‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending: Why Does Mi Joo Consider Going Back To The Village?

After her husband was wrongfully murdered, Young Soon raised her son strictly, and Choi Kang Ho became a prosecutor as his mother wished. However, Young Soon became The Good Bad Mother during this process, as she had good intentions, but her ways were wrong, and Kang Ho grew to hate her. Kang Ho became hungry for money and power and willingly asked the rich property developer Song to adopt him. Kang Ho gave his mother this upsetting news when she saw him for the first time in a long while. Young Soon was devastated, but a while later, she got even worse news: Kang Ho got into an accident.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Young Soon Bring Kang Ho Back To The Village?

Kang Ho is heavily injured, but he is still alive. Even after performing the surgery, the doctors express their worry to Young Soon that Kang Ho might not be able to live normally like before. Meanwhile, Kang Ho’s girlfriend, Ha Young, is scared because Kang Ho isn’t dead yet. Shockingly, she had planned this accident with her father and is worried that if Kang Ho wakes up, he might discover the truth. Oh Tae Soo never liked Kang Ho, but that wasn’t enough reason to try to kill him. Constructor Song is trying to find the culprit, but it is difficult even for him to trace it. The villagers are worried about Kang Ho as well, but Sam Sik’s mother says that Kang Ho is paying for his sins. She calls Kang Ho an impudent son when her own son is no better. Sam Sik has a habit of stealing things. In their small village, he could steal nothing better than rice, wine, and watermelons, but he just had to steal something. However, one day, he stole a ring to give to his mother and got arrested. Even after getting discharged from prison, he didn’t return to the village and lied to his mother to get money from her. He finds Mi Joo in Seoul and tells her that he is going to work on a ship.

Kang Ho opens his eyes a month after his accident, but as the doctor expected, he is not completely fine. He is paralyzed from the neck down and has forgotten the majority of his past due to retrograde amnesia. He only has memories from his early childhood. Young Soon brings him back to the village secretly at night and lies to the villagers that he is recovering well back in Seoul. However, her neighbors eventually find out that he is bedridden at her home. Young Soon didn’t want others to know, but no news remains a secret in a small village. The villagers support Young Soon in tough times, but she won’t be relieved until Kang Ho eats food. He hasn’t spoken a single word or eaten anything in a week, and Young Soon is praying to every god she knows. She eventually gets frustrated and tries to feed him forcefully. Kang Ho resists again and spits out the food. When Young Soon breaks out in tears, Kang Ho iterates the words that are deeply engraved in his mind. He has forgotten most of his past, but he hasn’t forgotten that his mother told him not to eat on a full stomach, or he’ll get sleepy and won’t be able to study. Young Soon feels guilty and ashamed that her son refused to eat because he was terrified of eating and getting scolded by her. She tells him earnestly that he doesn’t have to do that anymore, and Kang Ho finally takes his first bite.

Kang Ho still can’t move his body, but Young Soon can’t wait and depend on the rehabilitation facility to make him better. She puts his childhood toys in front of him, and Kang Ho tries to move his hand to grab his favorite toy robot. Young Soon feels hopeful, and she pushes him more to move his hand. She stops feeding him, and even though it hurts her, she does it for his sake. She has always been strict and doesn’t change her attitude, even when her son is helpless. However, her method works, and after a few days, Kang Ho picks up spoon and eats on his own.

Does Constructor Song Know About Kang Ho’s Past?

As Kang Ho can move his hands now, he doesn’t have to go to a rehabilitation center, and Young Soon lets him use a wheelchair to wander around. However, Kang Ho is a child now and needs to be taken care of. While Young Soon is away, Mi Joo’s kids, Ye Jin, and Seo Jin, take Kang Ho out to play with them, and Kang Ho gets hurt by falling off his wheelchair. Kang Ho told Ye Jin and Seo Jin that he was seven years old, like them, so they could be friends. Young Soon has to tell him that he is thirty-five years old, but God has given him an opportunity to live a better life again. On the other hand, Mi Joo, who is in huge debt after her business partner ran away with all the money, wonders what Kang Ho is doing these days. When Mi Joo first started to work as a nail artist, Kang Ho was preparing for the bar exam. She made Kang Ho quit his part-time job and supported him financially. They lived together like a married couple and had vowed to be there for each other for a lifetime, but that never happened. They drifted apart, and Mi Joo believes that Kang Ho lives in the US now. However, Kang Ho is now in their hometown, living as a child who starts crying if he strays away from his mother at an unknown place.

It doesn’t take constructor Song long to find out that Oh Tae Soo was behind Kang Ho’s accident, and he has also collected evidence against him. When he asks Tae Soo about his motive behind it, Tae Soo reveals to him that Kang Ho is the son of Choi Hae Sik, whom he had killed. Song acts unsurprised and says that he doesn’t remember the past clearly. Tae Soo tries to convince Song that Kang Ho is a threat to him, but Song already knows. He didn’t hire Kang Ho for his risky and illegal business without a background check. He had even asked Kang Ho about his father, to which Kang Ho replied that he was an irresponsible man who left his family behind. Song isn’t sure whether Kang Ho is really clueless about his father’s death or is pretending, but he is useful to him, and he is going to use him as long as he can. However, he still has no idea that Kang Ho can’t be useful to him until he regains his memories. Kang Ho plays with two kids in his small town with no memory of what he’s left behind in Seoul. However, he is getting to enjoy a childhood that he never had. He loved playing baseball, and his new friends let him play with them. While playing, he loses Ye Jin’s favorite ball, and she tells him that her terrifying father will scold him. Kang Ho really gets scared like a child, and the only thing on his mind is finding her ball.

Why Does Young Soon Get Upset With Kang Ho?

Young Soon heads to Seoul to clear Kang Ho’s apartment, and it’s the first time she’s ever seen where he lived. She finds a secret locker in his apartment, and the belongings inside it surprise her. Moreover, she goes to his office as well, but all she encounters are people protesting against Kang Ho. Every person she meets claims that Kang Ho was unjust and took bribes, which ruined the lives of their loved ones. Young Soon didn’t want to believe them, but the cash, gold biscuits, and deeds found in Kang Ho’s locker said otherwise. She lashes out at Kang Ho after going back home but blames herself for raising him wrong. She wanted him to have money and power to help others, but instead, he became greedy and didn’t care about them. Kang Ho doesn’t understand what he did because he doesn’t have memories, but he promises his crying mother that he won’t make the same mistakes again.

Sam Sik only keeps in touch with Mi Joo and hasn’t even told his parents where he is. However, he is lying to Mi Joo as well. Mi Joo believes that Sam Sik is working on a ship, but he is working as a waiter at a shack near the port. Mi Joo is struggling herself and even considers going back to the village because she is tight on money. Her previous customers are hunting her down at every new workplace, asking for money, and she is getting fired. None of the three friends are living a normal life. While Mi Joo and Sam Sik are concerned about making a living, Kang Ho is concerned about finding Ye Jin’s bouncy ball, fearing a scolding by her terrifying father. He wanders through the village all day to find the ball, and Young Soon keeps on looking for him, but he gets away. The Good Bad Mother Episode 4 ends with Kang Ho finally finding the bouncy ball late at night and knocking on Ye Jin’s door with a big smile on his face, but the person who opens the door is shocked to see him. It’s Mi Joo, and she has returned to the village. Mi Joo has seen Kang Ho after quite some time and has a lot of questions for him, but will Kang Ho recognize her?

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