‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3, Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Bo-Katan Get Hold Of The Darksaber?

Disney’s beloved project “The Mandalorian” is just two episodes away from its Season 3 finale, and if the latest episode says anything, we might see a whole new crew of Mandalorians rally in support of Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze. In the last episode, the Armorer of the Children of the Watch assigned Bo-Katan to recruit Mandalorians from across the galaxy before Mandalore is reclaimed, and this episode saw Bo and her friend Mando head to a new planet to complete that task. We also see a host of celebrity appearances in this episode, with big names like Jack Black, Lizzo, and Christopher Lloyd dropping in to add to the star power. Here’s what all happens in Episode 6 of “The Mandalorian” Season 3.


Spoilers Ahead

The Mercenaries

A Quarrenese merchant ship is heading towards the planet Trask when the navigators spot an unidentified Imperial ship in its way, and when Captain Shuggoth tries reasoning with the passengers in the ship, she’s answered by Mandalorians. Axe Woves, whom we last saw in “The Mandalorian” Season 2 alongside Bo-Katan Kryze as they came to rescue Din Djarin from drowning, is now the leader of the Imperial ship, and he says his crew has accepted a bounty to bring back a Mon Calamari Viceroy’s son, who’s on-board the Quarranese ship. Koska Reeves, Bo-Katan’s former ally, comes aboard and takes away the Calamari prince, who had eloped with Captain Shuggoth before the Mandalorian mercenaries headed to the planet of Plazir-15.


The Planet Of Plazir-15

Plazir, a planet not listed in the New Republic domain, is the same place where Bo-Katan, Mando, and Grogu are heading because she has tracked her old crew members to this planet, and she plans on reclaiming the Imperial fleet as well as recruiting the Mandalorians she used to command. Moments after spotting the Mandalorian fleet, Bo-Katan loses control of her ship as it’s overtaken by droids that direct it to a station. The guests are surprised to notice Imperial droids welcoming them to an independent planet, and when they board the transport vehicle and ask to be taken to the Mandalorians, they’re instead taken to the High Senate. Upon arriving at the culturally diverse Senate, Mando and Bo-Katan are greeted by the Duchess (Lizzo) of Plazir and her husband, former Imperial officer Captain Bombardier (Jack Black), who seem to be the friendliest rulers the two Mandalorians have come across in a while.

The Droid Problem

The Duchess informs their newest guests that her planet has flourished beyond words ever since the former facilities planning officer Bombardier arrived on the planet as part of his Amnesty program. She immediately strikes up a friendship with Grogu by luring him to her lap with fish and continues that the first-ever direct democratic election was held at Plazir, where she and her husband were elected as rulers. When Mando asks to meet the Mandalorian fleet, the royals offer them an assignment where the two can look into the problem of malfunctioning droids that the Plazir citizens are fed up with. In exchange for getting rid of these rogue battle droids, the Captain offers the possibility of Plazir recognizing Mandalore as a sovereign planet and will also request the New Republic to view the planet in a similar way. Bo-Katan consults Mando, and he’s already hyped to destroy battle droids.


Mando and Bo-Katan visit the head security officer, Commissioner Helgait (Christopher Lloyd), in charge of droid control, who shows them some of the recorded instances of droids acting up and causing havoc for the citizens of Plazir. When Bo-Katan asks why they don’t shut all the droids down, Helgait says the citizens won’t allow that to happen because they’ve surrendered the entirety of their labor to the droids so that they can while away their time in recreation. The two Mandalorians head to the lower levels to meet the droid-builder Ugnaughts, but Bo has little luck trying to communicate with them. Mando steps in and announces himself in typical Ugnaught fashion, as he had learned from Quill on the planet of Arvala-7 in the first season. The Ugnaughts invite the Mandalorians to their table and share a drink with them, but Bo-Katan’s manner of speaking, in which she claims the droids the Ugnaughts made are malfunctioning, upsets them. Mando once more steps in and appeases the builders as the greatest droid creators in the galaxy, which makes them hand over a chart of the locations of the droids the Mandalorians need.

The Disturbance 

Mando and Bo-Katan head to the docking loads, which the chart suggests might be the location of the next disturbance, and find several reprogrammed battle droids carrying packages under the supervision of a manager droid. As Bo questions the manager, Mando begins kicking the carriers to see which of them reacts, and soon enough, one battle droid throws Mando and escapes the dock. As Bo and Mando chase the rogue machine, it puts up a fight, hurling heavy objects at its pursuers until Mando pins it down and Bo-Katan blasts it from behind. Upon closer inspection of the body, they discover a spark pad carrying the name of a droid bar called The Resistor. When they enter the bar, the mechanical chatter and music immediately halt as the two Mandalorians approach the bartender. Mando immediately begins threatening the bartender droid, so Bo pulls him aside and tells him that his bias is getting in the way when the bartender intervenes and offers help. It tells the interrogators that if the rogue droids continue acting out, there’s a possibility that all droids will be replaced, and they don’t want that because they still have a purpose in them.


Political Motivations

The bartender droid tells the Mandalorians that every droid that visits The Resistor is served a viscous lubricant named Nepenthe that reprograms the droids by patching the programming as per the mainframe change and adds that every malfunctioning droid has been served the same batch of Nepenthe. Bo and Mando visit a lab tech with the body of the battle droid they downed, and the tech examines the Nepenthe from the droid’s body to conclude that programming sub-particles are present in the fluid. When Mando asks if the particles are still active or not, the examining droid goes berserk and starts shooting lasers at the three people until Mando slashes it in half with the Darksaber. The lab tech then notices the particles are actually nano-droids that contain a chain code; these were created by the Techno Union but didn’t arrive with the Droid Acquisitions but were done by the Security Office—a highly illegal act. She adds that the nano-droids were brought in by none other than the head of security, Commissioner Helgait.

When the two Mandalorians confront Helgait, he immediately threatens to press the big red button that’ll return the reprogrammed droids to their initial programming of war and destroy the planet. It’s revealed that Helgait is a separatist and a follower of Count Dooku, but his speech is cut short by Bo, who tases him. Helgait is taken to the Duchess and Captain Bombardier, who are playing with Grogu. After sending the convicted commissioner to a faraway planet to serve his sentence, the Duchess gives the Mandalorians the Key to Plazir and knights Grogu before sending them to the area where the mercenaries are holed up. While traveling to the location in the Plazir version of a bullet train, Mando asks Bo what she’ll say when she meets her previous crew, but she doesn’t have an answer yet.


Season 3 Episode 6 Ending Explained: How Did Bo-Katan Get Hold Of The Darksaber?

Upon arriving at the open fields that Woves and his crew have made their temporary home, Bo-Katan challenges him to a battle as warriors, and the two Mandalorians fight as others spectate. Bo finally pins Woves down and holds a knife to his throat to make him yield, but he says she’s not the rightful leader either because an alien-like Din Djarin commands the Darksaber. Bo beseeches her crew that Din is as much a Mandalorian as the rest of them, but her words will mean naught, which is why Mando brings over the Darksaber to her. She explains that the Darksaber needs to be won in battle and can’t be given as a gift, but Mando says it’s not a gift.

Mando then explains to Bo’s previous crew that, while exploring Mandalore, he was taken captive by a creature that was felled by Bo-Katan using his Darksaber. Since she defeated the enemy that captured him, she should be the rightful owner of the weapon, and the other Mandalorians agree. As Mando hands the weapon to the princess of the Kryze clan, it seems Mandalore will have its rightful ruler back on the throne soon.


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