‘The Worst Of Evil’ Episodes 6 And 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Junmo Get Caught?

Ji Chang-Wook and Wi Ha-Joon’s K-drama series has crossed the midpoint and is still going strong. The Worst of Evil, set in the 90s, is well-stylized and thrilling in all the right ways, not shying away from violence. This week’s episodes of The Worst of Evil have revealed some interesting things, and as always, there’s the question of Junmo’s morale: how far can he go as a cop, what will he do to keep his wife safe, and why is he doing all of this at the end of the day? At the same time, gangster Gi-Cheul thought he had an informant on his team, but maybe he should’ve checked up on his facts first before trusting new guy Seungho.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6?

By The Worst of Evil Episode 6, Junmo has really climbed up the ranks super fast in Gicheul’s organization. He somehow has the knack for being a gangster, it seems. Gicheul takes Seungho (Junmo’s fake identity) with him to meet the Chinese instead of his two truly trusted best friends of 20 years, Heesung and Jungbae, shocking everybody. Gicheul wants to pay the Chinese to apologize for messing up their deal the last time—you know, when Seungho almost died saving Gicheul. Miss Lee isn’t so happy to see the money, though, and it seems the Japanese and the Chinese have been planning out their next moves together. The second in command from the Japanese team is in Korea, too, and asks both Gicheul and Lee to come meet him.


Later, in The Worst of Evil Episode 6, a cop finds out about the death of manager Cho, the drug dealer, and decides to investigate Gicheul and the gang to finally nail them for a violent crime. Somehow, Seungho immediately gets on the nerves of this cop. With a hunch, these cops follow Seungho and Gicheul to the “Grand Hotel,” where the Chinese and the Japanese wait for Gicheul. There are cops planted everywhere in the hotel, thanks to Junmo, but Junmo has to wear a wire, too. When they have to enter the room with the Japanese, the bodyguard does a check, and Junmo is in danger. Fortunately, he’s saved by the bell, literally, because Dohyung asks for the fire alarm to be turned on.

Junmo pretends to check on what’s happening and hides the bug in his cigarette pack since the guy has already checked his top half. When he’s patted down this time, everything is good, and he’s let inside. But he isn’t allowed to hear the conversation, so in turn, neither is Dohyung. Because the Japanese are under surveillance by the police in their own country, they want to put a hold on the deal for a little while. After the big incident, they think that Gicheul will be followed, too. The Japanese leader, whom Gicheul calls Father, is livid because of the incidents taking place recently. The Japanese ask Gicheul to wait downstairs while they talk to the Chinese, pretending to check if Gicheul, too, has cops tailing him.


To Miss Lee, Oyama offers a new deal, asking them to work with them directly. All this while, Gicheul has been the link, but he seems to be the problem because there was an informant within his team. But they still need a carrier for the goods to go from China to Japan, and Miss Lee says it’s her choice who she picks for the task. While they wait, everyone gets nervous. Gicheul’s guys want to know what’s going on. Dohyung’s heard only half the conversation and has no idea either, but everyone thinks he’s downstairs to do a drug deal right out there in the open. Fortunately, the cops don’t act up, and Gicheul and Junmo go back up. But the cop from the Gangnam district, who isn’t in on the other operation, decides to follow them in. He makes it to the floor where their meeting is, and threatens to break in. Seungho fights the man, even though he’s going to be imprisoned for assaulting an officer.

By the end of The Worst of Evil Episode 6, Miss Lee is really impressed by Seungho’s loyalty and considers him for the role of the new carrier. She calls the Japanese in front of Gicheul after telling Gicheul about the offer they made. Oyama tells Miss Lee that whatever she decides, the Japanese are okay with it. Now, the impossible thing would be for Seungho to get out of prison and show Miss Lee around Korea as a tour guide after assaulting an officer, but it looks like Miss Lee has developed a liking for him. The cop, on the other hand, goes to Gicheul’s office and creates a big scene, so Seungho decides to turn himself in. In return, he asks Gicheul to let him in on the drug deal fully.


What Happens In Episode 7?

In The Worst of Evil Episode 7, Junmo’s big plan is to rile up the cop, Mingwoo, is revealed. It seems that Mingwoo has thug-like tendencies himself. If Mingwoo is caught beating Seungho nearly to death, he will be in big trouble, giving a bad name to the Korean police, so Seungho will be let go as long as he keeps his mouth shut. The chief that Junmo is working with shows up just in time, saving him from pretty much losing an eye. Obviously, the plan works, and Seungho is greeted by Chief Seo outside the station. Chief Seo is starting to feel jealous, too, and asks Seungho what exactly Gicheul does with the Chinese and Japanese. He wants it, too. Junmo suggests to Chief Seo that he should try to push another member out if he isn’t able to make a place for himself on his own. Basically, he’s suggesting they team up to be Gicheul’s left and right hand while Jungbae or Heesung get pushed back.

