‘Sugar’ Episode 4 Recap: Is David’s Secret Finally Out?

So we’re back in Hollywood, following up on our film buff private investigator trying to unravel the filthy mystery of the Siegel family. The fourth episode of the Colin Farrell starrer Sugar is probably the most eventful so far. Starting with Olivia’s Instagram stories and posts, we finally get to know more about the girl who’s missing and the possible reasons behind her disappearance. 


Spoilers Ahead

What happens when Sugar meets Dr. Vickers?

The mysterious Dr. Vickers Ruby is working under seems like a gentleman who just checks on Sugar’s health. His personality is oddly similar to that of Gus Fring from Breaking Bad, as he, too, looked harmless at the outset. Vickers and Sugar talk about a movie where a patient has teeth inside his stomach, and the teeth amputate a doctor’s arm when he cuts it open. Vickers notices Sugar’s trembling hands and helps him put on his tie. Sugar is supposed to be on intravenous medications, but he’s stopped taking them so long ago that he can’t even recall. Sugar gets suspicious when Dr. Vickers asks him if he’s okay, just like Ruby and the others he met at the party. He shrugs it off, thinking he’s being paranoid, but his instincts are on track with the conspiracies being spun around him. Meanwhile, David and Kenny visit Mama Sugar and Helen. Helen pretends to be a fan, and Sweet talks her way out of the entire conversation. She calls Sugar after they leave happy, thinking it was easy to get information on him. Sugar and his mother laugh at their tomfoolery, but Helen warns him about how far they’d be willing to go to find dirt on him.


How does Sugar find out about David’s scandal? 

Sugar and Melanie team up to find out more about Olivia. Melanie recalls seeing her on the day of her disappearance when Olivia canceled plans with her. Melanie saw Olivia later in a cafe with a girl, and they were having an intense conversation. Sugar starts to follow the textbook detective method of showing pictures of Olivia to strangers to try his luck. Both of them end up in a store where the owner recognizes Melanie and turns out to be a fan. His daughter reveals that the girl Olivia was with was Taylor, and Sugar and Melanie knock at Taylor’s door right afterward. Taylor tells them that she and Olivia became friends when she called Olivia out on her hypocrisy. As we know, Olivia used to advocate for women to get out of abusive relationships, and that triggered Taylor. She asked Olivia to look at her own household before advocating for others. It turns out that Taylor is the victim David’s lawyer failed to sign an NDA for. Taylor bagged an audition for a Bernie Siegel film, and David used that opportunity to get in her pants. David and Taylor were mutual friends, and when Taylor refused to call him over despite his relentless efforts, he started blackmailing her. David had a tape of him and Taylor hooking up from years ago, and that’s what he used. Taylor was in shock about what was happening to her; even the cops wouldn’t help her fight against the Siegels since they’re Hollywood royalty. Olivia got to know about David’s nasty habits, and she disappeared soon after. Sugar notices Melanie’s distraught face over what they’ve just discovered, and she takes off soon. 

What happens at the premiere?

Sensing the depth of dirty secrets the Siegels are hiding, Sugar fixes a meeting with Jonathan Siegel. It’s a screening of the classic Hollywood movie The Wind of Change, starring Lorraine Everly, who also happens to be Jonathan Siegel’s late wife. Jonathan invites Sugar to attend the premiere. Sugar’s presence at the premiere bothers Bernie, and he goes to his father to whine about it. Meanwhile, Margit catches Sugar at the bar and flirts with him before dropping a hint that Sugar shouldn’t believe everything he hears. The movie hasn’t even started, and the drama just keeps piling up. Sugar catches Bernie in a delicate situation and warns him that everything about David is going to be public really soon. Bernie plays dumb, but he knows his reputation hangs in the hands of Sugar. Sugar notices Melanie and Bernie texting each other. He makes his way to the projection booth and befriends Glen, the projectionist. The two film nerds talk about movies, while Sugar uses the space to keep a watch on Bernie and Melanie from the CCTV monitor. He sees Melanie getting frustrated with Bernie, and she walks out of the theater.


Is David’s Secret Finally Out?

After the screening ends, the producer, Jonathan Siegel, is called to the stage for an interview. Mr. Siegel recalls how he knew she’d be a great actress and how he launched her career. Jonathan and Lorraine eventually married and spent 23 years together. During this heartfelt conversation, Sugar gets a notification from The Bulletin, with the headline questioning if David Siegal is a sex offender. David gets a call from Stallings, and Stallings’ behavior is friendly at first, but he reminds David not to open his mouth in front of the cops or lawyers. David is scared for his life as the ground beneath his feet succumbs, thanks to the media. Mr. Siegel receives the news in the middle of the interview, and soon, his body thuds onto the ground from a heart attack. 

Is Sugar getting closer to the truth?

Sugar is still getting no help from Ruby, and Melanie, too, has now gone secretive and distanced herself from Sugar. Even though Sugar didn’t get to talk to Jonathan Siegel after the movie, this night proved to be a success for him. Sugar recognizes the dress Olivia’s mother, Rachel Kaye, was wearing in the explicit portraits; Lorraine Everly wore that dress originally in The Wind of Change. Sugar starts to wonder why Rachel was wearing a 30-year-old dress—did someone make her wear it? Sugar is neck deep in the pond of Siegel family secrets, and there’s no getting out of this. His pursuit of Olivia seems to be coming to an end. 


Is Stallings the man behind Olivia’s disappearance?

Stallings comes to his den to gather his boys for a business trip. He puts a lock on his cabinet and puts a girl in charge of protecting it. Stallings claims that all of his life’s work is inside it, and she should shoot anyone who comes near it. After the men leave, the girl looks into the drawer and finds a necklace. It’s the necklace Olivia used to wear, and their resemblance makes it impossible to even start a debate about that. She wears the necklace herself, and the clock is now ticking for Sugar to find out about this. Stallings wants information on Sugar. Sugar is trying to get it to him. The stakes are higher than ever, and it’s up to Sugar to find out about the missing celebrity. 

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