‘Sugar’ Episode 2 Recap: Can Melanie Be The Key To Finding Olivia?

A missing rich girl, an unidentified dead body, hidden secrets, and a charming detective in the middle of it. The second episode of Sugar introduces the audience to all the members of the Siegel family. If the suited-up Colin Farrell wasn’t hot enough already, this episode begins with a shirtless Farrell taking a swim in his full glory. The secrets of the family are an obstacle to Sugar if he’s to find Olivia, and Jonathan Siegel is probably the only one who wants her back.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens When Sugar Meets With Bernie Siegel?

Bernie Siegel is tremendously chill for a father whose daughter has gone missing. Bernie is at peace, thinking Olivia is alright and will probably be back sometime soon. Sugar strikes a nerve with Bernie when he shows the pictures of Rachel he found. Bernie is visibly uncomfortable when Sugar asks him if he’s seen these pictures before or clicked on them. Bernie denies having done so and tells Sugar that Rachel is someone he’d give his life for. Bernie lashes out at him for thinking he or Jonathan cares about Olivia more than he does. He leaves agitated, and Sugar suspects that Bernie is hiding something. In his career, Sugar has always observed that, in a profession like his, offending people is always a sign that you’re on the right track. Sugar doesn’t respect Bernie, especially because his movies are trash, and his last big hit was a movie with a surfing monkey. 


Are The Siegels Hiding Something?

Despite his claims, Bernie Siegel clearly isn’t too worried about his missing daughter. He’s mostly occupied with his next project, which is destined to be David’s big comeback. With 60 million dollars of his own, Bernie is going all guns blazing to put his son’s career back on track again. Bernie is worried about something David has done, and he’s trying to cover it up. It can be assumed that David has done something horrible with women given that their lawyer addresses them as victims. Margit Sorensen, David’s mother and Bernie’s second wife, insists that nobody on the set should use the word “victim.” Bernie has paid hush money to seven of the victims, and they seem grateful to him, but there’s an eighth victim who’s still a threat to their reputation. The ironclad NDAs from the other victims mean nothing if the last victim chooses to take them to court. The Siegels are doing their best to bury this, but it’s still unclear what David’s crime is or who the eighth victim is.

What Was Olivia Doing At The Scene Of A Murder?

Sugar goes to visit Jonathan Siegel to have a chat about his findings on the case. Sugar tells Mr. Siegel that Olivia has been making trips to a location that’s concerning. A woman named Carmen Vazquez has been raped and murdered, and Olivia’s car was at the same location the night she was killed. Before Mr. Siegel could process this information, Sugar hit him with another scary revelation. The body he found in the trunk of Olivia was that of Clifford Carter. Carter has a history of assault, rape, and human trafficking, and now his body is in the car of “Hollywood royalty.” Mr. Siegel asks him to get rid of the body, exactly what Sugar expected to hear from him. When Sugar goes back to the car to take care of the body, to his surprise, someone’s beaten him to the cleaning job. The car is as clean as new, and a dejected Sugar wonders about how it happened. 


Can Melanie Be The Key To Finding Olivia?

Melanie calls Sugar to meet him at an AA meeting group. She’s confessing how life gave her a second chance a night ago. Melanie hasn’t been drinking for almost twenty years, but it’s been two weeks since that changed. Her drinking habits got worse than ever, and she couldn’t stop. She tells the support group that she met a guy who could’ve taken advantage of her loneliness and drunken state but chose not to. She further explains how this guy tucked her in before leaving, and now she actually looks forward to living again. Sugar and Melanie go back to her house, and now Melanie knows that he’s a private investigator. Sugar insists that their meeting had nothing to do with his profession or the case. Melanie believes that she’s an open book only when she’s drinking, and Sugar should’ve asked his questions when he had the chance. Sugar points out that Olivia has been missing since she and Melanie got close, and her interest in women’s rights grew after they started hanging out together. Melanie acts cagey, refuses to say anything further, and asks Sugar to leave. Sugar assures her that he’s very good at his job and that he will find out the truth sooner or later. 

Why Does Bernie Want Information On Sugar?

Sugar checks his CCTV footage and finds out that David and Kenny have been lurking around his room. They broke in when Sugar went out to meet Bernie, and it’s clear that Bernie sent them, knowing Sugar wouldn’t be there. They have taken some of his stuff and bugged his table. Sugar is amused at their childish attempt to find dirt on him, but he won’t have anyone digging into his life. Bernie checks the material David and Kenny brought from Sugar’s place. He’s not fond of David’s photography much and taunts him to let Kenny take the pictures next time. They come across an invitation Sugar received earlier, possibly from his group of other agents. Bernie and co. can’t decipher the meaning of the invitation as their investigation skills are limited to Google. Bernie’s anxiety over Sugar is largely due to the fact that he’s trying to hide the crime David committed. He can’t have anyone looking into their family this much. 


Who Are The Men Looking For Melanie?

Carmen’s sister, Teresa, walks into her apartment with her kids singing. She finds a group of burglars waiting for them, and they do not look happy. A woman from the gang takes her kids inside to watch TV, and the leader of the gang is the boss of Clifford Carter, the man who was lying dead in Olivia’s car. The man tells Teresa that Clifford was in a relationship with Carmen, and he’s been gone ever since her death. He wants Clifford back because Clifford has information about his business that he wouldn’t like to be disclosed to anyone. Clifford’s last texts to his boss were pictures of Carmen and Melanie, asking him if he knew anything about Melanie. A picture on the wall tells us that Melanie and Carmen were pretty close. Teresa is terrified and agrees to tell the man whatever she knows. 

The second episode of Sugar comes with a lot of revelations. Sugar’s obsession with finding Olivia is only due to her resemblance to his sister Djen. There’s a number of forces who stand on his path to Olivia, and he can’t take any one of them lightly. Sugar finds Carl dead from a drug overdose at a motel, and he’s heartbroken that he couldn’t make his life a bit better. Sugar now has Wiley, who’s adorable, and it’d break my heart if someone killed this dog. A full moon watches over Sugar as his life is shifting gears faster than he expected, and Wiley’s wagging tail is probably the only thing that doesn’t want to harm Sugar. 


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