaches Rumi, they share a quick conversation, and she takes him to a private room away from the prying eyes of the clubgoers. Rumi knows she must be careful not to reveal her secret and keep her feeding under control. As the door to the room closes behind them, the sounds of muffled music fade away, and the only sound left is the beating of the prey’s heart. Rumi moves in closer, and her fangs pierce his skin. But even as she savors the moment, Rumi has to make sure she doesn’t kill him. Rumi turns to her companion, Sreela, and suggests she feed on him. Sreela hesitates, nervous about feeding on a human, but Rumi reassures her that it’s a natural part of their existence.

Rumi knows that she’s not supposed to leave their underground hideout at Mrityunjoy Hospital, but her thirst for blood and adventure sometimes gets the best of her. After their feeding, Rumi and Sreela leave the club and head back to their hideout, but they’re stopped by the guard, Chitrabhanu. Thinking quickly, Rumi offers Chitrabhanu a bottle of blood as a bribe; she knows that he is as desperate for blood as they are. It was enough to convince Chitrabhanu, and he stepped aside and let Rumi and Sreela pass.


Who Are Adi Deb And Ora?

Adi Deb, aka AD, is a human serving as a caretaker and protector for the vampires who reside in the hideout. He is often seen wearing a luxurious shawl with real silver embroidery, which weakens the vampires. Moreover, AD and his family have been involved with the vampires for generations, and he takes his role very seriously. He is responsible for providing them with blood, food, and other necessary supplies, as well as making sure that they’re safe and secure in their underground hideout. One of AD’s strict rules is that no vampire should leave the hideout under any circumstances. AD works for the supreme leader of the vampires, Ora. The story goes that in 1684, Ora and his allies were being hunted down by the founder of Calcutta, Job Charnock. AD’s ancestor saved Ora and the others from getting killed. Since then, AD’s family has promised to protect Ora for generations to come.

AD’s men are keen observers, and they have noticed the girls sneaking out of the hideout at night. He immediately reported this to Ora, but Ora was in a deep sleep and couldn’t be awakened. Luckily, the news made its way to Meera, another vampire in the hideout who was known for being sharp and vigilant. Meera sensed danger and warned Rumi to be cautious, knowing that the consequences of getting caught could be dire. Moreover, the revelation of Rumi’s escape would have disastrous consequences for her, as AD is known to be a strict enforcer of the no-escape policy. If he discovers Rumi’s disobedience, AD will likely punish her severely by decapitating her.


Roy: The Dentist

Roy is a timid and shy individual who has always been pressured by his family to follow in their footsteps and become a dentist. However, deep down, Roy’s true passion lies in cooking, something that he has always been drawn to. Despite his best efforts, Roy is a bad dentist and often makes mistakes while treating his patients. But when Roy is cooking, he feels a sense of fulfillment and happiness that he cannot find in his dental practice. One day, Roy’s father, who is a successful dentist, arranges a date for him with his friend’s daughter, Mithila. Despite Roy’s lack of interest, he agrees to go on a date to please his parents. As the date progresses, Roy struggles to make small talk and feels out of place in the fancy restaurant. Surprisingly, Mithila is not interested in Roy and is only using him to go out and visit the Tangra dance party, as her father won’t allow her to go unless Roy is there.

Similarly, Roy’s father forbids him from going to the party, but Roy lies and tells him that he is attending a classical music festival at Dover Lane. The following night, Roy attends the party with Mithila as they had planned, but Mithila is busy dancing with her boyfriend. Roy feels left out and sits alone at the bar, feeling like an outsider at the party. Feeling alone and neglected, Roy strikes up a conversation with the bartender. As they talk, Roy’s true passion for cooking becomes evident, and he ends up mixing a drink for the bartender that impresses him with its unique flavor profile. When the bartender tastes the drink, and his gums start to bleed, Roy realizes that he suffers from a gum-related problem. He invites him to his clinic for a checkup, giving him his number. Unbeknownst to Roy, Rumi is also at the party and spots his number while waiting for her next prey.


What Happens To Rumi? Does She Meet Roy?

Rumi, searching for her next prey at the party, finds a new guy and takes him to the corner to feed on him. However, in the process, Rumi loses one of her fangs, leaving her unable to continue feeding. Frustrated and in pain, Rumi leaves the party and heads back to the hideout to seek help from her comrades. She informs David of what happened, and he tells her about an outcast named Abdul, a magician vampire. David was ordered to decapitate him because he had fallen in love with a human. Despite knowing this, David decided to spare Abdul’s life and help him escape. Luckily, Rumi finds him, but she discovers that Abdul’s hands were cut off by a witch named Luna Luka, the leader of a witch cult called the ‘Cutmundus.’ At the same time, AD arrives for a meeting with his team but realizes that one of the members is missing. He becomes suspicious and starts questioning the others, trying to find out where the missing member could be. Luckily, Rumi comes back in time. But as AD questions Rumi about her absence, she steps closer to him, and the silver embroidery on the shawl weakens her. Seeing this, David and Meera intervene and save her from AD’s wrath.

The next night, Rumi decides to leave again, as Abdul confirms to Rumi that her tooth nerves are still intact, giving her hope for a solution to her fang problem. Rumi remembers Roy’s number and arrives at his dental clinic, seeking help to fix her broken tooth. At the same time, Roy is busy filming videos for his YouTube channel, ‘The Anonymous Chef,’ because he doesn’t get many patients at his clinic. When Rumi visits his clinic, he is mesmerized by her beauty and hesitates while checking her teeth. Accidentally, Roy pricks himself with a dental explorer and faints after seeing the blood. Rumi quickly revives him by splashing water on his face. He tells her to come back to the clinic the next day, and Rumi leaves.


Biren And Kartik Pal

“Tooth Pari” introduces Biren Pal, an Alzheimer’s patient and former police officer who frequently talks about his deadly encounter with vampires. However, his son doesn’t believe him and thinks it’s just a figment of his imagination due to his medical condition. On the other hand, Biren’s illness is causing problems for Kartik, who is also a police officer. At the police station, he notices that his colleagues are making fun of him and hands him the case of Badshah, the guy who was bitten by Rumi. Well, Badshah was a thyroid cancer patient, and the prosthetic around his neck caused Rumi’s fangs to break off. Badshah filed a complaint against Rumi, stating that her bite caused him to experience a burning sensation in his body.

Kartik takes Badshah to the place where the Tangra party was hosted and investigates the area. During the investigation, Kartik finds Rumi’s missing fang, which becomes a key piece of evidence in the case. Somewhere, Kartik is convinced that his father may have been telling the truth about the existence of vampires. This newfound belief may lead Kartik to delve deeper into the case and potentially uncover more about the secret world of vampires. Based on the events in the story, Kartik will play a very significant role in the entire series of “Tooth Pari.” He will continue to investigate this case involving Rumi and her connection to the missing fang. It remains to be seen whether Kartik’s belief in the supernatural will have a substantial impact on the series.


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