‘The New Look’ Episode 9 Recap: What Happened At Christian’s Father’s Funeral?

The ninth episode of The New Look focuses on some tragic events in the lives of both Coco and Christian simultaneously. While Christian has been mourning the loss of his father, Coco has been grieving Elsa’s death. This episode is replete with new twists in the lives of both the designers, completely transforming them as individuals in the long run. This episode will also bring out Catherine’s dilemma after being in a concentration camp for so long. Will Christian be able to follow his dreams? How will Elsa’s death affect Coco? Will Catherine be able to cope with her traumatic experience at the camp? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Coco Ask Elsa To Move Out?

The bond that Coco and Elsa had as little girls was inseparable. Coco told Elsa that she would be a designer someday and would take Elsa with her wherever she went. However, the current times portray a different scenario! After getting Elsa out of prison, she asked her to leave her place and go to Britain and meet Lottie (Elsa’s half-sister) and stay at her place. However, Elsa blamed Coco for associating with Spatz and kicking her out of her life. Later, André came to meet them and said that he had arranged a dinner the next night. He also asked them to bring Spatz with them. Coco refused his proposal, but he insisted, saying he wanted to know the man who had fascinated his aunt. When Lang came to the dinner, André asked him if he had fought in the war, but he said that he was just a textile merchant who was more of a lover than a fighter. André further asked him who he sold textiles to during the war, and Spatz retorted that he sold them to whoever was buying them from him. This led to a mild altercation between André and Spatz, which caused André to become a bit suspicious of Spatz. 


Later, Coco asked Spatz if he had dropped the Schellenberg mission, and he said that all of it was buried and asked her for some money. Coco promised him money if he would stay away from André. As Coco was worried about André being suspicious of Spatz, Elsa asked her to tell André the truth about her association with Spatz in a previous mission. Coco became furious and pushed Elsa away, asking her to leave her residence the very next day. 

Where Did Coco Go?

After the Wertheimers had decided to make a deal with Coco, she decided to meet her lawyer. Before leaving, Coco asked Elsa to be gone before she came back. When she went to the meeting, she was told that they had filed suits on two continents, with their cases pending in New York and Paris. Coco also came to know that the Wertheimers didn’t resist settlement with her after they realized that she had met Carmel Snow. They were scared that Coco’s new fragrance would end up in the hands of Neiman Marcus. Meanwhile, Coco had been planning to pressure them, making them finally get on their knees. 


How Did Elsa Lose Her Life?

While returning home, Coco was stuck in the rain and decided to take shelter in a church. The priest asked Coco her whereabouts and learned that she was a refugee and that she had been staying with one of her friends and cousins at a hotel. He said that she was lucky that she at least had someone to go back to at the end of the day. Meanwhile, Elsa had been calling Lottie to visit her in London, but she asked her not to come. She was extremely dejected, and it was right then that Spatz came to meet her. He got to know that she had fallen out with Coco, and taking advantage of that, he handed her a needle and drugs. In a moment of desperation, Elsa took the shot, and when Coco came back to apologize to her, she found Elsa’s lifeless body lying on the sofa. Coco lamented her decision to be so harsh with Elsa, blaming herself for her death. 

What Issues Was Christian Facing At Work?

Christian had been planning to arrange a fashion show when Pierre Cardin came to visit him, and he immediately decided to offer him the job of a head tailor. He realized that they immediately needed to hire seamstresses, but Pierre suggested hiring them from other fashion Coutures to which Christian disagreed. Pierre warned him that it would be very difficult for him to prepare for the costumes before the launch date if he didn’t hire the seamstresses immediately, making him answerable to Bousaac. 


What Happened At Christian’s Father’s Funeral?

Christian went to get his brother Bernard from the hospital before attending his father’s funeral. After finishing the rituals at the funeral, when they finally sat down for lunch together, Raymond said that bad luck ran in their family and that it was not a wise decision on Christian’s part to have suddenly opened his business. He also said how their father had lost their family business, causing them to shift to the wasteland (as a result, Raymond had tried to kill himself). When Christian felt discouraged, he asked Raymond to just let him live his life, to which Raymond responded that he didn’t want to see his brother become a failure like his dad. 

Did Catherine Reveal Tania’s Whereabouts To Friedman?

Seeing Friedman suffer, Catherine finally decided to give him closure. She went up to Friedman and said that his daughter, Tania, had died a horrible death at the camp. She and Tania were friends at the camp, and when one day Tania was sick, she stole some bread for her. Seeing the bread in her hand, the guards thought that she had stolen it, and they beat her up mercilessly before throwing her off into the fire. 


Did Christian Hire Seamstresses From Other Couture Houses?

When Christian came back after his father’s funeral, the other designers asked him about his progress with the launch. Christobal said that he could send him one seamstress, but Christian said that he needed 30 seamstresses to make the launch. Later, Madam Zehnacker asked Christian to postpone the date of their launch, to which he disagreed. Christian finally agreed to them hiring seamstresses from other fashion houses, as they had to survive. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 10th and final episode of The New Look is sure to bring about some new twists in the lives of both Christian and Coco. After Coco has lost one of her dear friends, she is likely to open up about her past collaboration with Spatz to André. Christian, who has been seeking to find seamstresses from other fashion houses, is likely to make new enemies. Both the designer’s lives are going to get completely changed by the next episode of The New Look


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