‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’ Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained: What Happens To Michonne?

Among all the bad TV show tropes, introducing random characters and asking the audience to care about them has to be one of the worst. Sure, it’s only the second episode of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, but this show is more of a continuation than a spin-off. It is piggybacking on the eleven seasons of The Walking Dead, where it was a ground rule that you can’t make friends easily. Yet, we see Michonne finding not one but three good people, and it takes about twenty minutes for the four to be inseparable. Of course, things don’t go well for the other three, as you would expect. After all, this is a story that belongs to Michonne and Rick Grimes- not Nat, Aiden, and Bailey.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Michonne Do Since “The Bridge”?

We already know that Michonne went away from the core group to search for Rick, and she has managed to find him as well, which we saw in last week’s episode. But how did she get there after all? The answer to that would be the three names I mentioned earlier: Nat, Aiden, and Bailey. These three were part of a camp with a rather incapable leader, who also happened to be Aiden’s sister. Michonne got there after saving Aiden and her boyfriend Bailey from “death by walkers,” and all she wanted in return was a horse.¬†


But this leader was beating around the bush way too much with irrelevant questions, which frustrated Michonne, and, I am sure, the audience as well. Just when she was about to leave, Nat burst into the scene and did the settlement for Michonne. Nat is what you can call the Eugene equivalent (the science guy from the mother show, in case you were wondering) of this show, only less annoying and far more likable. He was a dwarf, but his size couldn’t keep him from being useful, especially when it came to burning and building things.¬†Right after leaving, Michonne found herself in a very familiar situation: millions of walkers were in front of her, and she had nowhere to go. But Nat, Aiden, and Bailey quickly came to her rescue, revealing they had now decided to follow Michonne and would do everything to help her find Rick. Some other people from their camp also followed them, though they evidently didn’t have much to say.

Who Dropped The Chlorine Bomb On Michonne And Her Friends?

The harsh truth here is that the moment the trio signed up for “Mission Finding Rick,” they were doomed. And to think that doom was handed to them on a platter by none other than CRM, the very thing Rick Grimes has pledged his life to! Michonne did manage to save Aiden and Bailey from walkers, but she obviously couldn’t save them and several others who followed her from the wrath of the chlorine bomb, which the CRM dropped on them. Aiden and Bailey didn’t die right away, though, as they took shelter in a deserted hospital with Michonne and Nat. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before the couple fell prey to death, and it was Michonne who had to do the heartbreaking but very necessary thing.


Does Michonne Find Rick?

In light of everything that had happened, Michonne requested Nat to go back to Alexandria. But he refused- as he had made up his mind about seeing the ending, and not abandoning Michonne, especially now that she was two friends-short! The two of them soon faced the CRM again, but this time, they were prepared after all. And this is the same attack, that happened to be the one with Rick Grimes and Okafor, whom you can surely remember from last week. Michonne and Nat turned out to be quite a threat to the CRM, only this time, we saw things from their perspective. We finally got the emotional reunion that we were waiting for, and the first thing Rick did was tell Michonne that he was not with the CRM. But didn’t he give up on getting back to Michonne and make peace with his current life already? I’m just saying. Anyway, the reunion gets cut short by the very sudden death of Nat at the hands of an almost fallen CRM soldier, who dies right after shooting Nat!

What Happens To Michonne After She Finds Rick?

By now, it has been established that CRM is the villain in this show, and the organization needs to be taken care of. And who better than Rick Grimes and Michonne to do that? But for now, it would be ludicrous to go vengeful on them, so Rick does the smart thing by asking Michonne to pretend to be someone else. He knows for a fact that if the CRM people find out who Michonne really is, then both of them are as good as dead. So he convinces Michonne to play the part of a lucky survivor who just happened to be out there and got caught by him. Michonne is initially skeptical, but it’s Rick Grimes who’s asking her to do something after all; how can she refuse?


And Rick’s plan does seem to work, at least on the first level. Michonne doesn’t have much of a problem convincing the CRM interview board that she’s Dana, who was looking for something like a CRM all along. Soon she is a consignee, just like Rick once was, and the two of them are sneaking around, making up for lost time, and thinking about getting out of the hell called CRM. While Rick only intends to get away, Michonne seems to have revenge on her mind, which is understandable considering she has actually seen what these people do outside. But in this universe, things obviously can’t happen without roadblocks! I don’t think any of us were surprised when we saw Rick returning to his quarter and finding a visitor who happened to be none other than Jadis, aka the one who handed him over to CRM in the first place. We all saw it coming, considering the show didn’t try to hide Pollyanna McIntosh’s appearance, and she does manage to make an impact right away! Jadis obviously knows that Dana is clearly someone else, and given that she’s an opportunist who would swing the way the winds of power blow, she wouldn’t hesitate to pass on that information to CRM. But thanks to Rick saving her once upon a time (something that is not mentioned here), Jadis doesn’t want to do that yet. Instead, she wants to know what the deal is, from Rick. Well, we know for a fact that Rick and Michonne are not the kind of people who would just sit around and do nothing, so it’s pretty much evident that hell is going to break loose next week, hopefully on CRM.

Note: Watching Michonne wearing a helmet, using a walker to ride Nat’s wagon, and using her signature katana sword is a nice callback to the time when she made her first appearance in The Walking Dead.

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