‘The Taming Of The Shrewd’ Recap & Ending Explained: Things To Know Before Watching Polish Sequel

The Netflix Polish comedy-drama The Taming of the Shrewd follows a romantic tale of Kaska and Patryk falling for each other. The story centers around Kaska, a beekeeper who has her heart broken after finding out her boyfriend’s been having an affair. But the major conflict of the story begins when Kaska returns to her village only to find out that her brothers are planning to sell their land to a firm. Kaska is strongly against the sale of the land, but the firm owner, Agata, hatches a scheme and tries to convince Kaska to sell the land. The Taming of the Shrewd was first released in 2022 on Netflix, and now the streaming giant is all set to release a continuation of this narrative. Before the sequel part of this film hits the Netflix screen, let’s discuss the things we should know about the film and its characters.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Kaska is a beekeeper as well as a scientist who aspired to build an apiary in the land of her home village, Podhale. After finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, heartbroken Kaska returned to her village and found out that her two brothers, Wacus and Jedrus, were planning to sell their land to the Nawrot firm. Wacus and Jedrus were trying to get a substantial cut by selling the land, but Kaska, who also had her rights on this land, opposed the idea of selling it. Nawrot firm owner Agata Nawrot, a prominent businesswoman, had her sights set on the land, which had bogwood, even more precious than diamonds, but Kaska stood in her way, determined not to sell the land.


Agata hatched a scheme and decided to utilize her worthless, spoiled brat brother Patryk in her pursuit to grab the land. Agata hired a thug, who threatened Patryk for money so that Patryk would call his sister to ask for help. The plan worked, and Patryk called his sister, who assigned him a job in exchange for helping him with the money. She asks Patryk to go to Podhale to impress Kaska and eventually convince her to make a deal with the Nawrots. Meanwhile, in Podhale, Kaska’s brothers made a similar plan and looked for an attractive guy to manipulate their sister. Upon Patryk’s arrival in the village, Kaska’s brothers also chose him as a perfect ploy for their sister.

Did Patryk Convince Kaska To Sell Her Land?

Patryk met Kaska for the first time when he almost accidentally hit her with his bike. Probably it was intentional, as Patryk wanted to get closer to Kaska to woo her, but Kaska didn’t want to give him any chance. She had just moved on from a terrible breakup, so she didn’t want to fall for another guy and repeat the same mistake once again. While Kaska was taking her time, Patryk could do everything possible to draw her attention. Patryk began to help her with everything, starting from fixing her wooden roof to buying beehives for her. But no matter what happened or how much Kaska felt attracted to Patryk, she refrained from getting involved with him romantically. There were some special moments between them when both of them tried to make a move but backed off. While Kaska didn’t want to move things further because of her fear of heartbreak, Patryk felt guilty for not being honest with Kaska about his arrival in the village.


However, one day, when Kaska came to know that a queen bee that she had ordered from Belgium had arrived, she hurried to the post office, and Patryk gave her a lift to reach there quickly. Thanks to Patryk, Kaska arrived there early and received the queen bee, which would probably have died otherwise due to the delay. Kaska realized that she had begun to fall for Patryk, and she couldn’t thank him enough for his kindness. Eventually, as Kaska was impressed and the two of them made out, the next morning everything changed in their lives. Patryk, who felt guilty about keeping everyone around him in darkness, went to talk to Kaska’s brothers about his real identity and that he had fallen for their sister. Meanwhile, Kaska woke up and found Patryk had left. Not only that but when she found his phone ringing with Agata Nawrot’s name on display, Kaska freaked out. She also saw Patryk’s passport, in which his surname was Nawrot. Connecting the dots, Kaska realized that Patryk was a fake who had just used her to his own benefit. Kaska later confronted Patryk, who had already upset Wacus and Jedrus as well. However, instead of further interrogation, Kaska, with her broken heart, gave up on her dreams and decided to sell the land for the sake of her brothers, but Patryk became the one who went against the idea. Meanwhile, Patryk also realized that it was Agata who had also betrayed her brother by hiring a thug to threaten him. Therefore, Patryk decided to take revenge on his sister by planning a scheme against her.

Did Kaska Build Her Beehive Factory?

Patryk came up with an idea that would not only take his revenge on Agata but also fulfill Kaska’s dream. Patryk asked Wacus and Jedrus to sell the land and decided to set up a company focusing on the bees and the precious bogwood available on the land. Patryk was also a shareholder of the Nawrot company, so he bought the land from Kaska’s brothers and built the company “Bees and Bogwoods,” making Wacus and Jedrus the company’s chairmen.  “Bees and Bogwoods”was founded on Kaska’s land, consisting of a large bogwood reserve and the beehive factories, just like Kaska wanted. Agata, who had been planning all along to grab the land and the bogwood to make a substantial income out of this, found out that her own brother, Patryk, who used to be worthless, beat her in the game of business and acquired his own company, which became the most famous bogwood reserve on the entire continent.


In the film’s concluding scenes, we see Kaska at a local wedding reception, where she meets Patryk once again. This time, Patryk had no ulterior motives or given assignments in his mind, but now he came to speak about his real feelings for Kaska. Kaska, who trusted Patryk and also fell in love with him for making her dreams come true, couldn’t help but share a kiss with him.

What Can We Expect From Sequel?

The two of them ended up together, probably happily ever after. But the upcoming film The Taming of the Shrewd, which is a continuation of the same story, makes us wonder what could go wrong in Kaska and Patryk’s fairy tale romance any further. Well, in the trailer for the upcoming film, we saw Kaska heading back to America to receive an award, while Patryk was worried Kaska would go back to her ex, the one who cheated on Kaska earlier. The trust issue created between the couple is probably going to be the major conflict of the story, which intrigues us to know if Kaska and Patryk will end up together or if something worse is going to happen in their lives. All the queries will be answered in the upcoming continuation of The Taming of the Shrewd.

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