‘Thugs’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Do Sethu And Kayal Reunite?

Resorting to unexpected measures can add intrigue and suspense to a story, as characters find themselves pushed to their limits and forced to think outside the box. In the movie Thugs, this concept takes center stage as we follow the journey of our main protagonist, Sethu, and a group of four other individuals who find themselves trapped in dire circumstances. Confronted with the harsh reality of remaining imprisoned and losing everything they hold dear in the outside world, Sethu and his companions are driven to take drastic and unforeseen actions in their quest for freedom. 


Determined to escape their confinement, they must navigate a treacherous path while evading both the watchful eyes of the prison guards and the potential threats posed by fellow inmates. When the right time comes, Sethu and his accomplices will be put to the test as they employ unconventional tactics and unimaginable measures to outsmart their adversaries. Will Sethu and the other inmates succeed in their daring plan to escape the prison and reclaim their lives?

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How Does Annachi Impact Sethu’s Life? 

From a young age, Sethu has carried the burden of being an orphan after tragically losing his parents in an accident. Despite his ambitious nature, Sethu’s enthusiasm diminishes when he starts working under Annachi, a ruthless individual who is known to be a heartless loan shark. Sethu’s aversion to Annachi stems from his desire to avoid a life of violence and instead, a longing for a peaceful existence. However, circumstances lead Sethu to cross paths with Kayal, an orphan girl. Sethu finds a sense of belonging in Kayal, as both of them have experienced the pain of not having anyone to call their own. Despite his pursuit of Kayal, Sethu remains a genuinely kind-hearted individual who never intends harm and remains true to himself and others. Violence has always been abhorrent to him until the introduction of Pachchaiyan, a character who alters Sethu’s perspective.

Pachchaiyan emerges as a psychopathic character who is driven by his twisted obsession with Kayal. He views women as mere objects and becomes increasingly fixated on them, going to great lengths to control and harm them. His actions escalate to the point where he starts physically assaulting her, leaving Kayal with no choice but to involve the police. But people like Pachchaiyan are egocentric, and his unchanging nature makes it unlikely for him to let go of his harmful intentions. However, this crucial moment changes Sethu’s life forever. 


When Pachchaiyan attacks Kayal, Sethu is confronted with the harsh reality that his happiness and companionship are at stake. Everything that Sethu holds dear comes crashing down in that pivotal moment, as Sethu realizes that allowing Pachchaiyan’s acts to continue unchecked would inevitably lead to him losing the only person who genuinely cares about him. When Sethu confronts Pachchaiyan and takes action to protect Kayal, an unfortunate accident occurs, resulting in Pachchaiyan’s untimely death. 

How Does Sethu Ingeniously Orchestrate His Escape From Jail?

Despite Pachchaiyan’s strong ties to Annachi, Sethu remains determined to secure his freedom and protect Kayal. Sethu devises a plan to escape to Australia with Kayal, hoping to create a new life far away from their troubles. However, their plans are thwarted, leading to Sethu’s arrest by the police. From the very beginning, Sethu understood the risks and consequences of crossing paths with Annachi. Aware of the potential threats posed by Annachi’s men, Sethu steadfastly maintains his silence, never revealing any crucial information that could jeopardize his escape plans or endanger Kayal. Fortunately, Annachi’s men are unable to harm Kayal, as she manages to escape.


John, being a loyal and trusted friend of Sethu, helps Sethu steal money and documents from Annachi’s office. He also protects Kayal from the dangers posed by Annachi’s men. John willingly offers his assistance and expertise, using his connections to help Kayal remain hidden and out of harm’s way. As the story unfolds, Sethu transforms into a person who is willing to go to great lengths for Kayal’s happiness. Sethu’s life revolves around Kayal, and thus he is really determined to make things better. Gathering like-minded individuals within the prison who share his determination to escape, Sethu forms a team who are ready to do whatever it takes to regain their freedom.

As the days pass, Sethu and his fellow inmates embark on a challenging journey of contemplation and planning. Together, they tirelessly work to dig a thirty-foot tunnel within the confines of their cell, slowly creating an opening that will serve as their path to freedom. The timing of their escape is crucial, and as the Independence Day celebrations arrive, Sethu sees the perfect opportunity to execute their plan. However, amidst the preparations, one of the prisoners notices Sethu’s intentions and decides to create obstacles for them. This inmate has become resentful due to Sethu’s previous manipulation, wherein Sethu used him as a pawn to create a favorable impression in front of the police officers. Understandably, this prisoner harbors a grudge and seeks to sabotage Sethu’s escape plans. 

Despite facing these internal challenges, Sethu and the other inmates remain resolute. Their determination, combined with their meticulous planning and collaboration, allows them to overcome the difficulties. However, their journey to freedom is difficult. The police become aware of their escape and begin pursuing them, leading to a tense and thrilling chase. Yet, through sheer determination and a collective effort, they manage to evade the clutches of the authorities. Finally, after a long and arduous journey, Sethu, along with the other inmates, reaches their desired destination unscathed. In Sethu’s case, his ultimate goal is to create a fresh start in Australia with Kayal by his side.

‘Thugs’ Ending Explained: Do Sethu And Kayal Reunite?

In the end, Sethu and Kayal’s long-awaited reunion finally takes place. The absence of Annachi from their lives brings a sense of relief, as Sethu’s disappearance means he can no longer harm them. While it is true that Sethu and John stole Annachi’s money and important documents, their actions can be seen as a justifiable response. Annachi accumulated his wealth through exploitative means, taking advantage of the poor and defenseless individuals who had no other choice but to suffer under his oppression. By reclaiming that stolen wealth, Sethu not only secures his own future but also helps to restore justice to those who were victimized by Annachi’s actions.


Moreover, Sethu’s plan and successful escape from prison have far-reaching implications for the other inmates as well. They now have the opportunity to live their lives on their own terms, pursuing their passions and sharing their lives with the people they love. The escape grants them a chance to break free from the constraints that held them back and fulfill their dreams without the fear of anyone standing in their way. It becomes a beacon of hope for them, a newfound sense of possibility that drives them toward a brighter future. Despite these positive developments, Sethu should be cautious since Annachi and his men may still be relentless in their pursuit to hunt him down. If he were to be caught, everything they have achieved so far could unravel, returning them to the starting point of their struggles. 

Thugs is a 2023 Telugu action thriller film directed by Brinda Master.

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