‘The Idol’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Jocelyn Manipulating Tedros?

The Idol, the most controversial show of the year, or one could argue, of the past few years, has come to an end with a fizzle rather than a bang. In terms of substance, we can surely say the last two episodes of The Idol have more than the rest of the show put together. Although that’s not saying much, considering the show was cut down to just 5 episodes. There’s one major loophole in the series, and that’s about Tedros’ character and how he goes from pimp to wimp in a matter of days. The problem also arises because we don’t really know the timeline of the show until it’s mentioned, which happens very briefly in the last episode. Let’s get straight into everything that happens in the last episode of The Idol.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

The Idol Episode 5 begins with Jocelyn singing a new song, feeling herself, and being in the best mood she’s been in during the whole show. Tedros, on the other hand, looks his worst, drowning in alcohol. The lyrics to the song Jocelyn is singing are a reflection of their relationship. An ode of sorts. Joss then tells Tedros to leave because he’s out of sorts, and she’s working hard on delivering her music. They have an argument about who the song is about, and Joss tells Tedros that his work there is done now. She then tells everyone in the room about how Tedros manipulated her into going to the club through Dyanne and had this elaborate plan to get to her. Joss presents the song to Nikki at the office, and Nikki loves it, but Fink is still worried about the tour. He tells Joss the team is coming over for a meeting sometime, and Joss is ready for the show to start!


It’s time for a massive showcase, and Joss preps the whole team to get ready. Chloe, Izaak, and Ramsey, all brought in by Tedros, are going to be part of Joss’ opening act, while Tedros gets pushed to the sidelines and watches as Joss takes over everything. After Joss leaves, Tedros pretends to be the one in charge and reminds the younglings that “sex sells.” He tells Xander to come out of his shell and not have Joss walk all over him. When Fink, Nikki, D, and Chaim arrive at the house, Tedros’ people all put on a welcome show for them. Chaim and the gang are extremely uncomfortable and confused about what is happening there.

Fink is not there to hear about anything else except Joss. He wants to make sure the tour is on, and that’s all he cares about, but D asks Chloe to sing for them while they wait for Joss to show up. It’s all part of Joss’ plan to make a diva-tastic entry. They’re blown away by Chloe’s talent. At the same time, Leia gets a phone call from Rob saying someone is accusing him of sexual assault at Joss’ house. He needs Joss to go on record to say he did no such thing. He also tells her how Xander was the person who took photos of the girl with Rob to make him look bad. Joss makes her entry, convinces Fink to listen to the rest of the team, and promises that things are going to go smoothly. He finally gives in and watches a fantastic show unfold. They can’t believe that the talented performers are not signed under any label but were discovered by Tedros. In the meantime, Leia tries to talk to Xander about what happened with Rob, but he seems bothered by it. He then implies that Joss already knows about it and is ignoring Rob’s calls for the same reason.


It’s not entirely clear if Joss knew about it, but it’s not something that bothers her much. She looks teary-eyed, but she’s sure it’s Tedros who did this out of spite, and she tells Chaim to get rid of him by paying him off. Amidst the chaos of Rob’s news, Tedros tells Xander to join the party and perform. He, too, is fantastic, and even though Joss had no idea that Xander would perform, she pretends she put it all together and tells the team that he will be part of the opening act too.

Chaim tells Tedros a little story about Red Riding Hood and a hunter that kills the wolf and then calls himself the hunter to scare Tedros, but we see Joss getting ready to perform on the side, implying that she might actually be the big bad wolf here to get everyone. She gives the performance her all, and it’s a highly sexual song that impresses everyone, especially Fink. He goes as far as to say that, as a father figure, he’s proud of her for coming up with this great work. Fink makes the decision to put the tour back on while Chaim seemingly “gets rid” of Tedros. Leia finally makes the decision to leave Joss, realizing that she was the manipulative one all along. On the other hand, Dyanne’s release gets canceled, thanks to Joss. Nikki tells Dyanne that she can just write more music based on her experiences, and they’ll put it out soon enough. Dyanne knows this is all Joss’ doing, realizing she shouldn’t have stabbed her in the back.


Chaim’s big plan for getting rid of Tedros is to use Talia to write a revolting article about the man rather than a piece about Joss. She loves the idea and takes it up, solving the Tedros problem for all of them, or so they think. Six weeks later, it’s time for the tour to be in LA, and everything looks fabulous. Chaim, Nikki, and Fink celebrate their victory over Tedros and how they sold out stadiums within 3 weeks. The three songs that Joss had worked on were all released in the six weeks before the tour.

‘The Idol’ Episode 5 Ending Explained

Tedros comes to the stadium; he’s sure there’s an artist pass for him, and as he walks in meekly, even with the bodyguards making fun of him, there’s an eerie feeling about it all. D is the only one who is in the green room with Jocelyn. She knows that Tedros is coming to visit and reminds him that if he tries any funny business with Joss, he will die by D’s hands. When Joss shows up, she’s all lovey-dovey with Tedros; they’re telling each other how much they miss each other. He sees the hairbrush that her mother used to use to hit her, but it’s actually a brand-new hairbrush. Joss just gives him a knowing smile, meaning that she might’ve lied or, at the very least, exaggerated it all about her mother. She takes him in the cart to the stage, and they hold hands. It’s almost romantic (yuck!). Finally, Joss goes on stage and talks about her tough year. She tells the people of LA that they’re her family and she loves them all dearly; it’s all quite touching. She’s dressed in a white sheer dress, making her look like an angel herself. Everyone is thrilled and cheering for her in the sold-out stadium, Nikki, Fink, and Chaim included.

At the end of The Idol episode 5, Joss tells the crowd that she is going to introduce them to the love of her life and calls up Tedros on stage. This shocked the team, and they watched with gaping mouths as Tedros stepped on stage and gave Joss a kiss. She tells him that he’s hers for the rest of his life and then commands him to go stand in the corner. Finally, the title card rolls over with Joss right in the middle of the words “The Idol.” We can see that Joss has been the manipulator this whole time, but she hasn’t just manipulated Tedros; she’s manipulated her team, the producers, and ultimately her fans, too, hence the name “The Idol.” It’s all been a big show. In episode 4, Rob tells Joss that the thing he liked the most about her is that she will do anything to get what she wants, and this could’ve been a hint as to where things were going in the end. She will do anything to be the biggest star and retain her stardom.

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