‘Thundu’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Why Was Baby Called “Dog Baby”?

Guess who’s back in action? It’s none other than Biju Menon, and he’s taking on the role of a troubled police officer in the latest Netflix flick, Thundu, directed by Riyas Shereef! From his professional to his personal life, it’s like he’s got a magnet for trouble! But hey, wherever he goes, chaos follows him! Thus, he tries to prove to himself and others that he is not just some average Joe. He wants to get a promotion but faces many challenges along the way. Can he pull it off amidst all the challenges thrown his way? That’s the burning question we’re about to uncover! Let’s dive in and see if he’s got what it takes to rise to the top!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was There A Feud Between Baby And Shibin? 

Biju Menon takes on the role of Constable Baby in the movie, tangled with a hush-hush rivalry with his senior constable, Shibin. But let me tell you, this feud didn’t just pop out of thin air. It all started with a heartbreaking incident involving Police Officer Naveen’s beloved dog. Now, everyone in the Kerala police department, including a lawyer named Gireesh, turned up to express their condolences. You can see that Baby has had a special bond with dogs ever since he was a kid. His only true friend was his pet dog, Mithran, whom he had to part ways with due to financial constraints. So he knows firsthand the pain of losing a furry friend. When the lawyer callously dismissed Naveen’s grief, Baby took it personally. Not only because Naveen was a friend, but also because no one should disrespect such a loss. He kept quiet that day, but fate presented him with a chance encounter with the lawyer, relieving himself on a wall, no less, with a political party’s emblem drawn on it. Talk about a golden opportunity! Baby captured it all on video and brought him to the station, demanding a fine of 500 rupees.


Little did Baby know, this lawyer was none other than Shibin’s cousin. When Shibin arrived to bail him out, Baby stood his ground, refusing to let family ties sway his sense of justice. This, understandably, didn’t sit well with Shibin. Fast forward a bit, and we find ourselves witnessing a rather unconventional form of justice. Baby caught the DRP party members live on Facebook, making the lawyer and Shibin clean up the wall they messed up. Imagine how embarrassing it must’ve been for them with their prestigious occupation! So, it’s no wonder Shibin started treating Baby poorly at the office. And believe me, he had his reasons! When Baby got into a fender bender with an auto on his way to his son’s school, Shibin found it amusing, promptly calling the lawyer’s cousin to stir up some legal trouble for Baby. Karma, it seems, has come back around. But wait, there’s more! When Baby accidentally spilled some coconuts in the office, Shibin unleashed a barrage of insults, reminding Baby of his lower rank and justified in receiving such treatment. Talk about rubbing salt on the wound! But Baby isn’t one to take things easily. He’s plotting the perfect way to come back at him. After all, what goes around comes around!

Why Did Baby Go To Camp? 

Baby knew he had to get back at Shibin by any means necessary, and the key to that was securing a promotion, which meant acing the tests. There were three rounds of testing: the ground test, the weapon test, and the dreaded written test. Baby breezed through the first two without breaking a sweat. But now, it was crunch time—the written test. You see, Baby was never much of a scholar, so he was anxious about how he’d survive. Despite his doubts, he showed up to give it his best shot. To his surprise, he noticed his fellow police officers sneaking peeks at cheat sheets and even straight-up copying from books. Seeing this gave Baby confidence, and he too decided to cheat. The first exam went off without a hitch, and no one caught wind of his mischievous deeds. But then tragedy struck! Commissioner Satyachandann himself unexpectedly walked in as an invigilator, catching Baby off guard. Before Baby could react, the commissioner confiscated his cheat sheet, leaving him red-faced and exposed. The news channels quickly swooped in to cover the scandal, portraying it as a disgraceful act that tarnished the integrity of law enforcement and set a poor example for the youth. It was a shameful moment—not just for Baby, but for the entire Kerala Police Department. To make amends, Baby was sent to a camp. It was a harsh lesson learned, reminding everyone that corruption can exist in any profession, even one as noble as policing.


Why Was Baby Called “Dog Baby”? 

The camp proved to be a dreadful experience for Baby. He found himself isolated from his family, whom he deeply missed. Sleeping in a long hall alongside hundreds of other police officers and bathing in a communal tub was far from Baby’s ideal situation. To make matters worse, his wife had been giving him the silent treatment for quite some time. Then came the protest at the Biryani restaurant. The police, including Naveen, went to intervene, but a mishap occurred when Naveen accidentally triggered tear gas, causing chaos. Instead of the police being the saviors, it was the ordinary people who came to their rescue. Another embarrassing moment for the Kerala Police Department! We have seen how Baby and Naveen share a close bond, so when Naveen had to leave the camp to go to the state dog center, Baby felt sad. However, he was happy for Naveen, knowing he was a fellow dog lover. But fate had more surprises in store. When a bomb accidentally went off at the police station, Baby was tasked with taking a DYSP dog to aid in the investigation. However, things took an unexpected turn when Baby took the dog home first to see his wife. To his shock, he saw the dog mating with his own pet dog! He was caught off guard! He told Naveen about the incident, urging him to keep it a secret. However, Naveen, without even knowing, spilled the beans while talking in his sleep at the camp. Word spread like wildfire, and soon, Baby found himself being labeled as “Dog Baby” by his colleagues, facing humiliation. 

During Thundu‘s ending, Baby knew that he had to not only get back at Shibin but also the entire police department and prove to himself that he was not someone to be pushed around. He knew his son was a master at cheating, so instead of studying for the exam, he focused on preparing the cheats. His son helped him strategize, hiding cheat sheets behind his watch, in his police cap, under his socks, scribbled on his water bottle, and even on his handkerchief. With every precaution taken, Baby was ready! When the exam day arrived, even though Commissioner Satyachandan was present, Baby managed to evade detection. Although all of this didn’t help Baby pass the exam for senior constable, something unexpected happened! The news broke with an update: the Kerala government issued a new circular stating that constables who had served for 21 years would be promoted to ASI, boosting the morale of the entire police force. Thus, Baby became an ASI, finally! Standing proudly before Shibin and the entire police department, he proved to himself and everyone else that he was capable. As for the question asked at the beginning, “Would he be able to get the promotion?” Of course, he did!


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