‘The Clearing’ Episode 6 Recap & Review: Was Henrik Alive? What Did Freya Find In The Woods?

In the previous episode of The Clearing, Adrienne’s transformative journey and the emergence of her cult, The Kindred, took center stage. However, in this episode, the narrative shifted back to the timeline where Freya Haywood, aka Amy, was determined to uncover the truth behind Carrie Anderson’s kidnapping. Freya had harbored reservations about her brother Anton, and her suspicions intensified when she noticed a van similar to the one associated with the abduction of Carrie. However, Inspector Joe Saad was initially reluctant to believe Anton could be involved. In this episode, Amy relentlessly searched for concrete evidence regarding the true kidnapper’s identity, but her quest for the truth could be a perilous journey for her as well as her family.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Adrienne Get The Bail?

Episode 6 opened with the detectives executing a clever strategy to apprehend Adrienne, who was hiding in France under the alias Aida Smith. Posing as delivery boys, they successfully arrested her and transported her back to Australia. Adrienne was subsequently jailed, and she demanded Latham’s assistance in securing her bail. Meanwhile, Latham, exerting pressure on Garrison, threatened to expose his connection to the Kindred if he didn’t cooperate. However, Garrison found himself powerless to act in favor of or against the case. Eventually, Saad managed to bring Amy to court as an eyewitness. It’s important to note that Amy was pregnant with Max at the time. Though initially hesitant, she was convinced to testify. Anton, however, attempted to dissuade her from doing so. Despite Saad’s deliberate efforts, the trial took a sensational turn when the jury was discovered to be rigged, resulting in a mistrial. With no other jury panels available, Adrienne’s lawyers and the DPP negotiated a new trial date. Amy, harboring doubts about their ability to win the case, became convinced that Adrienne, a powerful woman capable of manipulating everything, would ultimately cause harm to her and her family. Consequently, she lost faith in Saad and made it clear that she would no longer assist in the investigation. As Adrienne secured bail and regained her freedom, Amy believed it was only a matter of time before she would pose a threat to her and her loved ones.

What Did Adrienne Say To Max?

Freya became increasingly concerned about Max’s sudden decision to cut off communication with her. Unbeknownst to Freya, Anton had been poisoning Max’s mind against her, instilling negative thoughts and emotions. In this episode, Adrienne took advantage of the situation. Under the pretext of a meeting with Max’s grandmother, Anton took Max home, giving Adrienne the opportunity to manipulate him further. Adrienne seized the chance to influence Max’s perception of his mother. She painted a picture of Freya as someone who had abandoned him, causing him immense pain, a fact that Max couldn’t deny. Despite Freya’s persistent efforts to reconcile with Max and mend their relationship, he refused to give her a chance, firmly shutting the door on his mother.

Was Henrik Alive? What Did Freya Find In The Woods?

Henrik was finally released from prison after serving his sentence. Joe Saad offered him a ride and dropped him off at his place. When Joe inquired about Sara’s whereabouts, Henrik chose not to respond. After returning home, Henrik expressed his grief over Hannah’s death. The following day, he visited her grave to pay his respects, and he found that Joe Saad had been following him all along. Meanwhile, Freya confronted Anton, directly asking him if he was responsible for Carrie’s kidnapping. Anton vehemently denied any involvement, ardently defending himself. Determined to gather evidence, Freya decided to visit the hospital where Carrie was admitted. She showed the young girl a photograph of Anton, and Carrie began chanting the prayers of the Kindred. Surprised, Freya wanted to inquire further, but she was discovered by a nurse and detectives, who promptly apprehended her for trespassing. Freya contacted Saad, who intervened and had her released from custody. Despite her desire to speak to the police about Adrienne and Anton, Freya found herself unable to do so. She had come to the realization that Adrienne was her mother, and although she wanted justice for the missing children, she was unwilling to jeopardize her own family. Adrienne’s intimidating presence further fueled Freya’s hesitation as she made threats and warned Freya against cooperating with the police. Freya became acutely aware of Adrienne’s dangerous nature, while Adrienne recognized that Freya had the potential to disrupt their hidden business.

One day, Freya was shocked to discover her son, Billy, playing a flute, an item she had never seen in their house before. Suspecting Anton’s intrusion, she confronted him once again. However, Anton surprised her by introducing his own family, consisting of his wife and son. He insisted that he was not the type of person to harm innocent children, but Freya remained skeptical. Anton also informed her about Henrik’s release, prompting her to rush to Henrik’s location. However, Henrik was nowhere to be found, leading her to speculate that he might have been taken to a more secure location by Joe Saad or possibly hunted down and silenced by Adrienne. While searching Henrik’s house, Freya discovered some sawdust, indicating that the flute may have been crafted by him. Alternatively, it could have been Anton who created the flute and deliberately left the dust to mislead her. Freya contemplated the possibility that Henrik might still be loyal to Adrienne and could be involved in the gatherings where Adrienne conducted her clearing rituals and gave speeches.

At the end of the sixth episode of The Clearing, driven by her suspicions, Freya hurried to a nearby jungle, the same location where Kindred rituals and events took place. As expected, she stumbled upon an ongoing ceremony in a cabin, with Adrienne wearing the familiar satin blue shrug and delivering her speech. Dr. Latham, present at the gathering, noticed someone watching from the woods and stepped outside the cabin, shouting and asking if it was Amy. Freya attempted to flee, but it appeared that she would be apprehended by Latham, and the consequences did not bode well for her.

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In this episode, Amy relentlessly searched for concrete evidence regarding the true kidnapper's identity, but her quest for the truth could be a perilous journey for her as well as her family.'The Clearing' Episode 6 Recap & Review: Was Henrik Alive? What Did Freya Find In The Woods?