Jungbae is really suspicious of Seungho now and can’t understand why Gicheul is blind. He insinuates that Euijong may have helped Seungho, meaning that he is working with the cops, and so he was let go. Gicheul is furious to hear this and shuts him up. He goes to meet Euijong, while Junmo meets the chief and Dohyung to discuss their next steps. He says Jungbae needs to get out of his way, so he must become a scapegoat for drugs or something. Gicheul does ask Euijong if she helped Seungho, but fortunately, she has no idea what is happening, and her reply is genuine confusion.


Later, in The Worst of Evil Episode 7, we find out that Miss Lee is doing her own investigation and finds her drugs being sold in the Taeho club that Jungbae is the owner of currently. She spends a day with Seungho, wasting some time checking if anyone is following them. Her passport is fake, which the cops already know, thanks to Junmo. Finally, she takes him for a fancy meal, showing him the meth she found at the club. She tells him that the drugs that were supposed to be sold to the Japanese have been doing the rounds in Korea, so how can she trust Gicheul ever again? At the same time, Jungbae tries to find out the truth about Euijong and Seungho from Gicheul’s errands guy and gives him a good sum of money for it. The guy immediately rats him out to Gicheul. In the meanwhile, Miss Lee wants to cancel the deal, but Junmo has to save it however he can. He offers himself as the carrier and promises to make sure this kind of thing won’t repeat itself. She walks out on him because Seungho, of course, is too loyal to Gicheul, and things can still go wrong.

Jungbae gets brought in by the cops for drugs in his club. He doesn’t say a word to them, though. The club gets raided, and the drug dealer is found. A celebrity using the drugs is found at home, too, and brought in for interrogation. By the end of the night, Jungbae is set free because he was only there as a witness and not a suspect. When he’s back in the office, Gicheul is suspicious of him. The celebrity shows up and says it was Jungbae who told the cops about his drugs, making things worse for him. Finally, Gicheul sends everyone out and talks it out with Jungbae. It turns out he was the one who stashed up on some of the Chinese high-quality substances to sell in Korea to make some money on the side.


Gicheul can’t stand one thing, and that is disloyalty. He tells Jungbae to leave the country and keep his head down, severing ties with him. Jungbae says he’ll regret the decision to let him go and keep Seungho and Euijong close. Chief Seo decides to take advantage of the situation, telling Seungho that he’s taking his advice. He beats up Jungbae in the elevator of the building and leaves a huge gash in his face, telling him never to show up in the neighborhood again. Miss Lee, who is now on a first-name basis with Seungho, calls him and asks for Gicheul to hear the conversation, too. Gicheul apologizes for the mess caused by Jungbae, but she’s not satisfied. She wants Seungho to apologize on his behalf in person. They can’t understand what she’s up to, but Seungho promises to do whatever he can to make sure she keeps the deal with Gicheul.

Gicheul organizes a memorial service at the church for Euijong’s mother, and she’s touched by the gesture. All the women who are there begin to talk to her, and that’s when Gicheul overhears that they went to church with her mother for 20 years. This means she never moved for Seungho and her to be in school together. He asks his errand guy what Jungbae wanted to know and confirms that it was about Euijong and Seungho’s past.


Will Junmo Get Caught?

Gicheul keeps Euijong hostage until he can get the information from his guy. She doesn’t know what’s going on, though; they’re just in a cafe, and he asks her to stay a little longer than they had decided. The man makes his way to Euijong’s father’s office, finding out some family details about him and pretending he’s with the press. He’s shocked to see the papers and excited to tell Gicheul immediately. Fortunately, Junmo finds out about this at the same time and rushes to stop the guy from giving the documents to Gicheul. Junmo makes it in just in time and tells the guy to hand over the documents to him. The guy asks Junmo why a cop is pretending to be a thug, proving that he’s read the documents already. Junmo tells him that he should side with the cops and just hand over the papers to him, but the guy begins to run. They’re on the roof of the building, and it’s raining cats and dogs.

A cool chase scene follows at the end of The Worst of Evil Episode 7, and the man ends up trying to jump off the building to land on another. Instead, his foot gets stuck in a wire, and he falls face-first to the ground. Obviously, he’s dead, but Junmo finds the documents and his phone and gets away. Euijong leaves Gicheul at the same time, too, and it seems right now that he’s letting her go.


Now, although Junmo didn’t kill that man, he will feel guilty for his death. So many things are happening all at once—the Chinese, the truth about Euijong, Gicheul’s drug deal falling through—how will Junmo face it all? We’ll find out in next week’s episode of The Worst of Evil.

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